Beautiful But Icy!/C4 A Boy Named Kaan
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Beautiful But Icy!/C4 A Boy Named Kaan
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C4 A Boy Named Kaan

They didn’t have any kin besides each other. They had actually, but when their father and mother married to each other without consent of their parents and family elders, they disown their children, his father and mother. So, they basically had broken all their family ties.

When the lawyer said that their kin didn’t accept adoption of them, he flew in rage. He didn’t care for himself, but they should have taken care of his sister at least. When he is away from home, what would she do? She didn’t know any laundry or cooking. She still needed someone to take care of her. She was still 14 years old and was still a little child in his eyes.

The lawyer proposed admitting to Social Services and Child Protection Agency, but he refused. He could take care of himself and his sister, even if it would be hard. He knew what was going on in these kinds of agency and institution from documentaries.

He didn’t want his and sister’s freedom restricted, so he flatly and directly refused. At least they had home and their parents’ saving could be enough for their 2 years of living. Besides, government also would give them some money, so he didn’t believe there would be any problem for their living. But how can life be so simple?

After one year, all the money their parents left behind had spent. Utility bills, kitchen and school expenses, monthly fees for his and sister’s transportation smart ticket… Everything combined meant a lot of money. The money that the government gave them was pitifully few.

Even though they tried to save money by not using electricity, water and gas much, they still couldn’t raise enough money to pay the bills. They tried to reduce the meals they ate everyday but to no avail. These were not the permanent solutions. He sought help from the government again for the rise of their financial aid, but the woman from the social services agency told him that the given money every month is fixed, and this protocol can’t be changed.

She even suggested to register Child Protection Agency if they can’t hold on anymore, for their meals and school fees would be free. Well, this was not a suggestion in fact. It was a threat. She was basically telling that ‘If you don’t want to come over here then shut up!’

When he realized that there is no more solution left, he decided to find a part time job. First three months, he changed 2 jobs. Even though they were part time jobs, with the school and chores at home, he couldn’t endure constant hard labor anymore and decided to quit. It was fine if it was just hard work actually, but there was even bullying in the workplaces he had been. Because he was junior and younger than other workers, they constantly increased his work shift.

His third job was good in fact, it wasn’t that hard, and the payment was also good and more importantly, they were just two people in this job. An old man and himself. The old man was alone at first and was looking for one more person to share his workload because he became old and couldn’t keep up with demands anymore, so, he hired him.

The job was rather simple, in the evening, after school, he would go to the dock at the Kadıkoy shore and clean up the private yachts. It was not about maintenance or repair of yachts, it was just wiping the deck, cleaning the rooms and taking care of garbage they left behind. It was rather simple and was taking his only 2 hours at most. Employers would give them large amounts of tips daily compared to the other jobs he had been.

When he was at the third year of high school and thought everything is doing well and right on track, his sister shut herself in her room and dropped the school. It was her first year of high school and only 3 weeks passed from starting of first semester.

He asked her why she is not going to school anymore and why she didn’t see him for two days, she didn’t say anything and hide herself in her blanket. He went to her school and asked her class teacher whether she knows anything or not, but her teacher said she didn’t know and never heard anything about it. However, when he was talking with her teacher, he realized that her eyes were shifting, and she looked rather panicky.

Left no other choice, he went to her classmates and ask around a bit and soon found the reason. A week ago, a popular handsome guy from soccer club confessed to his sister. Though she didn’t accept it, the fan girls of the boy started to trouble and bully her.

No matter how she explained, the boy’s admirers didn’t believe her because of their jealousy and keep bullying her. She was so fed up that she couldn’t endure it anymore, so she went to his class teacher. She explained the situation to her teacher, but she didn’t do anything and even avoid her whenever she tried to start a conversation.

Her classmates knew the reason very well though. The girls who bullied his sister so much that even the principal couldn’t do anything, especially three girls, three heads of the boy’s fan club. Their background was deep, and they didn’t even care for school warnings. Because behind them was their papa’s backing, they didn’t give a damn about teachers.

Left no other choice, she kept enduring silently and didn’t even respond the girls constant mocking. However, 2 days ago, after the end of the school, the three girls with some background dragged her to a silent valley and beat her up.

When he heard that his sister beaten up, he flew in rage and rushed back to home. When he forcefully lifted the blanket and saw his sister’s bruised and purple face, he felt like a knife stabbed to his hearth. He grabbed a cap, a sunglasses and scarf and went back to school entrance.

