Martial God Prince/C12 Escape from the Demonic Beast Forest
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Martial God Prince/C12 Escape from the Demonic Beast Forest
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C12 Escape from the Demonic Beast Forest

"Of course I can't absorb all of it. It seems like the second realm can only absorb twenty percent of the spiritual energy."

"..." Tulu didn't say anything.

"Erm, are you interested to see if it's true?"

"Then hurry up." Tulu pointed at Yue Pengfei and said, "Isn't there a ready-made one?"

Yue Pengfei was so scared that he hurriedly woke up from his "coma": "Don't, don't, I'll give you everything!" I'll also give you the Universe Ring, please don't kill me! I promise I will not seek revenge from you and will never find trouble with the Martial Fortress. "

Leng Mufeng ignored Yue Pengfei and looked at Tulu in surprise: "You don't object?"

Tulu looked at Yue Pengfei: "In any case, he's definitely going to die, otherwise, the dozens of people at the Martial Fortress won't be able to protect him, and we'll also be chased down by the Lingyun Sect. Rather than killing him with a single slash, it's better for you to absorb his spirit energy and raise our cultivation."

"No, no!" Yue Pengfei was so scared that his face turned pale, "I promise, no, I swear! I will never find trouble with the Martial Fortress, nor with the two old men. I beg you, please let me go, please let me go! "

Leng Mufeng gave Tulu a deep look and went up to take off Yue Pengfei's Universe Ring: "Tell me the incantation."

"The spell is …" Yue Pengfei was just about to say something when he suddenly reacted, "If you let me go, I'll tell you."

"Pangolin!" Leng Mufeng shouted. The pangolin lying on his shoulder pounced on Yue Pengfei with a "sou" sound. Its thick, short limbs held him down tightly. Its sharp claws dug into his flesh and blood started to spurt out.

"I don't have the time to play games with you, and I don't care if I lie to you before I kill you. If you want to die a little faster, then say the incantation to open the Universe Ring. Otherwise, I'll have the Pangolin tear off a piece of your body every day until the day you say it." Leng Mufeng stood up and looked at him coldly.

Yue Pengfei looked at Leng Mufeng, who had suddenly turned into an iceberg. His whole body was trembling, but he didn't know what to do. Suddenly, the pangolin shook a little and tears immediately flowed out of his eyes from the pain, "I'll say, I'll say!"

He opened the Universe Ring. Without taking a closer look, he put away all the wolf skins in the cave. Then, Leng Mufeng gestured for Tulu to wait outside.

Yue Pengfei had already been knocked out. Leng Mufeng raised his head and looked at the sky nervously. At this moment, he remembered the old man's last words about the drinking accident.

"Old man, this person is the bully of men and women, and he does all sorts of evil. Don't look at how young he is, he has done all sorts of bad things several times. I'm helping the people remove the harm and taking him in for you."

Leng Mufeng muttered to himself. He was a bit worried that the old man would use the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique to get him to go back and chat for a while.

After bowing from all directions, Leng Mufeng slowly pressed his hand on Yue Pengfei's Dantian and silently circulated "Ten Thousand Origin Return". Immediately, a surge of surging spiritual energy rushed into his body.

Leng Mufeng hurriedly used his soul consciousness to guide the flow of the spiritual energy in his body. Every time he used the Circulatory Cycle Revolution, a trace of the spiritual energy would be refined and returned to his dantian.

As time passed, Leng Mufeng finally absorbed all the spiritual energy in Yue Pengfei's body and successfully broke through to become a Fourth Martial Stage practitioner. Leng Mufeng didn't have time to think about it. He carefully examined the cave and confirmed that there were no clues left behind by the two. Only then did he move Yue Pengfei's corpse out to be disposed of.

Tulu stood on top of a boulder, looking at the Divine Capital from afar without saying a word, his back was actually a little desolate.

Although Tulu was straight and upright, he was not stupid. Perhaps he had already noticed the difference between him and the Crown Prince. After all, they had grown up together.

"I promise you, from now on, unless I'm an unforgivable evildoer, I won't use the《 Myriad Origin》 again."

"You still have to promise me that you will restore ancient martial arts to its former glory!"

"I will do my best!"

"NO!" The crown prince is an arrogant man with extraordinary talent. Even though he has been poisoned and is unable to cultivate, he still maintains his pride. "

After a moment of silence, Tulu continued, "The Crown Prince is still alive. He is not trying his best to return the country."

"I promise you!"

Leng Mufeng was touched. The meaning of Tulu's words, was still to recognize him as the Crown Prince. The two brothers looked at each other and laughed, then ran out of the Demonic Beast Forest together.

At this moment, Yue Ruhai and Tian Youyu finally realized something was amiss. Someone had actually stolen the Divine Tool s from right under the noses of the two Martial Saints.

Looking at the one foot tall mountain ridge that went straight through the cave entrance, Yue Ruhai roared: "Find it, find it for me!" "We must find this son of a b * tch."

Tian Youyu's face was livid as she stared coldly at Yue Ruhai. The two of them were fighting passionately, but Yue Ruhai had let the others beat them to the punch.

"Jiang Zhong, bring my command medallion to the Qingloong Pass and deploy ten thousand soldiers. Lock all crossroads nearby and check if there are any unfamiliar cultivators around."

"Understood, Young Lord." "Yes!" An old man behind him responded. He took a palm-sized command medallion and rose into the air, flying towards the Qingloong Pass.

Martial King was furious. He was digging around for clues. Only Elder Pei and Elder Zhang were looking at that small hole. Their eyes flashed with a strange light.

After searching for a few days, the crowd finally found the Martial Fortress. Watching the two Martial Saints and more than ten Martial King flying in the air, Mao Wuliu and the others finally understood why Leng Mufeng didn't want them to stop them.

"Have you found any unfamiliar cultivators around here?" Yue Ruhai asked after carefully observing them.

Mao Wuliu and the rest hurriedly shook their heads, "No, we have been hunting in this area the whole time. We didn't find any activities of cultivators within a radius of 30 miles."

Looking at the crowd, Mao Wuliu quickly said, "But if there was an expert like you, we wouldn't have noticed."

"Search!" Tian Youyu was not happy that Yue Ruhai was so long-winded towards these warriors. She waved her hand and shouted.

"Yes sir!" The six reverends of the Tian Family broke into the Martial Fortress to search for it. Immediately, the sound of dogs and chickens rang out.

The six Wuhan Steel rank experts looked at Yue Ruhai. Seeing him nod slightly, they also flew over.

Elder Pei turned the entire Martial Castle upside down but did not discover anything. He then arrived in front of Mao Wuliu and asked, "Is there any young man who has appeared in this area?"

Yue Ruhai thought that he was worried that Yue Pengfei would barge in, so he didn't think too much about it. Mao Wuliu shook his head and said, "I didn't find anything."

Yue Ruhai, Tian Youyu, and the others did not discover anything as they continued to search outside. At this time, Leng Mufeng and Tulu were escaping outside at full speed. They travelled day and night, not daring to stop for even a second.

More than ten days later, the two finally came out of Demonic Beast Forest, and saw from afar a cavalry unit rushing towards them.

"This is bad, it's the cavalry of the Wild Wolf Regiment. Tian Youyu has sent people to seal off this place." Tulu exclaimed in surprise when he saw the cavalry's armor and flags.

Leng Mufeng quickly gave the pangolin a slap. The pangolin immediately tactfully turned its four limbs to the sky, twitching and pretending to be dead.

The two of them lifted their pangolin and struggled to walk towards the cavalrymen, "Stop, who are you?" A cavalry general shouted from afar.

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