Martial God Prince/C1 The Transmigration of the Unlucky
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Martial God Prince/C1 The Transmigration of the Unlucky
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C1 The Transmigration of the Unlucky

"Fire Burst!" "Fire!" Leng Mufeng had just walked out of the door when he suddenly heard a duckling scream.

Leng Mufeng hurriedly looked up and found that smoke was billowing out of the window on the third floor of the building next door. In a moment of shock, the flame had already started to come out and the sound of a child's crying faintly came from inside.

"There's someone here!" Leng Mufeng gasped and rushed forward. He sprinted up to the third floor and found that the security door was tightly shut. He couldn't open it no matter how hard he tried. He locked the door from the inside. Smoke came out from time to time and covered the entire corridor.

Leng Mufeng looked at the east and west houses, and just as he was about to go knock, the security door of the east house opened with a "Shua" sound. A young man and woman rushed out with their stuff in their hands and ran down the stairs.

Leng Mufeng didn't think too much about it. He ran to the east side and arrived in front of the balcony. He estimated the distance between him and the middle balcony and thought, "Not bad!" He mustered the courage to stand on the balcony and jumped over with a stride.

Unexpectedly, there were a few pots of cactus on the balcony of Zhonghu, but Leng Mufeng coincidentally stepped on it. "Pu tong", he fell on the balcony and a heart-wrenching pain suddenly came from his arms.

Leng Mufeng didn't have time to check on the injured situation, he immediately got up and looked into the room. He saw a 3 or 4 girl sitting on the sofa crying. He quickly slapped the window and shouted, "Uncle is here to save you, quickly open the window!"

The little girl ran over while crying and climbed onto a stool to open the window. Leng Mufeng jumped in and said to the little girl: "Don't be afraid, Uncle will take you out."

Then he picked up the little girl and ran towards the door. The smoke in the room was getting thicker, and the fire was getting hotter and hotter.

Leng Mufeng almost couldn't open his eyes due to the smoke. Seeing the door was closed, he turned the handle and pulled it open. Unexpectedly, the door was knocked on his head with too much force.

"BOOM!" Leng Mufeng tried to comfort himself, but he found that he could not open the security door no matter how hard he tried.

In a moment of desperation, Leng Mufeng kicked fiercely with his foot. "Clang! Clang!" "Clang!" "Clang!" The door was blocked by something.

Leng Mufeng looked through the gap and saw that it was a wardrobe blocking the way. He immediately understood that it was the Donghu couple moving things downstairs.

"Damn it!" Leng Mufeng kicked continuously, but the anti-theft door was still unable to open. Leng Mufeng looked down and found that the little girl was about to faint. He rushed into the bedroom and found two sheets tied together. Then he carried the little girl to the balcony.

At this time, there were already many people gathered below. They were all discussing this place and pointing at it from time to time.

Leng Mufeng shattered the window with a kick, then gently put the little girl down, tied the bed sheet to the window frame and threw it down.

He picked up the little girl and looked down, "Fortunately, it's the third floor!" Leng Mufeng cheered for himself, hugging the little girl with one hand and sliding down the bed sheets with the other.

The people below saw that the bedsheets were not long enough, someone shouted, "Slow down young man, we'll catch you from below." A few middle-aged men and old men rushed over.

Leng Mufeng was relieved. Unexpectedly, there was a loud sound of explosion on the third floor. It turned out to be the explosion of the gas tank. The huge impact shattered the window, causing Leng Mufeng to fall down freely.

The security window on the second floor was installed, but unfortunately, Leng Mufeng directly smashed into the security window. Immediately, a sharp pain came from his waist as he flipped and fell down.

"Fortunately, it's not the first floor!" Leng Mufeng tried his best to comfort himself as he turned around and held the little girl in his arms.

With a "Putong" sound, Leng Mufeng fell onto a pile of newly dug soil. He grimaced in pain as he fell on his back. The little girl was safe and sound on his body.

"Not bad!" Leng Mufeng shouted in his heart as he stood up shakily with Jing in his arms.

"Be careful!" At this time, a middle-aged man who had rushed over shouted.

Before Leng Mufeng could react, he felt his feet slip and fall forward, right in front of him was a pool.

"Who the f * * k is raising fish in the neighborhood!" Leng Mufeng couldn't help but curse. In his panic, he threw the little girl onto the ground and fell head first into the pool.

"Plop, plop, plop!" Leng Mufeng struggled for a while and drank a few mouthfuls of mud. Finally, he stood up from the mud water that was as deep as his waist.

Covered in mud from head to toe, his facial features could no longer be seen. Leng Mufeng heaved a sigh of relief and tried to comfort himself: "Not bad!"

At this moment, applause came from all around and the sound of a fire engine came from the distance. Leng Mufeng wiped his face and stood in the pool with his hands on his hips, waving to everyone.

At this moment, a bolt of lightning struck Leng Mufeng's right hand, "F * ck you." Smoke rose from the top of Leng Mufeng's head, and his body was completely black as he fell into the pool.

Leng Mufeng felt as if he was floating in the sky, but he couldn't see anything. He didn't know how long he flew before he finally stopped and opened his eyes slowly.

A white-bearded old man with a flushed face stood awkwardly in front of him. Leng Mufeng looked around and realized that both of them were floating in the air.

"What is this place?" Leng Mufeng asked curiously, didn't he get struck by lightning? How did he get here?

The old man pinched his snow-white beard and said embarrassedly, "This is the way to heaven."

"Heaven?" Leng Mufeng came to his senses, "Damn, I was really struck to death by lightning."

"Uh …" When the old man heard this, his expression turned even more awkward. "About that, how about I discuss something with you?"

