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C3 Desperate Heaven and Earth

Surprisingly, it was Leng Mufeng, Tulu, and Old He. They leaned over to take a closer look, shook their heads and said, "No, I've never seen these two before."

"Take a good look," said the old man. "You've missed something important to Grandpa Meng. I'll break your dog legs." The pale-faced young man said aggressively.

Patriarch He cursed in his heart: Pui! In terms of seniority, you should call me Uncle. Picking up the two portraits and carefully examining them, Old He said, "I will remember it. If we meet, I will definitely report it to Master Meng."

After the young man and the four warriors behind him heard this, they laughed. The young man said: "Who said Old He is so stubborn. Remember, if you run into these two people, tell them to Lord Meng. " With that, he put away the portrait and left.

Inside, Leng Mufeng and Tulu looked at each other, thinking that they were lucky. He didn't expect that Zhou Bu would send someone to chase him here. He just didn't remember that he had a young master surnamed Meng under his command.

After a while, when the young man had gone far away, the two of them came out. Leng Mufeng looked at Old Sixth He meaningfully, cupped his hands, and said, "Thank you!"

However, it was as if nothing had happened. He was completely engrossed in cleaning his own counter. "What are you thanking me for? Just now, he was the eldest son of the Meng Family. I don't know who offended him, but he's looking all over the street."

"So that's how it is!" Leng Mufeng said. Old He pretended to be confused and was about to leave with Tulu.

At this time, He Lao Liu spoke up from behind him, "There are two young men who have come to the Ruifu Inn in the middle of the street. They seem to have come from the Divine Capital and want to capture someone."

"Many thanks!" Leng Mufeng and Tulu left the tailor shop and looked at the center of the street from afar. They saw two tall ponies tied up there.

The two of them avoided the main road, walked through the streets, and slipped out of the county town. The two of them avoided the main road, walked through the main street, and slipped out of the town.

Not long after, the heart-wrenching screams of a young girl came from inside. Tulu instantly became infuriated: "Damn it, this bastard dares to forcefully snatch a commoner in broad daylight! "Crown Prince, give me a big machete, I'll go chop this beast up."

Leng Mufeng's face was sullen. If the two of them went over to stop him, his identity would definitely be revealed. But if they didn't, could it be that they could just watch the tragedy unfold right under their noses?

After a short pause, he said to Tulu, "Kill them." As he spoke, he took out his machete and handed it over to Tulu.

"Yes, Crown Prince." Tulu took the machete and suddenly hesitated a little: "Why don't you wait for me outside the city first, I'll kill these bastards and meet up with you outside the city."

Leng Mufeng shook his head and said, "I will go with you. From today onwards, we will fight for it together, whether it is fortune or misfortune."

Tulu stared at Leng Mufeng and said, "As expected, it's my crown prince. The viciousness in your heart when you were young has returned."

The two of them quickly arrived outside the yard. The girl's crying voice was hoarse as she begged. Young Master Meng's lewd laughter was unrestrained. The nearby houses were all closed; no one dared to come out.

Tulu couldn't control the anger in his heart and shouted: "Stop!" They rushed into the courtyard.

Leng Mufeng took out a treasure sword that was wrapped in purple light from the Dragon Ring and casually walked in.

In the middle of the yard, young master Meng was riding a 17-18 year old girl. The girl's clothes were all torn up, revealing a large part of her snow-white skin.

First Young Master Meng was stunned as he looked at Tulu. When he saw Leng Mufeng walking in, his face lit up in surprise.

"Soul Artifact!" Looking at the magic treasure in Leng Mufeng's hand, the young master Meng jumped up from the girl's body.

The four warriors who were surrounding to watch the show had already taken out their magical equipment and surrounded Tulu. When they saw the Soul Artifact in Leng Mufeng's hands, their faces changed drastically and they retreated backwards.

"Idiot, this trash is only a Level 1 Warrior. Leave Crown Prince to me when you deal with that big guy." First Young Master Meng recognized the two of them, and his eyes revealed a look of wild joy. They were truly broken iron shoes that couldn't be found anywhere, and it didn't take much effort to get them, and there was even one Soul Artifact.

