Beautiful But Icy!/C7 Silly Girl
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Beautiful But Icy!/C7 Silly Girl
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C7 Silly Girl


She leaned her body against his chest and wrapped her arms around his neck. Long Zhua also wrapped his arms around his waist and continued to kiss her passionately.

While he continued to kiss her, his hands weren’t idle as they started to remove the top of her scrubs. When he saw her white skin with only a pink bra remained, his breathing quickened and started to kiss her more heavily.

He moved his hands to her back and removed her bra. Looking at the freed wiggling mounds, his mouth went dry.

“Mmh… Yes!”

He parted his lips from hers, and started to kiss her cheek and neck. While he was kissing her, he grabbed her two mounds and started to fondle them. He parted with his neck and kissed her collar bones lightly.

When he moved to her melons and started to kiss her protrusion there. She trembled and her breathing quickened more. Feeling her trembling and her breathing in odd intervals, Long Zhua didn’t stop as he started to suck them and bite them.

“Oh! Yes!”

The nurse spasmed greatly as she came again.

Looking at the blissful nurse who is stroking his head and looking at him with tenderness and affection, Long Zhua overwhelmed with a feeling he never felt before. Is this being in love with someone? He was uncertain.

While he was feeling uncertain, he was also feeling reluctant. He didn’t want to part with the nurse in front of him. Maybe they could be lovers and continue until they got married. They may have children and continue living blissfully every day. However, the reality is harsh as he won’t be able to see her again. His days are numbered and he didn’t know how much time left for him. When he thought about this, he grew more saddened and all the excitement from their actions vanished into thin air.

He lifted the nurse from the top of him and pulled his pajamas back. He grabbed her bras from the floor and started to help her put them on.

“Why?” The nurse asked sadly.

Looking to the nurse who seems sad and lost, he stroked her long dark hair and lightly pecked her lips.

“What is your name?”

“Ela, Ela Demir.” Replied the nurse, Ela dispiritedly.

“Hmm, Ela. A good name indeed. Who gave you this name?”

“My mom. Wait, don’t avoid my question! I’m asking you why you have stopped?!” Asked Ela with a pout on her lips.

Seeing her dissatisfied look, Long Zhua didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He kissed her lips again and answered.

“We can’t continue, you also know why. After I die, who’s going to look after you and our baby?” Asked Long Zhua tenderly.

He could have done her if she just didn’t care about her virginity or if it was already broken but he can’t if she was doing it for his sake. Although she was tempting, he can’t destroy her future. Though she looked the same age as him, she looked more immature compared to her counterparts. She was just pure and a tad bit silly than others. But this silliness turned into cuteness in Long Zhua’s eyes.

“I can look after it! My mom also can help me! You don’t have to worry about this!” She patted her chest and said confidently.

Looking to her determined and confident eyes, Long Zhua didn’t know what to say. After waiting for a while, he hit her forehead with his index finger.

“Ouch! What are you doing?!”

“Silly girl, you are still young. Maybe not now but you will need a man in the future. I can’t taint your purity with just an impulse. Besides, if you have a baby while I’m not by your side, it will be harder than you can imagine.” Said Long Zhua earnestly with a seriousness in his tone.

“You! Bastard! I hate you!” Ela said angrily while raising his hand.

However, when her hand was closing to his left cheek and was about to slap him, she hesitated for a moment and didn’t slap him. She just remembered that he had a brain injury and if she slapped her, his already worse condition might worsen even more.

When she decided to draw her hand back, Long Zhua grabbed it and kissed inside her palm. He put her hand on his cheek and said;

“Silly, you don’t have to be angry this much. You will probably forget me in a week. Just treat me as a passerby in your life and forget me.” Long Zhua said gently.

“Hmph!” She turned her away and didn’t continue to argue with him.

“Alright, I’m going. Farewell, my silly nurse, Ela.” Long Zhua kissed her cheek one last time and decided to go out to smoke.

When he was in front of the door and was about to get out, Ela said quietly;

“I- I won’t forget you, Kaan.”

Long Zhua astonished and his shoulders trembled momentarily as he saddened more. It’s not that he was surprised by what she said, instead, how she addressed him.

“My name is actually… Whatever.”

While Ela was having a confused look on her face, he went out of the room and decided to go to the parking lot.

Long Zhua continued walking until he stopped in front of a window. He opened it and take a look outside.

It was evening now, and the sky was dark. Looking to the outside from this height, he could only see jammed traffic filled with cars and some people walking on the streets.

After looking outside for a while, he closed the window and continue walking to the parking lot.

It was expected actually, he just didn’t get used to it. Hearing someone calling out to him with a different name, he felt odd a little but he didn’t care that much. What he cared the most was that his name was dead. Although he knew that, he couldn’t get used to a new identity immediately. It wasn’t that important anyway. He will be Kaan Özkan for a few days and they both will be dead completely.

