Martial God Prince/C10 The Birth of a Heavenly Treasure
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Martial God Prince/C10 The Birth of a Heavenly Treasure
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C10 The Birth of a Heavenly Treasure

Leng Mufeng was unrelenting as he waved the Crimson-flame Sword in his right hand and the iron fist in his left hand.

Tulu, who was watching on the side, had cold sweat dripping down his forehead. Even he didn't dare to fight a berserk fire lion in close combat. In the midst of a battle that shook the earth, the berserk lion's roar gradually weakened, finally lying on the ground motionless.

Leng Mufeng also fell to the ground powerlessly. His chest was heaving violently and he was breathing heavily.

After the intense battle, especially when the spiritual energy within his body was exhausted, it was actually not the best idea to immediately absorb the spiritual energy, but rather to let his body slowly recover so that he could improve his cultivation base.

Tulu walked over with the ghost head knife and dug out the berserk lion core. He put it away and started a fire to roast it while waiting for Leng Mufeng to recover some strength.

However, just as he lit up the firewood, the sound of breaking air suddenly came from above, causing him to smack the flames out with a slap. Then, he raised his head to look at the sky.

A few figures were flying at high speeds towards the depths of the Demonic Beast Forest from several hundred meters up in the sky. Even in the sky, the lowest cultivation level was Martial King. Why were there so many experts here?

The two of them looked at each other in surprise. Leng Mufeng struggled to get up: "Let's go take a look."

Tulu carried Leng Mufeng on his back as he sped through the forest, following the shadows of the few men from afar.

After about an hour, those figures finally landed. Tulu did not dare to be careless. He carried Leng Mufeng on his back as he quietly went over two hills and finally saw the situation in front of him.

Two groups of people stood facing each other. One side had eight people, while the other side had seven. All of the treasures were in their hands and were surrounded by immortal qi. All of them were immortal grade treasures.

Leng Mufeng and Tulu actually knew three of them. Two of them were Elder Pei and Elder Zhang, who were following beside Yue Pengfei. At this moment, they were standing behind a tall and sturdy looking old man with a full beard. The other one was actually the captain of the Wild Wolf Regiment, the Tian Clan's eldest son, Tian Youyu.

"Yue Ruhai, you seem to be well-informed. It's just that this place is within the Great Zhou Empire and the so-called strong dragons do not press against the ground. I advise you to return to the Lingyun Sect as soon as possible." Tian Youyu was the first to speak.

"Yue Ruhai!" Great Zhou Empire! " Leng Mufeng and Tulu looked at each other in shock. They had only gone to the Wuyang County and quickly returned, not knowing that the Great Zhou had already been established.

However, the two of them knew that Lingyun Sect's Sect Master was already a Martial Saint. Normally, he rarely came out, so they did not know why he was here this time.

Tulu said in a low voice, "The six people behind Yue Ruhai should be at the same level as Elder Pei and Elder Zhang. The six people behind Yue Ruhai should be at the same level as Elder Pei and Elder Zhang.

Leng Mufeng nodded, but he was secretly looking around. With so many experts here, it was definitely extraordinary.

Yue Ruhai shook his head: "Let's not beat around the bush. We all know why we are here. Otherwise, the ones that will come won't be the ministers of the Tian Clan, but the great army of the Wild Wolf Regiment.

Tian Youyu was obviously hit a fatal point, she was silent for a moment before asking: "What do you mean, you want to rob me? "If Yue Xiaotian isn't here, you probably won't be able to take anything away from me."

"If Sect Master is here, I'm afraid it will be Zhou Shengyuan and your Tian Family." Yue Ruhai spoke in a relaxed manner, but his expression was also somewhat grave. He never expected that Tian Youyu would also get the news and arrive at almost the same time as them.

Leng Mufeng and Leng Mufeng were lying in the bushes, listening as if they understood something. It seemed like Lingyun Sect and the Tian Family found something and secretly came here to retrieve it.

Leng Mufeng's gaze stopped at a cave on the opposite side. The cave was a little hidden, so he gently patted the pangolin on the middle of the mountain and pointed at that cave.

Yue Ruhai and the rest were standing between them and the cave. After pointing the pangolin in a direction, the two people and the beast buried themselves deep in the grass, patiently waiting for an opportunity.

He only heard Tian Youyu say: "The world's most precious treasures belong to those who are virtuous. The appearance of the Dragon-scale Sword here is a gift from the heavens to my Tian Family. I will definitely not take a step back."

"Haha!" Yue Ruhai couldn't help but laugh in a low voice: "A virtuous person should own it? This place belonged to the ancient martial arts empire. How dare a rebellious villain talk about virtuous people? It's so laughable that even my Lingyun Sect cannot take a step back. "

Tian Youyu got angry out of embarrassment, "Yue Ruhai, do you really think I'm afraid of you? If I wasn't afraid of attracting others, I would have already killed you."

"Good, good!" Yue Ruhai took out a golden blade and hacked it down with a flash of light.

When the rest of the people saw this, they all took turns fighting. Soon, the battle became so intense that even sand and stones flew about in the forest.

However, Leng Mufeng soon found out that although they were fighting in a very dangerous way, they were carefully controlling their mana to avoid attracting others. After all, if the Martial Saint were to use his full strength, moving mountains and breaking rivers would not be difficult.

Especially Yue Ruhai, as Tian Youyu fought, he would occasionally look towards the cave to prevent others from hiding in the shadows and sneaking in.

After an hour, there was still no chance. Tulu could not help but feel anxious: "Those two old foxes are so heavily guarded. How can we enter the Pangolin? What if we are discovered here?"

Leng Mufeng was also thinking hard. Looking at the pangolin that was ready to move in his arms, his eyes suddenly lit up. He pointed to the opposite ridge and let the pangolin out.

The pangolin nimbly crawled between the rocks, circling far away from the center area and then snaking its way to the other side of the mountain ridge.

"How do I get into the pangolin? Those two old foxes have been keeping an eye out all this time. "

"Don't worry, you forgot that pangolin is good at digging holes, it can directly drill holes into the mountain ridges."

Tulu suddenly understood: "Boss is indeed the boss, the treasure they were talking about is called the Dragon-scale Sword, and it was brought out by the Pangolin, it will anger them to death."

"Hehe!" Let's just let them beat us up, the more the better. "

Four hours passed, it was already evening, two Martial Saints and thirteen Martial King were still fighting in the forest, both sides had already unleashed their anger. Yue Ruhai, Tian Youyu, looked at the cave as the number of times decreased, the light on the golden sabre became brighter and brighter, and every time they slashed, there would be the faint sound of wolves howling.

Tian Youyu's long sword released specks of cold light, swaying around like a meteor. From time to time, it would flash with a beautiful light, attacking Yue Ruhai from an extremely strange angle.

Leng Mufeng and Tulu were both a little dazed.

"This Meteor Fire Rain is actually so beautiful when performed. Wouldn't it look even better when the night falls? If there's a chance, I would definitely snatch it away to learn."

"Yue Ruhai's' Moonhowl 'is not bad either. It's of the same Xuan grade as' Meteor Shower '."

Leng Mufeng knew that the Ancient Martial Continent's methods were divided into four grades, from low to high: Sky, Earth, Black and Yellow. Who would have thought that he would see two Black rank skills today.

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