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Both of them were surprised, they never expected to meet again expecially not in a situation like this. Amy's heart began to thump and she wished the land could swallow her up at this moment.

This man had warned her not to show up before him again and that the next time she does, he would destroy her. Why was fate trying to punish her by bringing her to the attention of this man?

"You dared to appear before me again, you cunny woman," the most powerful man in NorthHill, Broderick Alessandro, said with a dangerous look.

Amy's mouth shiver on its own and she shook her head," I... I never knew that you were the CEO, sir. I..." She swallowed hardly, "I...never knew."

Broderick didn't beleive her at all. There was no one who doesn't know that the CEO of Alessandro's corporation was him. This woman even had the gut to lie to his face.

He stood from his seat and once Amy saw him stand to his feet, her heart thumped in fear and she stood at once, should she run away? Oh gosh! Will she loose the second job she got in a space of one week? Why has she been so unfortunate here?

She stood slowly and adjusted back, "erm...you can fire me, sir."

"No, you tell me what you want?" He replied sharply walking towards her slowly but elegantly with an intimidating aura eminiating from him.

Any kept adjusting back as her heart was almost jumping out of her chest, she felt like she was in a prison but a side of her eyes was by the door, should she run away or should she stay?

Isn't he a human being? Running away will make it look like she has an hidden agenda for always appearing before him. She should stay and make him see that all their meeting three times in three days was nothing but a coincidence. A weird coincidence though. Why would she meet the same man in three days consequetively? Worst, he's the most powerful man in NorthHill.

Amy stood firm until he was standing before him, his scent radiated her nose and went down straight to her lungs, they were alluring but at the same time, familiar. She was trying so hard to remember if they had met before? In the past two days that she had met with him, she had not stood this close to him to perceive his scent.

"Who are you?" He asked suspiciosly, she either wants something or was sent by his enemies, there was no way he would beleive that this woman didn't have a preconceived and hidden agenda towards him.

"I'm Amy Owen and I've just moved in this city, I applied for job few days ago and the hospital we met at was the first organization that offered me work, the second organization was here, I didn't have any plan of meeting with you, sir...I don't know why fate keep bringing the two of us together," she said.

He studied her for a moment while Amy grew so tensed wondering what next he would do or say. He was so close to her that she was even finding it difficult to breath. It was like she was entrapped in the Lion's den. If she escaped this place alive, she would be the happiest woman in the world.

"Didn't I tell you that when next we meet, I'll destroy you," he said sternly, his hazel blue eyes flashing anger.

She swallowed, "please, beleive me...I." before she could complete her words, he grabbed her and in a quick sussession, she was being pinned down to his table that had all sort of well arranged files in.

She almost didn't know how it happened, she was standing just now and the next moment, she was laying with her back to the table pinned with his hand on her neck.

"Woman, I know your type. You want sex and I'll give it to you here,"

Amy's head almost blow up, "I'm not a ...slut...I didn't..." She wanted to say a lot of words to defend herself but it was impossible for her to utter much words as his hand was pinned very hardly to her neck that she was finding it hard to breath.

He brought his face closer to her and asked, his breath fanning her lips," isn't that what you want?" There was a sardonic smile on his lips.

Amy shook her head in response but couldn't really speak, she couldn't even breath well, she tried slapping his hand away from her neck but he was too strong.

He withdrew his hand from her neck all of a sudden making Amy jerk up from the table, coughing repeatedly and thanking her stars for just escaping death.

This man is too dangerous, she arched her back and kept trying to catch a lot of breath until she began to breath normally, she panted as she stood upright.

"I'll leave now and never appear before you again," she lowered her head and said then immediately began to walk away. When she got to the door and was almost twisting the knob of the door, she paused at his words.

"Your scent is familiar," he said making Any freeze to her spot. Her scent was familiar to him too? She didn't know whether to walk away now or turn back, if she just walk away, won't he be angry that she dared to walk out from him.

Why sort of problem has she brought on herself?

While she was bewildered on what to do, his majestic voice came like thunder again," you are that woman."

