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C4 My Bracelet With The CEO

Amy curled her two legs up on her bed and was crying, she was sad and embarassed after what happened today. First she lost her job and secondly, she was thrown out of the man's presence. Amy disliked the man, she believed he was a proud man. What even came upon her to go to dare the most powerful man in NorthHill? Was she drunk?

Where does she get a job now? All the companies she sent offer too were yet to get back to her.

The door opened all of a sudden and Angel appeared, "mum!" She ran towards Amy before Amy could even finish cleaning her tears. She doesn't like it when the children see her crying.

She beleived that it will make them troubled, she eventually cleaned up all her tears and smiled, Angel asked with a troubled look," mum, what's wrong?"

"Nothing at all, I'm just happy to have you all around me," Amy lied.

"But we are never absent from you," Angel said.

Before Amy could say another word, Queen and Debby walked in and climbed on the bed. Seeing their faces makes Amy really happy.

"Mum, you came back from work early today," Queen said.

"Yes, had to leave early because I was missing you girls so much," Amy said and the girls smiled.

"Mum, we are staring school next month, right?" Angel asked while Debby simply leaned on Amy's shoulder.

"Yes, nothing will change that," Amy said hopefully. Actually, she had thought that she will use her salary as the dentist assistant as the children's school fees by the end of the month but it turned out that she got fired but she still had to keep the children's hopes high and apply even more aggresively for Job.

"Where are your brothers?" Amy asked.

"They are doing the cleanings," Queen answered and Amy nodded, he ruffled Debby's hair and asked," Debby, how is the new environment like? Did you like it?"

"I...just want to meet my dad," Debby said in a low voice and the elated atmosphere fell into an intense one.

"You will meet him soon, I assure you," Amy said and then said to Angel," why don't you all go play with your brothers, I want to take some rest. I'll come and play with you once I'm awake."

"Okay, mum," the children believed their mum deserved rest after work.

Once the girls dissapeared from the room, Amy sighed. There was no one she could run to for help, she had to act strong.

Her phone chirped and although it was an unknown number, she answered it nevertheless," Is this Amy Owen?"

"That's right," Amy answered hoping this was a goodnews.

"We sent you a mail since three days ago and haven't got your reply, please check your spam folder and let us know what you think," the man on the other end said and hung up.

Amy checked her mail everyday, infact, every hour to see if any of the company had got back to her. How could she miss this? She quickly went to check her spam folder and saw that a mail was sent to her indeed, it was sent from Alessandro's corporation.

Alessandro's corporation? Their pay was the highest and anyone would sure be lucky to work with them. Joy filled her heart immediately and she couldn't wait to resume work the following day.

When it was evening, she went to play games with her six children, they had so much fun before everyone retired to bed. But she knew that no matter how happy the children are, their happiness would not be complete until they meet their father.

Even her can not tell whom their father is, there are more than a million men in NorthHill, how could she ever identify the gigolo she slept with?

She left to work the following day and after introducing herself to the receptionist, she was interviewed and employed the same day. The receptionist lead her upstairs and showed her where her desk was then introduced her to her head of department.

"You are welcome to Alessandro's corporation, miss Amy," the head of department, Abe said.

"It's my pleasure, sir," Amy answered, she was seated confidently before the man.

"Here is our orientation book, it contained the rules and regulations of the company," Abe handed over a document to her.

She received it and said," alright, sir. I'll go through it."

"And here is the current work the person before you was doing, over here, you have to complete the project before month end," he said.

"That's not a problem, sir," she said and waited for few seconds, when she saw that Abe was busy writing down something, she asked," can I take my leave, sir?"

"I need to take you to the CEO's office, it's our tradition here for every worker to meet with him before they start working," he said.

"Alright, sir," Amy stood but Abe finished what he was writing before standing.

"Please follow me," he said and she began to follow him, they walked out of the room and walked straight to the right, they soon got before a room where Abe had to plant a knock on.

"Come in," a voice sounded inside and both Abe and Amy entered.

Amy saw a slim lady standing there with a cup of coffee but there was no one seated in the office, it seems the CEO went to do something.

"Miss Bonnie," Abe greeted.

"Hey Abe, " Bonnie said and placed the coffee down gently," I think the boss went to do something, he would be back shortly since I was told to make a coffee for him."

"Alright," Abe said and watched as Bonnie walked out.

"That's the secretary to the CEO, you heard me call her name already, right?" Abe asked Amy.

"Yes, I did," Amy answered. They both waited in silence for another eight minutes but there was no sign of the CEO.

"Amy, you can wait here for few more minutes for him, when he comes, just introduce yourself to him. As long as you are not in his bad book, you won't have any problem," he said and walked away.

As long as she was not in his bad book? What did he meant by that? She had not even met with the CEO before, how could she possibly be in his bad book?

She waited for twenty more minutes, she changed her standing position again and again and when it was almost an hour that she had been standing, she decided that it was time to leave.

What sort of a CEO tells his secretary to prepare a coffee for him yet not show up even after one hour? Or maybe he got caught up in something.

When Amy was about leaving, she randomly survyed the large office one more time and her eyes suddenly sighted a bracelet.

The bracelet looked very familiar, she walked towards the bracelet and touched it, she confirmed that it was the bracelet her mother gave her.

After leaving NorthHill six years ago, she noticed that she did not see her bracelet anymore and she always wonder how she lost it since then cause the bracelet was always in her hands.

How in the world did the CEO got a hold of her bracelet? How? She confirmed by touching and examining the bracelet again and indeed, it was hers.

It won't be right for to just take it. It would most definitely land her into trouble. It would be best to at least find out whom this CEO is firstly.

Out of curiosity to know whom the CEO that has her bracelet was, she waited for another forty five minutes but still didn't see anyone, her legs were now hurting as a result of standing for a long time so she left the office.

After work, she received an internal call from the head of department telling her to report to his office and she did.

After she had sat before Abe, he asked," did you meet with the CEO?"

"No, sir. I waited for hours but didn't see him, maybe I'll go to his office tomorrow," she said.

"Alright, how was your first day at work?" Abe asked.

"Very great, sir. Very great, thank you! My colleagues were nice people too," Amy said and even smiled.

"Would you mind me asking a question?" Abe asked.

"Sure, sir," Amy responded politely.

"Since I didn't see a ring in your finger, it means you are not married. But did you have a boyfriend?" Abe asked.

This was her first day at work and this man was already asking her such a personal question.

"I won't like to talk about personal matters, sir," Amy said.

"Oh!" Abe exclaimed, "Okay."

"Can I leave?" Amy asked.

"I've got a lot of money, we could be in a relationship and your days here will be easy, I assure you," Abe said, lusting badly after her.

Amy could tell with the look on his face," I'm not so cheap, excuse me, sir." Amy turned in an attempt to leave but Abe spoke.

"Or I can also make your life miserable here if you are playing too hard to get," Abe smirked.

Amy just walked out without reacting nor saying any word.

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