Martial God Prince/C9 Berserk Lion
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Martial God Prince/C9 Berserk Lion
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C9 Berserk Lion

Leng Mufeng used all of his strength to punch Wu Tie, knocking him to the ground. He held his belly with both of his hands and curled him into a shrimp shape. He moaned for a long time and was unable to stand up.

Glancing at the two Wu steelers, Leng Mufeng was about to take off the Universe Ring when suddenly, his figure flashed. The saber-backed Martial King blocked Leng Mufeng's path: "The Universe Ring is not something you can wear."

Huo Ling'er who was at the side clapped her hands and ridiculed: "As expected of Lingyun Sect, this is the way your Lingyun Sect has always been, right?"

The two Martial King's face turned red, they could not afford to offend Huo Ling'er's status, if they went back on their words in front of her, Lingyun Sect would lose all face.

"Miss Huo, don't misunderstand. The Universe Ring is too valuable. If he, a rogue cultivator, wants it, he might get into trouble."

"Tsk, tsk, Elder Pei is indeed eloquent. Then, according to you, my promise is still not as good as the Universe Ring. I wonder if I can compare to this Crimson-flame Sword? " Huo Ling'er was also tricky and purposely posed a difficult question.

Elder Pei, who was carrying a saber on his back, looked at Martial King. Even though their Lingyun Sect was that of a large sect, they did not have that many immortal equipment that they could casually give to others.

Leng Mufeng, Tulu didn't say anything after hearing the three words "Lingyun Sect". Lingyun Sect was one of the three great sects of the Canglong Empire, and was equally famous with Tianyuan Temple and Goddess Peak.

"What did Elder Zhang think?" Seeing the other Martial King not making a sound, Huo Ling'er insisted.

Miss Huo is joking. Even the Universe Ring is not as important as your promise. Didn't old man Pei just say that we are mainly worried about causing trouble for this young brother. However, Crimson-flame Sword s can be used to defend themselves, so it's naturally alright. " Elder Zhang, who was carrying a sword, spoke as if he was all thinking for Leng Mufeng's sake.

Hypocrite! Leng Mufeng felt disdain in his heart, at this time, Elder Zhang said to Yue Pengfei: "Fei'Er, take out the Crimson-flame Sword and give it to this young hero."

Yue Pengfei glared at Leng Mufeng viciously. Not only was he embarrassed in front of Huo Ling'er, he was even going to give Leng Mufeng his precious magical equipment.

"Fei'er, how could a bunch of Crimson-flame Sword compare to Miss Huo's promise? Quickly get up, what a waste of time!" Seeing Yue Pengfei sprawled on the ground without moving for a long time, Elder Zhang could not help but complain, "Isn't this embarrassing enough?"

Yue Pengfei climbed up unwillingly, took out the Crimson-flame Sword and threw it heavily at Leng Mufeng: "Take it, be careful not to get taken away by others, then you will lose your life."

"Thank you so much for your concern, Young Master Yue." Leng Mufeng laughed, took the Crimson-flame Sword and led Tulu out.

What a joke, looking at Yue Pengfei's expression, he was afraid that Yue Pengfei would find him at any moment to take revenge.

Although Tulu was upright, he was not stupid. Holding onto the pangolin, he pulled Leng Mufeng and slipped out of the Wuyang County, turning and turning in the Demonic Beast Forest.

Huo Ling'er felt that she was inferior to Leng Mufeng in running away after getting the benefit, but she understood his worry. She said to Yue Pengfei with a smile, "Don't be discouraged, Young Master Yue. Next time, find him for a competition, and win the Crimson-flame Sword back."

"Pu" Yue Pengfei was so angry that he vomited a mouthful of blood. Huo Ling'er was clearly rubbing salt on her wound, but there was nothing he could do about it.

"I wonder when Miss Huo will return. We'll travel together, so that we can take care of each other." Elder Zhang saw the situation and said. He couldn't let Huo Ling'er and Yue Pengfei speak again, otherwise, this Young Master would definitely be angered to death.