Amy almost melt when she heard this, what woman was he talking about? She was confused and then turned to him slowly," This is my third time of meeting you, sir. The day before yesterday, yesterday and today and I say sincerely, it was all coincidence. I promise never to appear before you again, if I do, you can do all you want with me then."

"You are that woman that took advantage of my state many years back," he declared and Amy furrowed her brow in shock.

Take advantage of him? Where? How? Many years ago? That's not possible. She had never met him anywhere before.

"There must be a mistake somewhere, I will tender my resignation letter," she lowered her had and wanted to leave but his hard voice couldn't let her make any move.

"Don't even take a step," he walked towards her and made her face him, he buried his neck on her shoulder and when he raised it, he said," you are indeed that woman." He said confidently.

Amy shook her head slowly in confusion wondering what he was talking about.

He walked towards his table and picked the bracelet from the table, "after taking advantage of my state and letting me have sex with you, you forgot your bracelet behind. You even dropped money behind, who did you think I am?"

Amy's mind suddenly raced back to when she jumped at a random man and let him had sex without thinking of the consequence. She thought it was a gigolo she had sex with many years back. Could he the one she had sex with then? No, that's not possible?

Although the club she went to was one of the most luxurious club in NorthHill but could the most powerful man in NorthHill be there? Oh! That reminds her of his smell that he perceived few minutes ago. It seems he was the one, it's no wonder he had the same look as the father of her children.

Turns out she finally found the father of her children, but she will never let this man know about the children. She didn't even want to ever close to a man as powerful as this.

He was too intimidating and probably saw her as just an ant. If he knew about the children, he would abduct them all and throw her away leaving her with nothing. It's what he can do.

She didn't know if it was a blessing meeting with the father of her children or a curse, she shook her head like she had no remembrance of it and wanted to lie but before she could speak, he sat on his desk and crossed his legs, his eyes set intently on her.

"I found you," he rolled the bracelet on his finger and said," I guess you don't need this again."

"It's not me, I have never met you before," she denied. All she wanted was to leave the place and avoid him by all means.

He threw the bracelet to the floor and wanted to match it with his shoe but she ran instinctively to him and pleaded, "please don't destroy it."

"I thought you said you aren't the one?" He asked, his legs almost matching the bracelet.

She couldn't watch him destroy the only bracelet that lets her remember her mum. Her mother had given it to her as gift few months before she died. Matching the bracelet will make her feel like her mother was being matched. She can never stand that.

She confessed," it's me, please give me back."

"Now I see why you have been appearing before me," he pulled her up with her chin and tightened his hand around her chin making her wince in pain.

"You were clever then, but you are even more clever after six years," he left her and went to his seat.

Amy heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that he had finally gone to his seat.

"I want to know everything about you," he asked. He had ordered for his personal assistant, Brett, to find the woman who sex with him then but all efforts to find her has been futile, he didn't expect for the woman who dared to take advantage of him to appear as a worker in his office. He would punish her severely for what she did to him six years ago.

"I'm Amy Owen, erm...graduate of the university of..."

"Who is your husband?" He interrupted.

"I don't have one, " she answered.


"I don't have one." She responded.

"You must be a full time prostitute then. You prefer jumping on every rich men and giving your body out to them rather than marrying someone, disgusting!" He declared, shooting her a very disgusting look.

Amy was shocked with the insulting way that he had just described her, how will she explaiim to him that she was not a prostitute, she only seduced him to have sex with her then because she was heartbroken and wasn't in her right senses. Infact, she had not had any intimacy with any man ever since then. How could he think of her that way?

"So why are you denying sex just few minutes ago? This is what you want and this is why you have been appearing before me, right? " He stood and went to shut the door and said, "let's start by repeating what happened that night, strip naked."

"Huh!" Amy's eyes almost fall off.

"Aren't you a prostitute? Why are you disguising? Don't even dare to disobey me cause I rule the entire NorthHill and there is no way you can ever escape me. I will make your life a living hell here, woman. Take your clothes off and undergarments off."

Amy adjusted back," I am not a prostitute, please don't do this to me. I am not that type of woman. What happened that year was a mistake, please."

"If I pounce on you, I'll go very rough and you will not enjoy it, I won't repeat myself again, strip naked," he commanded.

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