Martial God Prince/C4 Suspected Corpse Retreating Soldiers
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Martial God Prince/C4 Suspected Corpse Retreating Soldiers
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C4 Suspected Corpse Retreating Soldiers

The two of them relied on the soaring clouds to escape for over two months, and finally arrived at the border of the Ancient Martial Empire. At this time, the Ancient Martial Empire and Canglong Empire were at war, and it was extremely chaotic.

Arriving at a mountain hollow, they saw thick smoke billowing in front and a sky shaking from the crying. Leng Mufeng and Tulu exchanged a glance and dashed into the sky.

Tens of strong men, elderly men, and children lay in pools of blood. The remaining ten men were covered in wounds, and they were wielding wooden sticks as they fought against more than twenty elite soldiers in blue armor. More than ten women, stripped naked, were pinned to the ground.

With a loud shout, Wu Tie flew over and hacked the machete in his hand continuously, instantly hacking the three soldiers into two. Leng Mufeng rushed up to the sky and waved his sword to cut off the head of a soldier who was still lying on a woman's body.

The rest of the people were shocked and quickly surrounded him. "Who is it? Who dares to obstruct the Feral Wolf Regiment from catching the spies?" A leader shouted in a pretentious manner.

This leader was only a Third Order Warrior, and the soldiers under his command were all powerful mortals. Seeing that they were no match for Tulu, he used the name of the Wolf Regiment to scare them off.

"Wild Wolf Regiment?" Where is Tian Youyu? " Leng Mufeng asked coldly.

"You know the regimental commander?" When the leader saw Leng Mufeng's extraordinary temperament and haughty attitude, he immediately asked cautiously.

"Humph!" "I don't know him." Leng Mufeng snorted lightly and gave Tulu a meaningful glance. Wu Tie burst out, swung his machete again and again towards that warrior.

The warrior was still listening to Leng Mufeng's words. He brandished his treasured saber in a hurry to block. However, he was only able to endure for a few rounds before he was cut into two by Tulu.

"There is also the irreconcilable hatred." Leng Mufeng slowly said after that person fell to the ground.

With a "plop," that warrior died with grievance, falling to the ground. The rest of the soldiers howled and ran in all directions. Tulu and Leng Mufeng caught up to them and killed them one by one.

The survivors all knelt to the two of them. Leng Mufeng said, "Quickly run away from the border. The farther the better."

The refugees left in gratitude. Leng Mufeng was stunned as he looked at the tragedy on the ground.

Tulu brought Rushing Clouds and urged: "Crown Prince, it's almost time for Canglong Empire. Let's go quickly, we'll be able to shake off our pursuers soon."

"Can we really shake them off? Even if we hide in Canglong Empire, Zhou Bu will still send people to chase us down."

"That's better than being here. He wouldn't dare to be so brazen."

"Is it so hard for us to run away like this? How can we still have the chance to train like this?"

After Leng Mufeng said this, he started rummaging through the pile of corpses. Tulu didn't know what he was going to do and hurriedly followed.

"You dig a hole as wide as your machete, longer and deeper." Leng Mufeng ordered without turning his head.

"Yes, Crown Prince!" Although he didn't understand Leng Mufeng's intention, Tulu still found a place to dig seriously.

When he finished digging, Leng Mufeng walked over with a corpse in his arms.

After throwing the corpse into the hole, Leng Mufeng said in a low voice, "Sorry." He picked up a steel knife and hacked the corpse into pieces.

Tulu understood Leng Mufeng's intention and said, "This way, it can't be hidden from Zhou Bu."

Leng Mufeng took off the Dragon Ring, jumped into the hole and put it on the dead person's ring finger: "What about it?"

"Crown Prince, this is our last hope, you can't …" Tulu was shocked and hurriedly jumped into the pit to stop Leng Mufeng.

Leng Mufeng interrupted him as if he had returned to his original cold and aloof expression, "Only by doing this can we fool Zhou Bu."

Tulu stared at Leng Mufeng blankly. Suddenly, his eyes reddened. "It's all because of Tulu's incompetence. He failed to protect the crown prince."

Leng Mufeng comforted him, "One day, I will make Zhou Bu repay the debt double. Also, I will bury your machete here."

Tulu nodded. Leng Mufeng opened the Dragon Ring and took out several hundred taels of gold and several hundred taels of silver. With regards to Soul Artifact, Spirit Stone, and Pills, they turned a blind eye to it. They pulled Tulu and jumped out, quickly burying the pit.

A day later, the old man with white hair and several middle-aged men arrived and carefully examined the leader's body. A middle-aged man said with joy, "It was killed by Tulu's machete."