Leng Mufeng sized up the old man in front of him who was dressed like a saint but had a bashful expression. He seemed to have understood something: "Don't tell me you hacked me to death?"

"Uh, a moment of failure, a moment of failure," seeing that Leng Mufeng had guessed it, the old man's face suddenly became as pale as a monkey's butt.

"A slip up? "F * cking hell, laozi went to save someone, yet you hacked me to death. Go, let's find the Jade Emperor to judge." Leng Mufeng suddenly became angry. He had never had a girlfriend in his life. He didn't care about flying, he just pulled the old man and jumped up.

The old man hurriedly stopped him, "Calm down, calm down! I got drunk and cut the wrong guy. About that, let's talk about it, how about I resurrect you once more? "

Leng Mufeng rolled his eyes and chuckled. He rubbed his hands as he looked at the old man and said, "Resurrection? Yes! Put tens of billions of dollars in my account first. "

When the old man saw that Leng Mufeng was about to drool, he shook his head and interrupted his beautiful dream, "Your body is already smashed. Even if you revive, you won't be able to win."

"You can fix it." Leng Mufeng said, "You're an immortal, so you're still better than those plastic surgery doctors, right?" How could Leng Mufeng let the ripe duck he got fly? Leng Mufeng had cheated the old man.

The old man looked at Leng Mufeng and continued to persuade him, "This body is not good enough, I can help you find other bodies, such as princes and princes, they are not as good as your current status."

Leng Mufeng's eyes lit up. Looks like this old man has done quite a bit of wrong: "Then help me find a Crown Prince who's about to die. It's best if his father is dead too.

The old man counted with his fingers, "There really is one. The crown prince of the ancient Ancient Martial Continent, who is about to die, and his father just passed away. His fiancee is the number one beauty in the Ancient Martial Continent. Even harder to come by is that your soul fits extremely well with him. "

"Is there such a good thing?" Leng Mufeng looked at this unreliable old man doubtfully: "I used to prepare to be a pervert in my life, Ancient Martial Continent, I heard that martial power is the master, my body … …"

"Don't worry, they mainly focus on cultivation. I can give you a grimoire,《 Myriad Source Return》, that surpasses all the methods in the Ancient Martial Continent, to help you cultivate. How about it?" The old man hurriedly interrupted Leng Mufeng when he saw that he was regretful.

"Return to sect from ten thousand sources? "Is it powerful?"

"Of course it's powerful. You can absorb the spiritual energy of others for your use, but you said it's not powerful."

"My god! Star Attraction Grand Spell!" Isn't this too abnormal? "

"Not bad, there are a total of ten stages of the « Myriad Origin Return ». After reaching the first stage, it can absorb ten percent of the opponent's spirit energy. The second stage can absorb twenty percent of the opponent's spirit energy. In other words, only those who had cultivated to the tenth level would be able to fully absorb their opponent's spiritual energy. However, this technique is indeed a little overbearing. You can only absorb the spiritual energy of the unforgivable. If you dare to kill innocents randomly, I can only use the Nine Layered Heavens Thunder Technique to call you back for a chat. "

Leng Mufeng instinctively filtered out the last sentence and muttered to himself: "If the tenth level can absorb 100% of the spiritual energy, then wouldn't it be easy to cultivate?" It's just that I don't know if it'll be easy to reach the tenth stage … " Leng Mufeng thought about it worriedly.

Taking advantage of the moment he wasn't paying attention, the old man reached out his hand and tapped Leng Mufeng's forehead. A flash of light flashed and the old man kicked Leng Mufeng down.

From far away, he shouted to Leng Mufeng, "I'll give you 'Myriad Origin Return'. The time has come, you won't have the opportunity to return if you are late."

"You damned freak, I haven't even considered whether you're good enough for cultivation or not." Leng Mufeng shouted and fell down. After a short moment, he suddenly felt a tremor, as though he had entered a body.

Leng Mufeng stretched his body and just as he opened his eyes, he suddenly discovered a long blade wrapped in a few feet of light.

Leng Mufeng quickly dodged and found himself lying on the ground. He didn't have time to think before he rolled far away, barely avoiding the blade light.

"He really did not die!" The sabre wielder shouted and leaped several tens of feet into the air. He raised his sabre and chopped at Leng Mufeng once again.

Leng Mufeng didn't get up in time and rolled backward. The ground was covered in blood and within a short while, his entire body was covered in blood.

"Don't you dare hurt my lord!" With a loud shout, a brawny man, who was covered in wounds and had a bulky body, and whose muscles had become twisted, swung a huge green machete that was the size of a door, whizzing towards the man in the air.

The man in the air nimbly turned his body to avoid the machete and slashed horizontally towards the big man's shoulder.

"Pfft!" Blood splattered as a bone-deep wound appeared on the man's shoulder.

Leng Mufeng looked at the burly man in a daze, not knowing how to dodge. Apparently, the person in the air also did not expect this and had a frightened expression on his face. The big man shouted angrily as his machete transformed into layers of blade-shadows and chopped out diagonally at lightning speed. As the man slashed his shoulder, he cut him in half.

"Ugh!" Leng Mufeng couldn't help but vomit on the ground when he saw that person's miserable state. The man was stunned at first, but soon a look of joy appeared on his face. He threw his saber over and said, "Crown Prince, you're really not dead!"

It seemed that the old man was not lying to him. He glanced at the big man who was running over and his copper bell-like eyes turned into crescents.

Leng Mufeng sat up slowly and said viciously, "F * cking hell, you dare to assassinate this crown prince? Go and transfer the troops now, kill all of these assassins and bastards and exterminate the entire family."

The man was stunned. He walked over to Leng Mufeng slowly and touched his forehead. He then touched his forehead and said, "Crown Prince, where else can we go? We're the only two left."

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