"It wasn't easy to get out. I'll play for a few days before I head back." Presumably, Leng Mufeng had already run far away, Huo Ling'er said: "If you guys have anything to do, then take Young Master Yue and go back first, pay my respects to Uncle Yue." With that, Huo Ling'er ran off like a wisp of smoke.

Leng Mufeng never dreamt that he would get a celestial item. He grinned for a few days until he returned to the cave he was hiding in, and still "Tsk!" "Tsk!" He kept praising, "Young Master Yue is probably going to vomit blood. A celestial item! We actually got our hands on an immortal equipment! "

Tulu was extremely depressed. He held his Phantom Head Knife and asked, "When are you going to get me a better one?"

Leng Mufeng comforted him: "Now Yue Pengfei will definitely be looking for us everywhere. Later, after the limelight has passed, I will bring you to the Sanshan County and change your blade even if you go bankrupt."

"That's more like it. You should have brought that old man's saber over as well."

"You really dare to open your mouth? That's Martial King! If it wasn't for that girl, we wouldn't even have gotten a fart today and we might even have lost our lives."

"If you don't hook up with that little girl, how would you lose your life?"


Leng Mufeng was rendered speechless by Tulu. How could he have known that a single glance at Huo Ling'er would cause such a huge trouble? "Alright, let's go deeper into Demonic Beast Forest. This time, I'll be in front."

Leng Mufeng led the way with the Crimson-flame Sword, while Tulu followed behind with the ghost head knife and a beast skin bag on his back.

He did not care about the Green Wind Wolf anymore. He was confident that he could find a Rank 4 Demonic Beast. After travelling for three days, they finally encountered a ten feet tall lion whose fur was all like fire.

"Wild Fire Lion is a top rank 4 beast. Usually, only Martial Master is able to deal with it. Let's avoid it first." Tulu was a little worried about Leng Mufeng. Although he had improved a lot recently, the difference in strength was too big.

"Let's give it a try," Leng Mufeng said in a soft voice, but his eyes were filled with fervor. "The situation will not be right later, so you should take the pangolin and run first."

Circulating the spiritual energy in his body once through, Leng Mufeng waved his Crimson-flame Sword and slashed at the berserk fire lion.

Other than "Returning to the Sect with Myriad Sources", Leng Mufeng did not know any other arts. The previous Crown Prince could not improve his cultivation, so he did not have any arts to cultivate. This led to Leng Mufeng only knowing how to slash, hack and stab with a celestial item.

Tulu, who was watching from the side, could only grin. He felt wronged for the Crimson-flame Sword.

The berserk lion roared, shaking the trees and pouncing towards Leng Mufeng to bite him.

Leng Mufeng channeled his mana into the Crimson-flame Sword and a foot-long flame lit up, slicing towards the berserk lion's neck.

"Roar!" The Wild Fire Lion shook its head to avoid the Crimson-flame Sword, and its huge body charged towards Leng Mufeng, as fast as lightning. Leng Mufeng couldn't dodge in time and was knocked back several steps, the blood in his body was churning.

As expected, a level four demon beast was not something he could handle. Leng Mufeng sighed secretly. At this time, the berserk fire lion took advantage of the momentum and jumped towards Leng Mufeng.

Leng Mufeng shook his Crimson-flame Sword and pierced towards the berserk lion's throat. At the same time, he shouted: "Pangolin!"

Leng Mufeng stretched out his left hand and picked it up. The pangolin quickly bunched up into a circle, wrapping its head, limbs, and tail inside. The hard scales on the outside looked like a giant iron ball hanging on Leng Mufeng's hand.

The berserk lion waved its palm towards the Crimson-flame Sword, but unexpectedly, a foot long flame suddenly ignited, forcing it to turn its head to dodge. Taking the chance, Leng Mufeng's left hand used his iron fist to smash ruthlessly on its soft abdomen.

With a "peng" sound, the Wild Fire Lion screamed and flew backwards, directly smashing a bowl-sized tree.

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