Martial God Prince/C16 Leng Mufeng's Soaring
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Martial God Prince/C16 Leng Mufeng's Soaring
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C16 Leng Mufeng's Soaring

The old man continued, "The other person is Great Monk Guangshan of Tianyuan Temple. He is publicly recognized as a Martial God by all in Ancient Martial Continent. The last one is the emperor, Yan Wuji, who claims to be the Martial God but no one knows the true Shenji Empire of the world.

Leng Mufeng chuckled: "These three are known to all. Looking at senior's demeanor, he has already broken through the mortal world and doesn't care about those false names. You are the hidden Martial God."

The slovenly old man shook his head. "I'm not that amazing. After all these years of roaming the mortal world, I just want to break through a bottleneck."

Leng Mufeng and Tulu were both shocked. This old man was actually a peak Martial King, and this old man was one of the top experts in Ancient Martial Continent.

Leng Mufeng was trying to figure out how to rope this old man in when the slovenly old man suddenly asked him, "What do you need these two for?"

"Uh, do you believe that?" Leng Mufeng quickly analyzed: "Actually, I want to use them to increase my cultivation."

"Use them as training partners?"

"No, I'm absorbing their spiritual energy."

"Oh, what? Absorb their spiritual energy! " The slovenly old man immediately widened his eyes.

Leng Mufeng wanted to rope in this old man who was at the peak of the Martial King level. This old man could step into the Martial God Stage at any time, so he decided to tell him the truth.

"How do you absorb their spiritual energy?"

"This junior chanced upon a copy of《 Myriad Source: Return》 at Demonic Beast Forest, and was able to absorb the spirit energy within the body of the cultivator."

On the slovenly old man's pitch-black face, his eyes became abnormally bright. "There's actually such a technique? Your cultivation isn't high either. Aren't you afraid that the spiritual energy of these two people will explode?"

Leng Mufeng said, "I've only reached the second level of" Ten Thousand Origin Return ". Currently, I can only absorb twenty percent of the Fa Li. If I control the rhythm well, it shouldn't be a problem."

"To think that you have such a domineering magic art. You can absorb one for me to see."

Leng Mufeng and Tulu were stunned, but seeing the old man's interest, Leng Mufeng said, "I'm afraid it's not safe here."

The slovenly old man waved his hand. "Follow me!" After which, he took out the stone seal from his waist and threw it into the air.

He chanted an incantation and the stone seal immediately became three meters large. He threw the two Liu steels onto the stone seal. With one hand holding Leng Mufeng, Wu steel-like flew up into the air and landed on the stone seal.

"Our horse." Tulu shouted as he looked at the two horses below.

"I'll buy a horse later." After saying this, the slovenly old man urged the stone seal to fly towards the northwest at an extremely fast speed.

"Senior, what's the name of this treasure? Is it a Divine Tool?"

"Heavenly Thunder Seal, it cannot compare to your Dragon-scale Sword."

"That's amazing."

After a quarter of an hour, they arrived at a tall mountain. From the sky, they could see that the Pill Cliff was covered with strange rocks and cyan cyan cyan cypresses. It was obviously a good place to go.

The slovenly old man dropped down the heavenly lightning seal and brought the two of them to a courtyard on the mountaintop. Leng Mufeng and Tulu were instantly stupefied.

It was as if this courtyard hadn't been lived in for hundreds of years and was overgrown with weeds. The only stone house was in a mess. A broken mat was placed casually amidst the rocks. Presumably, this was where the peak Martial King was meditating.

If not for Zhang Xuan personally witnessing him subdue Elder Pei, Elder Zhang would have died already. Leng Mufeng, no matter what, Tulu would never believe that he was a Martial King.

Forget about Martial Monarchs, even if it was just Martial Master s, they would still be treated with respect in the Three Great Empires. Martial King, Martial Sovereign, and Martial Saints were all revered. With someone serving them day and night, he had all kinds of magical equipment, crystal cores, Spirit Stone s, and Pills s.