At this time, the others also shouted, "This was also killed by Tulu."

"Here too."

"This one is the same."

Zhou Qi, who was standing behind the old man, frowned and whispered, "Could it be a trick? How can they fight against injustice in a situation like this?" "Looking at the scene, it's clear that a group of scattered soldiers of the Wild Wolf Regiment was bullying the refugees, and were caught red-handed by them."

The white-haired old man smiled: "You don't understand Tulu. This man hates evil like hatred, he would not sit idly by. As for Gu Feng, hehe, in this kind of situation, he would still make his move. "

"Uncle-master has made his decision." Zhou Qi said and then stopped talking.

"Search carefully, expand the range!" The white-haired old man shouted.

A few middle-aged men responded and expanded the search range. Suddenly, a middle-aged man noticed the horse hooves on the ground and shouted: "There are horse hooves in the sky. It seems they didn't try to get away."

The old man's face lit up with joy as he rushed over and carefully examined the place. Before he could say anything, another middle-aged man suddenly shouted, "Come here, quickly! We've found a hole!"

"Crap!" A light flashed in the old man's eyes as he flew over, "Hurry and dig!"

A few middle-aged men used both hands and feet to dig out a corpse and Tulu's machete.

"This, this is Tulu's machete!"

"Why does this corpse look so much like an ancient wind, could it be …"

The middle-aged men were all shocked. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. Could it be that Gu Feng, who they had been chasing for months, had just died like this?

"Looking at the wound, he died in the hands of the scattered soldiers, but his appearance was completely different. I can't tell if it was Gu Feng or not." Zhou Qi jumped into the hole and observed carefully. Suddenly, his eyes fell on the corpse's ring finger, "Dragon Ring!" Zhou Qi exclaimed, he pulled the Dragon Ring off and gave it to the old man.

The old man observed for a while, then let out a sigh of relief: "It's the Dragon Ring! Seeing that Gu Feng was killed by the scattered soldiers, Tulu was furious and killed all the scattered soldiers, but he was also disheartened and left after burying his treasured blade with Gu Feng. "

A middle-aged man said: "If it really is a Dragon Ring, then this person is Gu Feng without a doubt."

"Zhou Qi, immediately report to the Young Master that thirty kilometers east of Wuyang County has been found a suspected Gu Feng's corpse and Dragon Ring." The old man ordered.

"Yes, uncle." Zhou Qi replied. Not long later, a bird flew up and disappeared in the air.

"We will wait here for news of young master!"

After finally getting rid of Leng Mufeng who was chasing after them, Tulu was currently in the Wuyang County. Both of them were not in a good mood after returning to before the liberation.

"Find an inn and have a good meal. Celebrate the loss of your pursuers." Leng Mufeng was the first to break the oppressive atmosphere.

"There are so many refugees here, how can there be any delicious food here. Besides, there are no magical equipment here, so you should save the silver for two magical equipment to protect yourself."

"Come with me." Leng Mufeng pulled Tulu to an inn. The outside of the inn was packed with refugees, but there were very few guests inside.

A waiter with diligent hands and feet came up to them, "Are you two here to eat or to stay for the night?"

"Eat, what are your restaurant's signature dishes?"

"Braised Bear Palm, Steamed Bass Fish." After pausing for a moment, he suddenly said, "Today, the shopkeeper received a Grade 1 Demonic Beast, the Pangolin. If you two sirs like it, you can also stew it."

"Pangolin?" Leng Mufeng was stunned for a moment. He had heard about demon beasts before, but he had yet to see one. "Bring me there."

Arriving at the kitchen in the backyard, a fat head and big ears chef was sharpening a steel knife. Beside him was a three foot long pangolin, which was tied to the chopping board on its back. Its thick, short limbs were tied to four corners of the chopping board with ropes.

When the pangolin saw Leng Mufeng walk in, it stared at him with its little black eyes. "Zhizhi" it screamed as if it was begging him to come.

[Man is the blade and I am the meat of a fish!] Leng Mufeng let out a sigh. Wasn't he in the same situation as it?

"How much silver does this pangolin cost?"

"I stewed ten taels of silver."

"You don't want to stew?"

"Uh, if Uncle buys him away, it'll be six taels of silver."

"Four taels of silver and one rank 1 demonic beast … I'll stew it myself in two days."

"Sir, do you want to order more dishes?"

"Braised Bear Palm, Steamed Bass Fish, one serving of the dishes your family specializes in."

"Alright!" The waiter quickly agreed and urged the chef to prepare the food. He cut off the rope with his knife and gave the pangolin to Leng Mufeng.

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