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"Well I see you've decided to go on black. Hmmm..... How about we make your shoes sliver?? To match with the hair and just a tinge of makeup??". Natashe was so creative and her ideas were fantastic. I didn't blame her. She was not a model for nothing.

"Do as you wish with me your Highness". I joked as I set at facing the bedroom mirror. Natashe took out her materials and started then she braided my hair, placed some shiny pins on it and went to my closet.

She looked like she was searching for something till her eyes landed on a pair of silver heel boots. Her face lit up and I just smiled and slipped them on. I turned to the mirror and I just had to say it.

I LOOKED STUNNING..!!!! Natashe nodded satisfactorily to herself and then packed up her things.

"Thank you so much Natashe. I don't know what I'd do without you. You're amazing". She chuckled then answered.

"Don't worry baby girl and err call me Sia. We're so close now. It's fair you call me that. I smiled in reply and decided to myself" sure why not?? ".

We went down, locked up and got into the car. It was already a little bit after 9. So we stopped by at Kayla's place. She was at the porch all dressed up and ready to go. She took one look at me and whistled.

" Looking good baby girl. For your tryouts, you're so gonna knock em dead". Oh well yesterday Natashe said that I had to do some tryouts and do them excellently for me to get my position solidified. It was a bit of a hassle and I did not have time to practice due to the stress yesterday but Natashe and my sis promised to help.


I felt a bit nervous as Natashe pulled up in front of her company. She looked at me with a smile and handed me a black mask with silver edging. Just what I needed. I did not want to reveal my identity to the world just yet. As we stepped out, a woman from another car pulled over as well and joined us as well. She smiled warmly at Natashe them looked at me. Looks like she had some business with me or something.

We all walked into the building and I felt so nervous. Well it was my first time being amongst such beautiful and powerful people. We walked by with out masks and were about to get into the elevator when a lady came right into my line of sight and I accidentally stepped on her. She looked at me with a smirk and like she was going to pop at that moment. Uh oh.... Had I been so unlucky this moment to run into one of the dramatic types??

"Oh my goodness. Who are you bitch. How dare you step on my black Louboutins?? They look so dirty now and I can't use them for my shoot". I watched her as she tears gathered in her eyes. Ok I knew this type. She won't let me be till I had paid for those shoes. Sigh...!!! I really unlucky this morning. I hated such kind of stupid and dramatic people. "Urrrgh"...

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