Martial God Prince/C13 Slovenly Old Man
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Martial God Prince/C13 Slovenly Old Man
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C13 Slovenly Old Man

Leng Mufeng frantically threw the pangolin on the ground: "Army Master , I was prepared to dig up herbs in Demonic Beast Forest, and met a dead pangolin. I wanted to sell it in Wuyang County first, then go in and dig for herbs."

The high-ranking officer was obviously a cultivator as well. Seeing that Leng Mufeng and his partner were dressed in rags and did not carry any magical equipment, the pangolin's limbs were stiff, rolled its eyes, and its belly faced the sky. It said without much thought, "Don't come here for now. This place is already sealed."

"Oh, thank you, Army Master ." The two thanked him, then raised their pangolin and slowly walked towards Wuyang County.

After getting rid of the cavalrymen, Leng Mufeng patted the pangolin and said: "You did well, I'll give you a crystal core of a level two demon beast." The pangolin rolled on the ground and squeaked excitedly.

Leng Mufeng took out the Universe Ring from his chest pocket, took out two pieces of rich clothes worn by the young masters and changed into the young masters of aristocratic families.

The Universe Ring space was thirty square meters, and there were a lot of good things inside. Three Illusionary level longswords, ten pieces of Spirit Stone, thirty pieces of Level 2 demon beast cores, a pile of shiny silver that was worth thousands of silver taels, and a few hundred gold taels. It seemed that compared to cultivating, this Young Master Yue liked the lives of hedonistic disciples more.

The two of them did not dare to head towards Wuyang County, and instead took a detour and went straight to Sanshan County. On the way, they bought two fine horses, and although they weren't as fast as the galloping clouds, they were still fast.

Because it was the closest county to the Qingloong Pass, there was a large army stationed there.

Entering the city, the place was bustling with noise, much more lively than the Wuyang County. There were rows upon rows of wine houses, inns, grain stores, weapons stores, and pawnshops.

Tulu flexed his muscles on the horse's back and said: "We have finally arrived at the Sanshan County. We'll find the biggest inn to stay in for two days and also enjoy the life of a hedonistic disciple."

"Follow me." Leng Mufeng said and led the way.

Tulu followed suit and turned left and right, coming straight to an extremely remote tavern: "You're not that stingy, are you? Why are you treating the clothes we're wearing so well?"

"Why don't we just replace them? This place is safe."

At this moment, the waiter came out, Leng Mufeng took out a few taels of silver and said, "Two top rooms, take the horses to the backyard and feed them some good grass. Then, buy us two sets of ordinary clothes."

"Alright!" The waiter received the silver happily and welcomed the two into the store. He thought to himself, "These hedonistic disciples like to experience the lives of the poor. When will I be able to experience their lives?"

Walking into the room and closing the windows, Leng Mufeng took out the Dragon-scale Sword anxiously. Ever since he obtained this treasure, he had not looked at it carefully.

The Dragon-scale Sword's entire body was three feet long, and there were fingernail sized patterns on the sword's body, which were like dragon scales. The sword's edge was sharp, but the light was restrained, and it was much heavier than normal treasured swords.

Leng Mufeng brandished his sword and was unable to contain his joy. Tulu looked at him with envy, "At that time, you should have snatched the blade from that old man with the saber on his back."

"That old man Pei is Martial King, how many of us have the guts to fight with him?"

"But you have the Dragon-scale Sword, and you still have the Crimson-flame Sword. I'll still have the Phantom Head Blade."

"In a while, change into some clothes, eat and drink to your heart's content. Let's go pick our treasured sabers."

"I want an immortal equipment."


"Bang! Bang!" Someone knocked on the door, freeing Leng Mufeng from his helplessness.

The waiter brought the clothes over and asked politely, "Sir and Madam, would you like to see if it suits your needs?"

Leng Mufeng nodded: "It's very fitting. Go and prepare two jars of good wine, one for each dish you're good at. We'll have it later."

Saying that, Leng Mufeng took out a tael of silver and gave it to the waiter: "This is your tip, remember to keep your mouth shut."

"Alright!" A flower bloomed on the face of the waitress. "Don't worry, sir. I don't know anything." After saying that, he hastily went down to prepare.

Leng Mufeng and Leng Mufeng changed into their new clothes. The two hedonistic disciples from before had completely disappeared from the Sanshan County and went downstairs. The waiter was currently carrying dishes up to the table. Two jars of old wine were placed on the table.

Tulu was a good drinker. As soon as he broke the seal on the wine, he started drinking. Immediately, the fragrance of the wine filled the air and drifted far away.

"Good wine!" It was fun! "

Leng Mufeng was also hooked up by the Liquor worm, so he slapped away his jar and was about to drink, when an old man with a bird's nest on his head and a tattered body walked into the tavern. He sucked his dirty nose forcefully and walked in front of the two people with his big, bare feet.

"Good wine!" Good wine! Can this old man have a sip? "

Leng Mufeng looked curiously at the "bird's nest" on top of his head. Only then did he realize that this old man hadn't washed his hair in a long time. His hair was stuck together and was as hard as a steel rod.

Leng Mufeng handed the wine jar to him. That old man didn't hold back, he took it and drank it all in one go.

Leng Mufeng and Tulu looked at him blankly, feeling that this was his "mouth".

"Good wine!" Can we have another pot? " The old man said with a 'straight face'.

Leng Mufeng waved his hand, "Waiter, give me two more jars. Add a stool."


The waiter quickly brought out two jars of old wine and a stool. "Old man, you've met a respected guest today."

The old man sat down. He seemed to be a VIP invited by Leng Mufeng and his companion. Although he had some pride, his gaze was still fixed on the two jars of old wine.

Tulu couldn't help but laugh, "Old sir, you can drink as much as you want."

"Really?" When the old man heard this, his dark face lit up.

"Seriously, please!"

The three of them lifted the pot and drank. The old man finished the wine in one gulp. Leng Mufeng was astonished. He asked for three more jars, and now that the dishes were all served, the three of them exchanged cups and drank very unhappily.

After they had their fill, Leng Mufeng said to the old man, "Old sir, you have a good appetite. Next time we meet, we'll drink to our heart's content. We brothers still have things to do, so we'll take our leave."

After saying that, Leng Mufeng didn't think too much. He bid farewell to the old man and walked out. The old man rubbed his bulging belly and burped, "Slow, slow down."

When the two of them were clear of the road, they arrived at the weapon store with the largest Sanshan County. The walls were filled with swords, spears, swords, halberds, axes, hooks, forks, ordinary weapons and even treasures.

Leng Mufeng called over the shop assistant and asked: "What is the highest grade of your treasured sabre type magical equipment?"

Tulu had a set of Yellow Rank mantras for Wild Blade of Wu Steel . It was gifted to him by the crown prince, so he left the Immortal Artifact Crimson-flame Sword unneeded and insisted on choosing a treasured blade.

"Two sirs, the best blade in our store is the Overlord's Saber. It's on the third floor, which is at the level of a magic tool."

"Magic weapon? Is there anything higher? "

"Master, this is already the highest level. No matter how high the saint artifact is, it will be taken away by the government."

"Show us."

Leng Mufeng was curious in his heart. The Zhou Family had already begun to control high grade magical equipment. What exactly were they planning to do? While thinking, they followed the shop assistant to the third floor.

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