He hid his face and wait for the three girls to come out from the school. He knew that they had some backing, so, in order to not get caught, he hid his face. When the three girls came out from the school, he silently tracked them until he dragged them to the same silent valley. He beat them up so much that, after girls woke up in the hospital, they didn’t even have a single tooth remained in their mouth.

When he told his sister the news, she didn’t have any reaction of being happy at all. She rather looked worriedly to him. He knew that his sister was afraid of him getting in trouble, so he told her that it will be fine, and she should go to school without worries. But she didn’t and stayed at home.

He realized that this incident traumatized his sister and made her shut herself from the outside world. He told her sister to not think about this incident and she shouldn’t cower away in front of these kinds of problems, but she didn’t listen and kept surfing on the internet.

He didn’t know what he did to deserve this kind of thing but, like a joke from the havens, 3 weeks after his sister’s incident, he too get bullied.

It wasn’t in the school but in the way to home from work. Some street hooligans extorted him for money and beat him up. When he reported it to the police, they said there wasn’t any surveillance so they can’t proceed. He cursed to their ancestors but there was nothing he could do, so, he swallowed the loss of his money.

However, after a week, same hooligans found him and extorted him again. He tried to fight back but he couldn’t beat up so many of them, not to mention they carried knives. This extortion never stopped, and he couldn’t find any solution. He tried to change the roads he went for home but like they put a GPS on him, they would find him in anywhere every exact hour and extort him again.

Slowly, he too became an introvert and spiritless man. Only then he started to understand his sister’s home sickness. He too wanted to shut himself home and didn’t want to go to school or work, but he didn’t have any choice. He had to earn a living for both himself and his sister. He had to go to a university and have a good job for a high regular salary. He had to take care of his sister and prepare for their future. That’s why, no matter how much he beaten up, he gritted his teeth and went to same work.

At some point, when he realized that there is no way of avoiding extortion, in order to not get beaten up, he willingly gave the money. But this was also not a solution because he basically working for hooligans. After every extortion, there would be no money left for him. However, he also found a solution for this, a solution that maybe the most humiliating thing for a man.

After every paycheck, he kept two thirds of the money on him and stuff rest of the money in his butthole! Even though he cried every time he did this because of humiliation, he saved some of the money at least. Hooligans beat him up again for the decrease of money, but they couldn’t find any more money on him, so they let him off the hook.

After graduation of high school, he didn’t take the university exam and waited one more year to save money for university. After 1 year of working and saving money, he enrolled to Marmara University, Computer Engineering department.

His university days rather stagnant and lacked the vivid and colorful campus atmosphere he imagined. It was basically same with his high school days, attending to classes and after classes, going to work and work, going back to the home as usual. The only difference was now that the schedule of classes and absenteeism was rather flexible.

These days repeated like this for 3 years. It’s not that he didn’t want to socialize with his classmates, join the social clubs, attend to meetings or have a girlfriend but rather, he couldn’t. He didn’t have the luxury to so. Actually, even if he had the luxury, he couldn’t do these, even though he envied this kind of life very much. The life he spent without his parents, had been very hard on him. He had a calm and strong headed personality before, but now, the harsh years of constant struggling made him introvert and sheep.

He was 22-year-old this year and he hadn’t had a single girlfriend in his entire life. Whenever he saw a couple cuddling with each other, he would envy them so much that he started to hate his own life. He also had sexual desires, he also needed to be loved, but these things were rather luxury to him.

There wouldn’t be any free time to spare for a girl if he had one. When he come to the point of hating and questioning his life, he set a goal for himself. No matter how long it takes, in the future or near, he will bang the most beautiful girl he saw in his entire life!

He saw countless beautiful girls that could be the most beautiful girl in his description, but he wasn’t ready for any confession, he didn’t have the guts to confess. Who was he? A nobody with no money and looks. He dressed simply every day; he didn’t have his own style to make him look exceptional. He was tall and skinny due to malnourishment and rather hectic days.

In his opinion, no girl would look at him, so he didn’t try to confess any of the girls he saw meaninglessly. He knew they wouldn’t accept him, so he didn’t even bother to try. But when he has a decent job and become rich in the future, he would fulfill this only wish of his before dying!

But alas… When the days going all the same, he had an accident while working in his part time job. He fell off from the yacht and hit his head to one of the big rocks in the sea. The movie, the memories of Kaan Özkan was cut off at this moment and Long Zhua opened his slightly reddened eyes again…

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