The slovenly old man didn't seem to notice their expressions, and said to Leng Mufeng: "Absorb one and let me see. The relationship between you and Lingyun Sect has already been settled, and even if they wake up, they won't let you off."

Leng Mufeng was not a merciful person. Even though he had promised Tulu that Tulu was not a wicked person and that he would not use "Ten Thousand Feet Return", this Elder Zhang was clearly not a good person.

They had watched on the side when Yue Pengfei provoked them. After Yue Pengfei suffered a loss, they jumped out to stop him from getting the Universe Ring.

Furthermore, they already knew that the Dragon-scale Sword was in his hands. If they were let go, there would be endless trouble in the future.

Thinking about this, Leng Mufeng clenched his teeth and brought Elder Zhang over. This guy didn't talk much, but he was quite sinister. It was better to make a move on him first.

Carefully raising his head to look at the sky, Leng Mufeng placed his hand on Elder Zhang's dantian and started circulating the "Ten Thousand Origin Return". A surge of spiritual energy surged into his body.

Leng Mufeng guarded his mind and guided this huge amount of spiritual energy to his dantian. Like a raging river rushing into a small stream, his dantian was immediately filled with spiritual energy. Excess spiritual energy flowed all over his meridians.

Leng Mufeng guided the spiritual energy from the eight meridians to slowly refine them and infuse them bit by bit into his dantian. As the spirit energy in his dantian became denser, Leng Mufeng's cultivation soared.

The warriors of the fifth, sixth, and seventh step didn't stop until the eighth step.

At the side, Tulu, the slovenly old man, could only watch as Leng Mufeng's body expanded, then shrunk. From time to time, spiritual energy would seep out from his body, making him completely dumbfounded.

Leng Mufeng's eight meridian channels and Dantian were filled with dense spiritual energy. He felt as light as a swallow: "What a pity, he's only a martial artist at the eighth stage."

Tulu's chin almost fell off: "You, you became a Level 4 this time?"

Leng Mufeng jumped up as his eyes lit up, "Once I absorb Elder Pei's Qi, I should be able to become a Martial Master and truly step into the cultivation world."

Warrior, martial artists are the initial stage of cultivation. It's just that your body is stronger than ordinary people and you can use magic treasures. Martial Masters were the ones who had truly entered the cultivation world. They were able to soar into the clouds and use their sacred arts.

The slovenly old man was dumbfounded as he watched Leng Mufeng's transformation. If he continued to cultivate like this, then before long, another young Martial God would appear on the Ancient Martial Continent.

He threw Elder Pei in front of Leng Mufeng: "If you absorb him, let's see how far you can go."

Tulu hurriedly stopped him, "He just advanced to the Eighth Martial Stage. He will need some time to stabilize before he can absorb it. It's going to be very dangerous."

"With me here, what are you afraid of?"

Leng Mufeng thought about it and felt that it made sense. He had been hiding everywhere during this period of time and was even cultivating in his dreams. He gritted his teeth and placed his hand on Elder Pei's Dantian.

Endless amounts of spiritual energy rushed into his body, rampaging through his already crowded meridians. His meridians were torn apart, and blood started to seep out from the surface of his body.

Tulu jumped up in fright. Just as he was about to go up to check on the situation, he was stopped by the slovenly old man and shook his head.

Leng Mufeng gritted his teeth and endured the pain that felt as if his body was about to split open. He used a wisp of his soul consciousness to guide the flow of spirit energy according to the great cycle and desperately refined it.

As the refined spirit energy entered his dantian, it accumulated more and more. It was so dense that it almost turned into mist.

Just when Leng Mufeng felt that his Dantian was about to explode, a light "pa" sound suddenly came from his Dantian. The mist-like spiritual energy actually condensed into a drop of water.

The spirit energy from the eight meridian channels seemed to have found a breakthrough as it violently rushed into his dantian and was quickly devoured by the small water droplet.

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