Beautiful CEO's Cultivating Expert/C10 A Mountain Rich in Various Medicinal Herbs
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Beautiful CEO's Cultivating Expert/C10 A Mountain Rich in Various Medicinal Herbs
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C10 A Mountain Rich in Various Medicinal Herbs

After earning nearly 40,000 yuan for nothing, Liu Lei was in a good mood. This bunch of hoodlums were just like children giving away money.

As for what the boss of the underground world was capable of, he didn't put it to heart at all.

Because as long as he wanted to, there were at least a hundred ways to kill someone, but he wasn't a bloodthirsty person. Otherwise, those bullies wouldn't have been able to leave the medicine shop alive.

Liu Lei turned around and looked at Boss of the Medicine Shop.

Boss of the Medicine Shop's whole body instantly quivered and he had the urge to run away, but he did not dare to and could only force out a smile.

"Relax, I'm not those hooligans, I'm just a customer that came to buy medicine." Liu Lei smiled faintly.

Boss of the Medicine Shop heaved a sigh of relief and asked tentatively, "Then... Customer, shall I help you pack up the medicinal ingredients? "

"No rush, I can feel that your store still has a lot of spirit materials …" "Eh, that one has strong medicinal properties, so I want to buy more."

Liu Lei subconsciously wanted to say that the spiritual energy was abundant, but thinking about how these normal people couldn't understand it, he decided to change it to a stronger medicinal effect.

In truth, the two ingredients were quite similar. This was because medicinal herbs with abundant spiritual energy would usually have very strong medicinal properties.

Speaking of this, Boss of the Medicine Shop was ecstatic, "Customer, you have good eyes. I'm not boasting. All the herbs in my shop are authentic, and the quality far surpasses other medicine stores."

"Because our Lin Family Village has a mountain next to it, which is rich in all sorts of medicinal ingredients. They are all wild and have not been contaminated, which is much better than those medicinal ingredients that are planted manually."

"Oh?" Liu Lei's eyes lit up. He pointed at the Green Vine Spirit Herb in his hand and asked: "Then are there any more of these medicinal ingredients on that mountain?"

"Of course there is. Although this kind of medicinal herb is relatively rare, we can still find it after spending some time and effort." Boss of the Medicine Shop nodded with certainty.

"If you find these herbs in the future, you can keep them for me. No matter how many, I will buy them for 100,000 yuan each. What do you think?" Liu Lei asked.

Although Liu Lei could go to that mountain to collect Green Vine Spirit Herb, with his methods, not only would his collection be faster, he would also be able to find better quality Green Vine Spirit Herb.

However, he did not want to do this, because this was a path that people relied on to survive. Since he could buy it with money, there was no need to cut off their road of wealth.

"No matter how many it is! Customer, is that true? " Boss of the Medicine Shop was so excited that his body was trembling.

If he had a rich master like Liu Lei who could purchase the herbs here, not only would he be able to repay his debts, he would also be able to earn a huge sum of money for Lin Family Village!

"Of course it's true. Isn't my cheque still on you?" Liu Lei said, "In a while, go to the bank and cash the cheque. Then I'll leave the money here. You don't have to find money for me, I want to spend all of it on medicinal ingredients."

"Five million... Use all of them to buy medicinal herbs?! "

Boss of the Medicine Shop sucked in a breath of cold air because he had never done such a large scale business before.

At this moment, he finally understood that this young man before him was definitely an important and secretive person. He could casually take out a cheque worth five million to buy medicinal herbs.

However, this grand character was truly too strange. He was dressed so sloppily, deliberately causing others to misunderstand. Could this be the bad taste of grand characters?

Thus, Liu Lei didn't know that in Boss of the Medicine Shop's heart, he had already become a big shot pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger.

"Don't just stand there. Hurry up and take out all of your stocks. As long as it's a strong one, I'll have it no matter what kind of medicine it is." Seeing Boss of the Medicine Shop still in a daze, Liu Lei reminded him.

"Yes, yes, yes. I'll be there immediately. Please wait for a moment." Boss of the Medicine Shop came back to his senses and ran to the warehouse.

Although it was called a warehouse, it was actually just a small room inside this dilapidated medicine store. The area it covered was not very big.

However, it was filled to the brim with medicinal herbs. Liu Lei could feel the dense spiritual energy radiating from far away.

While Boss of the Medicine Shop was moving the herbs, Liu Lei asked, "Boss, the quality of your herbs is so good, why can't they be sold?"

It was obvious that it had not been done in a long time since the warehouse was so full of medicinal ingredients.

"Sigh …" I've offended someone. Those big clients that bought medicine from me in the past were warned by someone, and now they don't even dare to buy anything from my medicine store anymore. This has caused my business here to plummet. "

Boss of the Medicine Shop sighed, "A while ago, a customer said my herbs were poisonous, causing him to vomit and diarrhea for an entire month. He insisted on forcing me to pay money, or else he would find someone to chop me to death."

"There's no other way. I'm not in the right with this matter. I can only compensate you."

"But I didn't expect that customer to be so generous as to announce a huge sum. Even if I sold the original store, I still owe a lot. Right now, I can only continue to sell medicine and pay off my debts in this cheap shop."

"The customer who framed me is the Brother Tiger that those hoodlums were talking about just now. Actually, I already guessed it. This Brother Tiger is definitely the one that I offended and came to cause trouble for me."

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