Martial God Prince/C14 A Martial King Who Is about to Take His Life
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Martial God Prince/C14 A Martial King Who Is about to Take His Life
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C14 A Martial King Who Is about to Take His Life

There were almost no people here as seven to eight magical equipment of the magic rank were placed on the table. The Overlord's Saber was six feet long and half a foot wide. The thick saber on its back was extremely sharp and it would occasionally emit a faint golden light. Tulu waved it around and asked, "How much silver?"

"One hundred taels of gold."

"Inhale!" "How much?" Tulu almost thought he misheard. When did the price of the magical equipment soar to such a high level.

"One hundred taels of gold, no bargaining. Now that the price of all sorts of raw materials has skyrocketed and the officials have levied a higher tax, we are helpless."

These seven or eight magical equipment of the Illusionary rank had been there for more than a year, but none of them had been sold.

Leng Mufeng quietly took out a hundred taels of gold from his Universe Ring and placed it on the table: "We want the Overlord's Saber. Can you tell us when the price of the magical equipment started to rise?"

The shop assistant's face was filled with surprise and joy. He quickly replied, "Of course, about a year ago."

A year ago, the two of them were still hiding in the cave to gain experience, which should have happened right after the establishment of the Great Zhou Empire. In other words, Zhou Shengyuan started purchasing a lot of magical equipment as soon as he established his country.

When the two of them returned to the inn, they accidentally found the slovenly old man lying in the sun next to the door of the inn. Seeing that the two of them had finally returned, the waiter hurriedly stepped forward and said, "The two of you are finally back. This … this old man is insisting that he knows you. He hasn't left yet, there are already several guests who came to the door and were smoked away."

Leng Mufeng glanced at the slovenly old man and said to the waiter, "Get another room, and we'll pay for it."

The waitress let out a sigh of relief and ran in front of the old man. She took a step back from the smoke, "Old sir, please get up and go to your room to sleep. I'll boil a few buckets of water for you."

Unexpectedly, the old man shook his head and said, "This place is pretty good, otherwise, wouldn't my old man owe these two young brothers a bigger favor?"

Leng Mufeng laughed and said, "It's nothing, not at all. Old sir, you're overthinking it."

"My old man is used to sleeping on the floor, instead he feels uncomfortable all over. It's better to stay here."

"This," The waiter helplessly looked at Leng Mufeng. Leng Mufeng said, "Take a blanket and put it on."

"Fine." After all, the waiter had received the tip, so it was not good for him to say anything more. He ran over and carried a set of bedding with him.

Just like that, the two of them stayed in the inn. Most of the time, they closed their doors and went out to cultivate. From time to time, he would go out to find out the reason why Zhou Shengyuan was purchasing so many magical equipment.

However, every time he came out to eat, that slovenly old man would come in and ask for a "sip" of wine. Fortunately for Leng Mufeng, Tulu was not a narrow-minded person. He would always part ways with the old man as he despised the rich and the poor.

After absorbing Yue Pengfei's spiritual energy, Leng Mufeng had advanced to become a Fourth Martial Stage practitioner. After absorbing all the spirit energy from the Spirit Stone, Leng Mufeng stopped absorbing spirit energy. He left the remaining crystal cores for Tulu and the Pangolin and focused on cultivating "Myriad Origin Return".

Time flowed on. In the blink of an eye, a month had passed. On this day, two white robed old men came to Sanshan County. One of them had a long blade on his back and the other was wearing a double-edged sword. They were Yue Pengfei's two Wu Steel-ranked bodyguards, Elder Pei and Elder Zhang.

Yue Pengfei disappeared without a trace, and the two of them were chased out by the roaring Yue Ruhai. Tell them not to be able to find Young Master Yue and never to return to Lingyun Sect.

The two of them, who had already noticed the clues of the Dragon-scale Sword, could only come out and search for Yue Pengfei's whereabouts.

"Brother Zhang, is it really possible for young master to come to Sanshan County?"

"This place is the busiest place within a hundred miles. With his personality, he has disappeared for so many days. He must have come here to enjoy himself."

"Alright, this time when we find him, we must properly teach him a lesson and delay our big matter."

"You also think that the cave was beaten by the young man's pangolin?"

"Who else could it be other than him? Back then, when he fought with his young master, his speed was exceptionally fast and his killing intent was extremely sharp. He was actually able to defeat a young master who was a second level Martial Master with his Martial Disciple cultivation." Although it is bare-handed, it is impossible if one does not experience many years of tempering within the Demonic Beast Forest. "

The two of them conversed in hushed tones as they walked forward, arriving before a brothel. After hesitating for a moment, they decided to enter.

However, the two of them quickly fled in a sorry state. Their clothes were in disarray and their faces were full of red lips. "This brat, if I find him, I must beat him up. This old face of mine has been completely lost." Elder Pei said bitterly.

After searching through all the brothels and casinos in Sanshan County, he couldn't find any trace of Yue Pengfei. The two of them walked through the streets and alleys as their stomachs rumbled with hunger. They arrived at a remote inn and walked in.

An old man covered in filth was lying by the inn's entrance. Elder Pei frowned as he walked in and shouted, "Waiter, go …"

Before he could finish, he stopped and looked at the two people who had just descended the stairs in surprise.

Leng Mufeng and Tulu prepared to go out and inquire further. When they just came downstairs, they saw Elder Pei and Elder Zhang standing in the middle of the store. They were stunned for a moment.

"Ha, ha!" Elder Pei went from shock to ecstasy: "Haha! It's nothing to do with finding them. Boy, you two came here.

Elder Pei said as he and Elder Zhang stood apart, blocking the two of them on the stairs.

Leng Mufeng and Tulu complained on the inside. In order to facilitate their movement, the two of them stored all their magic treasures in the Universe Ring. The Universe Ring was currently in Leng Mufeng's bosom.

Leng Mufeng reacted quickly. These two people probably didn't know that Yue Pengfei was dead or that it was related to them. Otherwise, they would have attacked them long ago.

"Haha, what a coincidence. I actually managed to meet two seniors here." Leng Mufeng walked down confidently as he spoke. Tulu also reacted and slowly followed Leng Mufeng down the stairs.

Elder Pei looked at the pangolin that was resting on Leng Mufeng's shoulder and looked towards Elder Zhang. Elder Zhang nodded slightly.

Elder Pei laughed, "What a coincidence, we've been looking for you for quite some time."

Leng Mufeng said: "Senior came here for the Crimson-flame Sword, the sword is in the room upstairs, I'll go get it for you." Leng Mufeng went upstairs calmly after saying that.

"Stop!" Stop pretending to be stupid, where did your Pangolin steal that treasure from the Demonic Beast Forest? " Elder Pei asked Leng Mufeng.

Leng Mufeng was secretly surprised, but his face was full of confusion: "Demonic Beast Forest? I've been there for a few years, but I've never met any treasures. "

"It was stolen by you when you were returning to the Demonic Beast Forest." Elder Pei emphasized the word "steal".

Leng Mufeng pretended to be confused: "Senior, since you say it like that, then this junior is even more confused. Last time, the two of us left the Wuyang County and came to this Sanshan County, and did not return it."

"Humph!" If you refuse a toast and don't eat a forfeit, when I capture you, I will have a way to make you speak. "

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