First Young Master Meng pulled out the sword from his waist and stabbed it toward Leng Mufeng. Although his sword was a Spirit Treasure, it was already a Level 9 Warrior and was much stronger than Leng Mufeng. Therefore, he was not afraid.

Leng Mufeng circulated his spiritual energy around his body as he waved his great sword towards the long sword. Seeing the Soul Artifact shining brightly, the young master Meng swung his sword to the side and didn't dare to fight back.

"Hehe, as expected of a Soul Artifact treasure, actually forcing me to not dare to go against it." The young master Meng's eyes shone with a fiery light.

Leng Mufeng sized him up: "Do you want it? I still have a lot of it."

"Hmm?" The young master Meng was surprised. But before he could say anything, a scream came from beside him. Three of the four Third Rated Warriors had been cut down by Tulu.

Eldest Young Master Meng immediately came to his senses. This Tulu was a Level 3 Martial Master; he was not someone they could deal with.

Even if they couldn't snatch the Soul Artifact, they had to rush out from here. As long as they could call their father over, it would be hard for them to escape even if they had wings.

Leng Mufeng's eyes were clear as he stood motionlessly at the door. When the young master Meng got close, he swung the Soul Artifact at full strength to stop him.

His cultivation was still too low, and the Soul Artifact could not even use 10% of its power. Even so, it was still able to stop young master Meng whose cultivation base was much higher than it.

At this time, another miserable scream was heard. The last warrior was also knocked to the ground by Wu Tie. The Eldest Young Master Meng's expression changed. His figure flashed and jumped ten feet into the air. The treasured sword in his hand emitted a dazzling light as he risked his life to attack Leng Mufeng.

"How dare you!"

Tulu roared and chased after him. His broadsword hacked fiercely, forcing the young lord to return to the yard. The young lord's breath was a mess, his right hand was trembling, and his treasured sword almost fell off.

Even though he was a Peak Martial Disciple and Tulu was a Grade Three Martial Master, it did not seem that far off. However, the difference between their strengths was like the difference between clouds and mud.

Tulu knew he couldn't stay here any longer. His sabre was swinging loudly, forcing the young lord to step back. His face was flushed and he couldn't say anything.

"Clang!" Tulu cut off his treasured sword. He then rushed forward and chopped off the head of young master Meng.

That girl had seen this before, she fainted without a word. Leng Mufeng carried her into the room and came out again.

Tulu said, "Crown Prince, I will move these people to a hidden place to bury them. I don't want to implicate this girl."

Leng Mufeng walked around the body of the young master Meng a few times. He seemed to be thinking about something. "Wouldn't it be a pity to bury it like this?" As he spoke, he bent down and searched his body. He found a piece of jade and put it away.

Leng Mufeng stood up, gave the Soul Artifact in his hands to Tulu, and told him so.

At the Ruifu Inn, two horses full of fat were tied outside the store. They were exceptionally handsome and galloping in the sky. The two young men were sitting in the shop enjoying themselves, and the table was filled with delicacies.

At this moment, a young man whose face was covered in blood suddenly barged in, "Two sirs, my young master has caught the crown prince and Tulu and is currently fighting."

"Where?" The two young men flew over with a flash of light in their eyes as they grabbed the messenger and asked in unison.

"Turn left at the intersection ahead, the third alley." The messenger with a face full of blood pointed to an intersection and said. At the same time, he took out a jade token and handed it to them: "Young master, please hurry over. That Tulu is very powerful."

"We'll stall him. You go and notify the Meng Clan Lord right away. As long as you capture these two people, your clan will enjoy endless wealth and glory!" A young man shouted, and before he could finish, the two of them had already mounted their horses and left in a cloud of dust.

Humph! It was indeed a fighter's cultivation. This messenger was Leng Mufeng in disguise. When he came out of Old Six He's tailor shop, he discovered two Divine Horses and was certain that the two youngsters did not have a cultivation level of Martial Master. This was because Martial Masters could fly, and although they were only several dozen feet tall, they were much more convenient to ride.

However, the ones who came here to issue orders are all Fighters, Zhou Bu actually thinks highly of the two of us. Leng Mufeng laughed at himself as he wiped away the blood on his face and followed silently.

The two young men walked over to where Leng Mufeng was pointing. They saw that young master Meng had already moved his house, and the four guards were also lying in a pool of blood. Their expressions immediately changed.

