She said in a teary voice, "Big Brother is really cruel. I clearly helped him fight with Ye Mei, but he hurt me. Madame, Sheng Yan feels really wronged."

In reality, their bones weren't as exposed as they were. Could it be that Sheng Yan wanted to directly say that she saw two people in the backyard, then was chased into the flower bushes in the garden with just that one look. She could easily find any of these kinds of injuries.

"Say it clearly, what fight?"

Sheng Yan pursed her lips and twitched her nose, "Seeing big brother and Ye Mei stripping and fighting, I wanted to help separate them, but who knows that big brother would not recognize my kindness and beat me up? Madame, how could I do wrong?"

With his cute acting skills, Sheng Yan opened his eyes wide, looking extremely watery, causing people to feel pity for him.

Although this matter was not said explicitly, Ye Mei was Sheng Yi Qiu's maid and Sheng Yun Kun was his own son. Does this Fu Yun Xian want to harm her own son?

After all, this family was still Fu Yun Xian's responsibility, so Ye Mei quickly knelt down with a face full of grief: "Madame, don't listen to Fifth Miss's one-sided words, it was clearly just a moment ago that she and a man went back on their words, and now she wants to frame this servant, this servant is wrongly accused."

Fu Yun Xian glared at Ye Mei viciously, but looking at the furious Aunt Liu from the corner of her eyes, she didn't want to start a fight with this lowly woman right now either.

"Small Five, did you see it clearly?"

Sheng Yan looked at Ye Mei timidly, but her eyes became determined, "That's right, Madame, Small Five sees everything very clearly."

Ye Mei's face instantly paled as she suddenly said: "Madame, as long as we find someone to inspect Fifth Miss's body, they'll know whether she has lost her body or not. It will also prove that this servant is not lying."

Sheng Yan pouted her small mouth, "Obviously it was I who found out about you first, but you had to let me inspect your body first."

With a "kuang dang" sound, the closed door was pushed open, and a slender girl dressed in white walked in. Sheng Yan raised her head, and her entire person was stunned.

The person in front of him wasn't that ugly either. It was just that there was a huge black mole on the left side of his forehead, looking intoxicated.

"Mother, Small Five is right. I want to see if this Ye Mei is a girl or not."

When Sheng Yan heard such arrogant words, could it be that this was the legendary big sister-in-law warrior?

"Strip your clothes for me. This young mistress wants to see if you, Ye Mei, are the girl that Small Five was talking about, the one who fought with Eldest Young Master for me."

Hearing Eldest Young Mistress Qing Qian's words, these old servants received a bit of kindness from this tyrannical woman. Thus, some of them brazenly ran towards Ye Mei.

A few of them quickly ripped off Ye Mei's clothes, not caring if Ye Mei struggled or was shouting at all.

Fu Yun Xian saw that the situation in front of him was not right, and anxiously shouted, "Since you want to verify my true body, then Small Five's body has also been inspected."

F * ck, there's no need to bring a foot into this matter...

But seeing that the few old servants had a trace of hesitation, they anxiously asked: "Madame, why must we check the body of the Small Five? If Ye Mei's body is contaminated, it means that the Small Five is not lying, and there is no need to test the body of the Small Five. If there is a man, and only you people are in this room, no one will be able to leave before the door is opened, you all have no evidence, how can you all frame the Small Five like that?"

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