After he got to the parking lot, he found it strangely deserted with only two cars. When he looked at one of the columns of the floor, he found on it writing F6. It was probably the last floor, maybe that was why the lot was this empty.

After squatting in front of a wall, he leaned on it and lit his cigarette.

*Cough! Cough!*

He forgot that he was smoking with Kaan’s body. It was his first experience with cigarettes. It wasn’t surprising that he started coughing. Everyone who smoked for the first time couldn’t get used to it immediately, it was the same for Long Zhua too.

After having a couple of drags, he got used to it and started to smoke happily. He forgot how he felt when he first smoked. His head started to spin and he was feeling like he was in clouds.

This nostalgic feeling was good and he was smoking happily until he saw the left door of the parking lot opened.

*Cough! Choke!*

He started to cough not because he choked on his cigarette this time but because his breathing has taken away.

Looking to the stunning and extra-terrestrial beauty in front of him, he forgot to breathe.

Her skin was creamy white and her hair was straight and in jet black color, shining under the lights. Her body resembled a devil’s as her proportions were just too good. Her breast was probably E cup. Her waist was thin but her hips were large and her butt was also perky. Her legs were long and her feet looked awesome in her high heels. She was 1.70m tall approximately without high heels. However, the most important part was not about her body.

When the stunning beauty turned her head to his coughing, Long Zhua felt he has been thunderstruck as he felt electrocuted.

Although her body was devilish, her face was angelic as it stunned Long Zhua for a while.

Her eyes were much better compared to the gems he saw in his entire life. They were in ocean blue as her look was profound and calm. Her brows slightly knitted and her lips were not too much, but plump enough for him to devouring. Her everything was so beautiful and stunning that Long Zhua couldn’t take it anymore and stood up from his squatting position.

He started to walk towards her dazedly and didn’t even realize he was already in front of her. He blocked her from getting inside of her car and said;

“Hey.” Long Zhua opened his dry mouth and called out her.

“What do you want?” The girl asked impatiently as her brows deeply furrowed.

“Why are you so beautiful?” Long Zhua asked stupidly as he didn’t know what to say.

This beauty in front of her was the most beautiful girl he saw in his entire life. He thought ‘Are the Turkish girls always this beautiful?’. But when he remembered that even Kaan hadn’t seen a beauty in her level, he realized the stupidness of his thoughts. Her beauty even made his IQ regress.

“Oh…” The girl said nonchalantly as though she knew he would ask that.

“If you finished asking your questions, can you please move away from my sight? I’m trying to get my car.” The look on her eyes filled with disgust and disdain.

“What do you mean?” Long Zhua knitted her brows and asked.

“I’m telling you to get the hell away from my sight. I hate talking to a man. I’m lesbian, understand? I won’t date you and I don’t use a phone so, I don’t have a phone number or alike. Go away already, you pervert!” Said the girl impatiently and tried to get into her car.

Long Zhua blocked her again and said angrily.

“You said I’m a pervert?! I just complimented you a little and I become a pervert?! Do you think I want to sleep with an arrogant girl like you?! No wonder you are a lesbian, there is no way there’s a man out there who would want to date with you! With your conceited behavior, I even doubt whether you can even find a girl!” This time, Long Zhua said arrogantly and the look in his eyes become one of disgust.

The girl astonished as she never even insulted before. Looking to the disgust and loathing in his eyes, she felt humiliated and trying hard to not cry.

She was so angry that she raised her hand slapped him across his cheek!


The sound of her slap resounded in the parking lot like a bomb dropped and following with a pin drop silence as neither of them spoke.

After slapping him, the girl dumbfounded as she looked at her own hand. This was the first time she hit someone and although she felt her anger started to diminish quickly, it was replaced with guilt. Even though he said harsh words to her, she also said to him and he was right, he was just complimenting her. She thought she was just too impulsive as she couldn’t even control her emotions properly. ‘Why I’m so irritated? Because of my grandma’s health? *Sigh* I shouldn’t go to work for a while, I can’t even make a proper judgment with my current mentality.’

“Hey, I’m sorry. It wasn’t intentional. I couldn’t control myself just now. A while ago, I heard the news of my relative’s health condition is worsening and I was in bad mood. I hope you understand.” The girl said apologetically.

Long Zhua didn’t respond and his head was lowered, looking down to the ground. The girl waited for him to speak for a while but seeing him not responding to her, she got worried. ‘Does he angry? Or he just shocked?’

When she decided to walk to him and tried to shake his shoulders to attract his attention, she saw the back of his head tamponed and bandaged. Her remorse increased as she realized she just hit a patient with a head injury.

When she decided to open her mouth to apologize again, she saw a drop falling down to the ground from his chin. Looking closely, it was coming out from his eyes.

“Ah! Are you crying?! Don’t cry, hey…” The girl shocked and started to console him while rubbing his back slowly. She thought she hurt his pride and her guild increased.

Just as she thought he won’t respond to her and continue to cry; he turned his head abruptly.

When the girl saw his face, she was dumbstruck.

New chapter is coming soon
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