Before they could react, a purple light flashed, Tulu stabbed forward with his sword. The Soul Artifact level magic treasure was different in Tulu's hand, the aura rose, purple light wrapped around it, a young man was stabbed in the chest before he could react.

The other person was scared out of his wits. He waved the magical equipment in his hand towards Tulu, turned around and ran.

The clouds were as fast as lightning, but Leng Mufeng held onto the other Soul Artifact and blocked his way with a face full of blood before he could run out of the alley.

The young man was anxious and anxious. He took out a whistle from his bosom and threw it into the air. A mournful whistle sounded out, and it was emitting a blood-red light. It was extremely enchanting.

"Damn it!" Tulu cursed and rushed over to cut off his head.

"Crown Prince, leave quickly!" Wu Steel pulled Rising Clouds and urged Leng Mufeng to mount the horse.

Leng Mufeng said, "There's no need to rush. You go and bring the other one to the heavens." As he said this, he walked up to the young man's corpse, cut his finger, and wrote five large words on the ground: Meng Hao helped him escape.

After writing those words, he covered them with his corpse and rode with Tulu to the skies, leaving this place in the dust.

As soon as the two of them left, a middle-aged man and an elder who looked similar to Young Master Meng arrived first. Looking at the miserable scene in the alleyway, the old man almost spat out a mouthful of blood, "Hao'er!"

Before his sorrowful cry could fade away, several figures had already rushed over, flying several tens of meters away from the ground. The person in front was an old man with white hair and a white beard. Looking at the seven corpses on the ground, he couldn't help but frown.

He came to the corpse that had already escaped. Seeing its strange posture, he gently kicked it away with his foot. "Meng Hao helped it escape." Five bright red words appeared in front of him.

The white-haired old man raised an eyebrow, and the middle-aged men behind him also revealed angry expressions. "Clang!" After a series of clangs, they all pulled out their magic treasures.

The old man waved his hand, "Kill them all!"

Poor Meng Clan's Patriarch and his men. Before they could even react to what was happening, they were chopped into mincemeat. This was not all, the few middle-aged men then rushed into the Meng Residence. All 137 members of the mansion were slaughtered, regardless of whether they were old or young.

The white-haired old man said to a middle-aged man behind him, "Zhou Qi, inform the Young Master to find traces of Gu Feng and Tulu in Meng County."

"Yes, uncle clan!" Zhou Qi agreed and took out a palm-sized Level 3 demon beast, the Cloud-Winged Bird. The entire body of the bird was snow-white, and only its eyes were golden. Due to its extraordinary flying speed, it had entered the rank of a third level demonic beast.

Zhou Qi wrote the message on a piece of white cloth and tied it up. Then, he threw the bird into the air and in the blink of an eye, the bird disappeared into the horizon like an arrow that had left the bow.

"Chase!" The white-haired old man roared and led several people into the air, chasing after Leng Mufeng and Tulu.

Leng Mufeng rode up to the sky and felt as if he was riding a cloud. Trees and rivers quickly disappeared behind him.

"Haha, with Rushing Clouds, we can reach the Canglong Empire border in at most a month." Leng Mufeng laughed.

There were a total of three empires in the Ancient Martial Continent, and the Ancient Martial Empire was located in the northwest direction of the continent. The Canglong Empire was located in the southwest direction of the continent and the other empire was located in the east side of the continent.

In the Ancient Martial Empire, to the north, west and south of the Canglong Empire, were the incomparably vast Demonic Beast Forest. To the east of the Shenji Empire was the boundless ocean.

Leng Mufeng and Leng Mufeng had been fleeing towards the southwest. They were obviously planning to hide inside the Canglong Empire realm because the Canglong Empire was taking advantage of the Ancient Wu Empire's internal chaos to attack the city at the border.

The two of them had only run for less than ten days when they noticed an expert chasing after them. They were forced to leave the main road, choosing a mountain path to escape on.

Rushing Clouds was truly worthy of being called a spirit foal with the bloodline of a Demonic Beast. It traversed over mountains and mountains as if it was walking on flat ground. The wind was whizzing and the lightning was moving fast. Its speed did not decrease at all.

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