After all, it was Sheng Ming He's 50th birthday today, so there could not be any farce. However, this matter would also disappear the next day, so for Ye Mei, it was a good opportunity to grab onto this life-saving straw.

had already expected this, so he told Qing Qian that Ye Mei would definitely take advantage of today's chaotic situation to complain to Sheng Yun Kun. At that time, Ye Mei would go ahead and do some research in the spices, and no one would discover it afterwards.

Sure enough, in Sheng Yun Kun's study, Ye Mei sneaked in after looking around.

"Eldest Young Master, Eldest Young Master."

Sheng Yun Kun felt that someone was shaking him in his dreams and when he opened his eyes, it was Ye Mei.

"Ye Mei, why are you here?"

With that, Sheng Yun Kun embraced Ye Mei's body into his embrace, and a pair of large hands started to become disorderly.

"Don't be like this, Eldest Young Master, actually I have something to do ?"

Before Ye Mei could finish her sentence, Sheng Yun Kun had already sealed her mouth like an impatient wild wolf. Seeing Ye Mei's constantly twisting body, Sheng Yun Kun did not have much of a guard, and directly undid the buttons on Ye Mei's clothes.

"You missed me so much. If it wasn't for that fool's bad deeds during the day, I would have let you have enough."

Actually, at this time, Ye Mei also knew that it was most important to please this man in front of him, thus, she shamelessly reached out to grab Sheng Yun Kun's clothes.

Just then, Sheng Yun Kun was about to kick open the door. Bang!

"Ah, Eldest Young Mistress ?"

Seeing the person who entered, Ye Mei was so frightened that he rolled down from Sheng Yun Kun's body and knelt on the ground.

"Damn Ye Mei, you actually dared to use medicine to seduce the young master, and hurt the young master's body. Someone, bring Ye Mei away."

Sheng Yun Kun seemed to not have reacted to the scene in front of him. After all, Qing Qian rarely came to the study room, and if things suddenly got worse, she wouldn't be used to it. Soon enough, a maid found the medicine in the censer, leaving everyone speechless.

"Um, Madame, listen to me."

Don't say anymore, I know that I cannot bear to bear your child, you are anxious, but this servant girl is a servant, I chose two beauties for you, a servant girl is a member of the Madame, aren't you playing with fire?

Sheng Yun Kun swallowed his saliva, he did not dare make a sound, his body had also become weak from the shock, and he anxiously said: "Madame, I will not accept anyone as my concubine, believe me."

"Un, if you really like Ye Mei, I'll be like father and ?"

"No, this slut actually said she was pregnant. Hmph, how does she look like she's pregnant? It's fine if she doesn't want it, but it would be a disaster to keep it, so she sold it."

Qing Qian's mouth formed a smile, and everything went according to Sheng Yan's instructions.

At noon the next day, Sheng Yan saw that Qing Qian was dressed in red clothes, and her complexion looked even better.

"Seeing how my sister-in-law is acting, I guess the matter has already been settled."

Qing Qian nodded his head, "I did as you said, but as for what to do next, Madame will not let this go."

Sheng Yan said with a faint smile. The two of them walked in the rear flower garden and saw that the spring colors that filled the garden could not cover up the malicious intent that was harnessing inside.

"Although Ye Mei's matter wasn't big, don't you think that Father doesn't know about it? If news of Mother's misdeeds were to spread to Father, what would happen?"

"Good idea."

"That's not enough." Actually, Sheng Yan didn't have any other intentions, but seeing this group of women who were eyeing him covetously, if she didn't have a backer, then all of the privileges she would receive would just flash in the pan.

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