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C3 Throw This Woman Away

Amy eventually returned to NorthHill and she lodged in a two bedroom apartment. That was what she could afford at the moment. Infact, getting that apartment cost her almost all the money she had been saving her in six years of work at the small city she had newly come from.

Since she has her degree, it shouldn't take her much effort to get a work here in NorthHill. Even if she meets Callan by chance now, six years is enough time for her not to be affected by what had happened in the past between them.

There could be an high chance that he had already got married to his secretary. Amy ignored the thought about Callan and began to search for job opportunities online, she applied to as many company as she could.

She didn't want her children to have to starve for any reason, feeding six children at a time will sure cost a lot plus she assured them a better education here so she has to get them into a school as fast as she could.

When it was evening of the following day, she got an offer to resume work as a dental assistant at the hospital the following day. Although the pay was a bit low, it was still fair compared to nothing. She hoped that she would get a better job offer from one of the other companies she applied to.

She resumed work the following day and started working hard, the man she was directly assisting was a dentist and they had been getting along real quick. She didn't want her salary to be messed up for any reason so she was cautious in all she was doing.

On her third day of work, her boss sent for her and as soon she appeared before his desk, the man spoke, " when it is 2PM, you should be in the laboratory and ensure that all necessary kits are available, a special somebody is coming for a teeth examination today and I need you to be absolutely cautious, understood?"

"Understood, sir," Amy lowered her head politely before walking away.

By the time it was 2PM, Amy was already in the room with all necessary kits and couldn't wait to see whom this special somebody would be.

She suddenly began to hear commotion outside and she peeped through the window only to see about seven black jeeps parked but there was a Lamborghini in the middle of those jeeps. It was obvious that these six jeeps were escort to the whoever was inside the Lamborghini.

Crowds had gathered quickly and even many people were peeping through the window to see the person inside the Lamborghini.

Amy became even more curious, how special could this person be that his presence alone attracts this much crowd, two men dressed in a black suit stood behind the door of the Lamborghini that opened by itself and a spender legs finds it's way down before his body finally appeared.

The ray of the sun shone directly to his face and his appearance emmits nobility and elegance, he looked like someone from the royal family and he exudes so much power, anyone watching at the moment could tell.

Amy could not behold his face very well but she wondered if the special man that was coming for teeth examination was this man? If he is, then she must be very careful around him. The last thing she wanted was to fall into any powerful man's trouble in NorthHill. All she wanted was to have enough money to take a good care of her children.

Soon, the door opened and Amy turned at once and when she saw her boss, she heaved a sigh of relief.

"Everything is prepared, right?" The dentist asked.

"Yes, sir. Sorry, I just saw a man step down from a Lamborghini, is he the one we would be attending to?" She questioned.

"That's right, he's the most powerful man in NorthHill and many people barely have the chances to see him that's why you see crowds around, please ensure everything go smoothly cause I heard he has high temper," the dentist said.

"Will this be your first time of working with him, sir?" Amy asked.

"That's right, and sincerely, I'm nervous. Let's just hope everything works well," he said and she further confirmed that she arranged everything well as she was supposed to.

Most powerful man in NorthHill? Behaving carelessly before that kind of person is just a suicide mission.

Soon, two burly men in suits appeared, one was carrying a briefcase while the other wasn't holding anything but they both looked very tall and intimidating, they weren't smiling at all.

A majestic presence filled the room and Amy's eyes fell on this powerful man, he was tall and slender and looked extremely handsome. His elegance could be felt.

'His girlfriend must be lucky,' Amy thought.

"Welcome, sir," the dentist bowed and gestured for him to sit where he could be examined. He sat quietly and then the dentist started the examination on his teeth.

"Cotton forceps, please?" The dentist asked Amy while he was busy working. Amy was standing by and giving him all he needed as soon as she could but she couldn't find the cotton forceps.

Did she forgot to bring it? How could she be so careless?

"I...I forgot it, I'll go and get it now," she said and rushed out quickly. Gosh! How could she ever forget this?

Once she got it, she ran back quickly to the lab but to her surprise, she didn't see neither of the man nor his bodyguards, just the dentist.

With the cotton forceps in her hand, she asked in surprise, "where is he?"

The dentist handed over a letter to her and walked out without saying a word.

She furrowed her brow wondering what was inside the letter. She dropped the cotton forceps gently and saw that she had been fired. Just like that? Just for mistakenly forgetting an equipment.

It must be that 'special man' who ordered for her to be fired? Was he so mean and inconsiderate? Amy thought. Can't someone make a mistake?

She walked out of the lab and went to the dentist's office, she pleaded," sir, it was a mistake, please forgive me. I will never do that on purpose. I don't know how I could have forgotten it...please, I'll never do that again,"

"The man who gave order for you to be fired is not an ordinary man, whatever he says is the final. So if you want to beg anyone, go to him and plead," the dentist said and continued with his work.

Amy could tell that no amount of pleading can influence the dentist to go against this 'special man's' order.

She walked out and ran downstairs, hoping she could try her luck to speak with the 'special man' and explain to him that it was just her third day at work. This was her third day at work and for the sake of her children, she needs to continue working.

She could not see the man but saw about four bulry men walking towards the Lamborghini, she could tell that someone was before them. No matter how mean this powerful man is, he must be reasonable and try to understand her.

She rushed towards the burly men and before they knew what was happening, she was already standing before the 'special man.' Only then could she see his face clearly. He had the same resemblance as her three boys. Coincidence, right?

The burly men ran towards her and wanted to take her away roughly from his presence but 'the special man' gestured for them to stop. They were all surprised.

Amy was stupefied and tongue-tied for a while that she got lost looking into his handsome face, she blinked and called her senses back when she realized that she was before the most powerful man in the city.

"Sir, please forgive me. This is my third day at work and I didn't know that I forget an equpmemt. I don't want to get fired, I'm really hardworking, please, sir," Amy pleaded sincerely.

The man just stared at her face indifferently and when he was not speaking for another thirty seconds, Amy got nervous and wondered if she had said something wrong, "I'm sorry if I said something what is wrong, sir." Amy thought it was best for her to just leave and accept her fate than to fall into this man's trouble.

His look was too dangerous and it felt like she was going to be swallowed, she was trepidated and wanted to turn to leave but the man spoke," how dare you leave?"

Amy freezed on the spot, his voice was like thunder and it sends so much shiver down her spine. Has she not brought the problem she had been trying to avoid on herself now?

Amy's mouth shook instinctively as she managed to say something but all her words get stuck in her throat.

The 'special man' took a step further to the Lamborghini and said casually," throw this woman away."

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