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Martial God Prince/C19 Exquisite Blood Lotus
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C19 Exquisite Blood Lotus

"Humph!" Leng Mufeng let out a cold snort. With a wave of his Dragon-scale Sword, he broke that golden light. Before Second Young Master Song could react, a bolt of lightning suddenly flew out from the Dragon-scale Sword and struck his forehead.

Taking this opportunity, Leng Mufeng flew forward and landed a heavy punch on his abdomen. Second Young Master Song instantly cried out miserably and fell to the ground with his back bent.

Upon seeing this, the two bodyguards at the side abandoned Tulu and rushed over. Leng Mufeng used his Dragon-scale Sword to gesticulate Second Young Master Song's neck, scaring the two of them to the point that they hurriedly stopped.

"If you have something to say, then we'll talk. Do you want the gold or magic treasure?"

"This is the second young master of the Soong Family, if you kill him, I'm afraid you won't be able to stay in the Sanshan County anymore, uh …"

Wu Tie, who was behind them, walked up and knocked out the two bodyguards with his saber. Leng Mufeng put the Dragon-scale Sword on Second Young Master Song's neck: "Where are you guys going in such a hurry?"

Second Young Master Song had never experienced such a scene before. He endured his fear and said, "Someone saw the top-grade blood lotus in the Demonic Beast Forest, I'm preparing to go over …" Before he could finish his words, he felt his vision turn black and Leng Mufeng knocked him out with a punch.

"It seems like those people and mercenaries are after this top-grade blood lotus."

"The top quality blood lotus is priceless. After refining the Nine Reincarnation Soul Pill, it has the effect of reviving the dead. No wonder even the mercenaries that lick the blood from their blades have appeared."

"What about them?" Tulu asked as he looked at the three men lying on the ground.

Leng Mufeng smiled sinisterly: "Strip him, and rob him of his glory!"

As he said that, he went up and took out the ten or so Gold Crow Pill s that Second Young Master Song had just bought, picked up his long sword and looked at it before keeping it in his Universe Ring. Finally, he took off all of his valuable clothes, leaving only a pair of underwear for him.

Seeing this, Tulu laughed out loud and stripped the two bodyguards to their underwear. Finally, he took off the bag on his mount, picked up the pangolin that was hidden on the roadside, and the two of them left.

"Master, someone found a top-grade blood lotus in the Demonic Beast Forest." Leng Mufeng returned to the "Sect" and said to Yun Feiyang.

"Top quality blood lotus?" "Where is it?" At first, Yun Feiyang's eyes flashed, but he soon calmed down and asked casually.

"We don't know yet, but many people have already entered the Demonic Beast Forest. We will always be able to find clues after them."

"Yes, the top-grade blood lotus is the main ingredient in refining the Nine Reincarnation Soul Pill. No matter how severe the injuries, as long as there is a trace of Qi in the body, it can save a person's life. It is indeed a priceless treasure."

"Then, Master, when are we leaving?" Leng Mufeng asked.

"Tomorrow then." Yun Feiyang seemed to have suddenly lost interest: "You guys can continue practicing the Shifter today."

Leng Mufeng and Tulu looked at each other. Although they felt it was strange, they didn't ask.

The next day, the three of them went down the mountain. Arriving at the Sanshan County, he discovered that there were many more guards than usual, and the people who entered and left the city were also under heavy scrutiny. A long line was formed at the city gate.

Yun Feiyang felt it was a bit strange, but Leng Mufeng and Tulu knew what it was for, so they looked at each other and didn't say anything.

A young man behind him asked, "Strange, back then when the Canglong Empire invaded, even the investigation of the Sanshan County was not so strict. Why is it here today?"

An old man at the side said, "Don't you know that two great thieves appeared on Sanshan County, and their Second Young Master was knocked unconscious on the road. Not only were their belongings stolen, even their clothes were stripped clean."

"Ah?" Isn't Soong Family Second Young Master supposed to have bodyguards? "

"Bodyguards? Zhao Er and Liu San were stripped to their underwear. If someone didn't find them when they passed by, they might still be lying on the road."

"He's so powerful, he dares to snatch Soong Family from us."

"Yes, he's powerful, but I don't know why he likes to strip so much, but Soong Family has already sent people to search the entire city."

Leng Mufeng and Tulu snickered as they listened to him, while walking forward. Unknowingly, they arrived at the city gate.

"Stop, what are you doing in the city?" A person, who looked like a leader, stopped the three of them and shouted.

Leng Mufeng instantly restored the crown prince's proud and aloof appearance and coldly said: "Buy medicine and enter the Demonic Beast Forest to snatch the top-grade blood lotus."

The leader was stunned and was shocked by Leng Mufeng's imposing manner. He said unnaturally, "Quickly go in."

Only after the three entered did the leader realize that he was somewhat fearful of the young man's gaze. He couldn't help but turn around to take a look.

Yun Feiyang glanced at Leng Mufeng in surprise, "I didn't expect you to be so good at bluffing. You have to show off more in the future." "Look, everyone else was searched. Only the three of us weren't searched."

Leng Mufeng was speechless. For a moment, he regretted finding such a master. Perhaps this guy had already had this thought when drinking with him and Tulu.

The three of them strolled around the city, and under Yun Feiyang's insistence, they bought more than ten jars of fine wine, and then they bought three horses and left the city.

The three of them headed north at full speed. Passing through the prefecture, it took them more than ten days of travel to arrive at the edge of the Demonic Beast Forest.

Huyang Castle was the last castle at the northern border of the Great Zhou Empire. The disciples of the clan, the bloodthirsty mercenaries, and even the disciples of Lingyun Sect that were far away from the Canglong Empire had appeared here.

Leng Mufeng and the other two slowly walked into the Huyang Castle, and stopped in front of an inn. "Let's rest here for the night, while we investigate the situation, we will leave tomorrow morning." Leng Mufeng said.

The three of them dismounted from their horses and handed the horses to the waiter. Leng Mufeng said: "Take three rooms."

"I'm sorry grandpa, the upper rooms are full, there is only one normal room left." The waiter said.

"Then this one, bring me two extra sets of bedding."

"Sure, the three sirs can order some food first. The room will be ready shortly." The waiter responded and quickly went to make the arrangements.

Leng Mufeng and the other two wandered around the castle. It wasn't until it was dark that they understood the gist of it: someone had discovered a top-grade blood lotus in the depths of Demonic Beast Forest.

"A rank 6 beast?" Leng Mufeng shook his head: "The situation isn't right, with my current cultivation level, plus the Dragon-scale Sword, I should be able to barely deal with them. But it is impossible for everyone here to have a bunch of Divine Tool, how are they going to deal with the rank 6 beasts?"

Tulu looked around at the young cultivators, and understood Leng Mufeng's meaning: "That's right, other than some seasoned mercenaries, the rest are mostly young people, with the highest cultivation not exceeding the Martial Master, they are not able to deal with the rank 6 beasts."

Yun Feiyang looked at the two of them, "You mean we are actually confident that we can obtain a top-grade blood lotus?"

Leng Mufeng said, "I'm afraid it won't be that simple. Let's go back to our room first and act accordingly tomorrow."

On the second day, the three of them entered the Demonic Beast Forest on foot. The three of them stayed far away, and before they understood what was going on, they decided to hide their cultivation bases as much as possible.

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