Battle Sovereign of Stars/C751 He Buried His Soldiers
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Battle Sovereign of Stars/C751 He Buried His Soldiers
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C751 He Buried His Soldiers

"What do you mean?" Some people didn't understand!

However, some people heaved a sigh of relief. They knew that the outcome of the battle had been decided!

In the land filled with chaos, a person slowly walked out!

He wore white clothes that were whiter than snow! His hair was pitch black as it fell down! His handsome face was devoid of dust! As he walked, he was very calm. It was impossible to tell that he had experienced a great battle!

However, there was a creature on his palm! It was as if he was holding the neck of a chicken!

That creature's skin was spreading out, and blood was dripping down! It was in ragged clothes, but one could still see that the creature was wearing clothes! A dragon robe!


Countless people felt suffocated. They initially thought that Hong Feng would pay a heavy price even if he won! But they never thought that it would be this kind of situation!

This was simply disproportionate! This was simply torture!

"Hehe, I originally thought that I would be able to grab it in three moves! I didn't expect that I would have so many treasures in my hands! Hong Feng sneered disdainfully.

If this was a day ago, no one would have believed it. They would have even thought that Hong Feng had been scared silly. However, after saying this, countless people fell silent. They could only sigh at Hong Feng's strength!

"What realm is Hong Feng at?! I thought he just broke through to the Venerable Realm! But now, it seems like this isn't the case!" Someone said with a sigh.

"A Junior Venerable can't last more than three moves from Ye Shan, but Ye Shan can't last more than three moves from that king! However, this king can only barely last three moves from Hong Feng! Then... What realm is Hong Feng at?"

"It doesn't mean that after the Venerable Realm, the number of people who haven't broken through a small realm is ten thousand! How many tens of thousands of years has it been?! In fact, in the end, it is calculated by one million! How old is this Hong Feng?"

Their group of people were all stupefied, all of them muttering to themselves in disbelief!

However, that emperor felt incomparably humiliated! What was he!? A target respected by billions of people, yet at this moment, he was captured just like that! In front of billions of people, how could he endure?

However, the remaining two supreme beings' eyes immediately turned red! That was their emperor! That was their emperor! At this moment, he was actually being humiliated! They were furious! Their eyes were bloodshot! With a roar, they charged forward!

However, Hong Feng did not even bother to look at them. His palm fell down!


A mass of blood mist slowly rose! One Venerable One fell just like that!

The other Venerable One's eyes turned red as he charged forward! They were willing to give up everything!

However, the response was still a cold and ruthless slap!

This slap descended! It was as if it blotted out the sky and blotted out the sun! In the blink of an eye, he fell!

Hong Feng slapped three times, killing three Venerables who could fight Ye Shan.

As for the Emperor, at this moment, he revealed a sorrowful expression!

Those three Venerables were his generals! Those three Supremes had been with him for a period of time, and now, they died just like that! His heart felt like it was dripping blood!

However, the distant citizens! At this moment, it was boiling.

Based on their strength, they would not be able to pay attention to this scene. However, there had been a Venerable One who had wanted to show them how powerful they were! At the same time, he wanted to intimidate some people with ill intentions!

However, their plan was lost. They had witnessed this scene!

At this moment, the army revealed their scarlet eyes. That was bloodthirst! That was madness!

"So what if you're strong? You're still alone in the end! We have tens of thousands of people here! Even if we use the human wave tactic, we will still be able to drown you! Kill!" One of them shouted, trying to control his anger!


With a roar, countless people rushed forward, wanting to kill, to take revenge on their powerful warriors! They wanted to snatch that Venerable One back!

"Hehe, your people are really enthusiastic!" A hint of ridicule flashed across the corner of Hong Feng's mouth.

However, there was sadness in the king's eyes. He knew that these people would be like moths to the flame if they rushed in. It would be useless.


The expressions of the surrounding supreme beings changed. At this moment, they were already prepared to fight!

"Protect our home! Kill!" Sovereign Lee's voice was explosive and brown! His eyes turned red and he was the first to rush forward.

"Protect the home! Kill!" The remaining daring man and the others all shouted out explosively and charged forward!

However, Hong Feng gently smiled and said, "Don't be anxious!"

In an instant, those people were stunned!

Hong Feng looked at the million strong army. The Green Spiritual Clan was like a surging tide!

He said softly, "Thunder Tribulation!"

As he said those two words, countless thunder tribulations rumbled down from the originally clear sky and entered the army!

In just a short period of time, countless people were killed or injured!

"Great Dao, Law! Suppress and kill!" Hong Feng said faintly. His pitch-black eyes were very calm! Hong Feng didn't show any mercy to these people from the Green Spiritual Clan because he knew that he would be the unlucky one if he let them go.


The Great Dao emerged, carrying a murderous aura! After a single trip, there were countless casualties!

The nomological laws appeared, transforming into runes that began to vibrate and kill! In an instant, countless people perished!

"Heavens, why did this happen?" They were unwilling!

They were unwilling. One had to know that they were top powerhouses. But at this moment, they were like moths flying into a flame! One after another, they died!

Miserable screams filled the surroundings!

The heavens were the lightning tribulation! The ground! It was the law! The sky was the Great Dao! The three-sided encirclement! There was no way out!

Hong Feng gently sent out a palm!

It was only a few meters in size, but in an instant, it had turned into a thousand meters, three thousand meters. Ten thousand feet! Ten thousand feet!

In an instant, it enveloped the Green Spiritual Clan's army! With a light pat, a bloody mist rose!

The experts of the Green Spiritual Clan were gone just like that! They were all wiped out!

Blood flowed and turned into a long river, turning into the Yellow Springs! Bones and bones sank into the Yellow Springs! The Yellow Springs made them look even more terrifying!

Countless unwilling divine souls transformed into undying souls! They entered the Yellow River! And thus, the Yellow River that would be famous in the future had long since been formed!

A sorrowful aura was emitted from his majesty's mouth!

Hong Feng looked at him and said softly, "Hate sorrow! However, this is the truth! You all want to kill me! I can also kill you!"


A mass of blood mist exploded!

The high-ranked Venerable had fallen just like that! He had been crushed by Hong Feng! Not even his corpse was left behind!

As for Hong Feng, he was currently bathing in the blood of the high-ranked Venerable One. He looked extremely terrifying!

He felt very sad that he was at the same level as Hong Feng!

It was not a lie that Hong Feng claimed to be invincible among those at the same level as him. He had fought all the way to this place from the weak small level to the invincible level! His combat strength was especially extraordinary.

Who would have thought that the handsome young man would personally sacrifice a million soldiers? No one would have thought of it, and no one would have thought of it either.

As for the surrounding supreme beings, they were all stupefied! They knew that this was a large clan! Yet, it was exterminated just like that? They couldn't believe it! Was this still the tribe that gave them a crisis of extinction a thousand years ago?

A thousand years ago, their Superstar Region was almost wiped out, and a thousand years later, their entire tribe came! They had the determination to win! But now, how could they be wiped out by a single person?

A thousand years ago, Hong Feng was powerless in the face of the Green Spiritual Clan's massacre. A thousand years later, Hong Feng was no longer the same person as he was before! If another expert attacked Hong Feng again, he would be killed!

He bathed in the blood of the Venerable One! He stood above the sea of stars, laughing and laughing as he watched the experts turn into ashes! He turned his palm and saw a million soldiers die!

How terrifying was this! It was simply an out-and-out legend!

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