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C11 This Robe Suits You Very Well

After hearing Boss of the Medicine Shop's words, Wu Tie nodded his head, so he had offended someone. No wonder the quality of the medicine was so good that it could not be sold.

However, he didn't have any intention of going into the details. After all, this had nothing to do with him. He just asked, "How much money do you still owe me?"

"About three million." Boss of the Medicine Shop answered.

"You can take my money and pay the debt first, so that the hoodlums won't bother you forever." Liu Lei suggested.

Boss of the Medicine Shop's eyes lit up. He was clearly tempted, but he was still a bit embarrassed. "Isn't this a bit inappropriate …"

"There's nothing bad about it. Anyway, I don't have any plans to take the money. All I want is the medicinal ingredients." Liu Lei waved his hand and said, "Okay, it's decided. Hurry up and move the medicine."

Boss of the Medicine Shop glanced at Liu Lei gratefully, then went back to carrying the herbs.

Finally, Boss of the Medicine Shop brought out all the best herbs in the store and stored them in four big boxes.

Liu Lei sensed the rich spiritual energy inside and nodded in satisfaction. These herbs and that Green Vine Spirit Herb would be enough for him to cultivate for five to six days.

"Customer, the total price of these medicinal ingredients is one million five hundred and thirty thousand. I'll erase some of it for you and only charge one million five hundred thousand."

After seeing Liu Lei's satisfied expression, Boss of the Medicine Shop announced the price at the right time.

"Alright, take it to my house later. This is my home address and my cell phone number."

Liu Lei got Boss of the Medicine Shop to bring pen and paper and began writing.

Boss of the Medicine Shop took a look and saw that the address was a luxurious villa in the suburbs. He immediately confirmed in his heart that Liu Lei was indeed a big shot who played the pig to eat the tiger.

Unbeknownst to them, that was where Xie Yuqing lived.

After leaving the phone number and address, Liu Lei left the medicine store and continued to stroll outside.

As it was his first time going down the mountain, he was very interested in everything in the city. He strolled until around 10 pm before stopping.

At this time, it was about time to go home. Liu Lei took a taxi back to the suburbs and slowly walked towards Xie Yuqing's villa.

The villa's door had a face recognition function. His face had already been recorded into the system, so when he arrived at the villa's door, he entered unhindered.

When they arrived at the living room of the mansion, Liu Lei was stunned for a moment, because a sexy beauty in a nightgown was sitting on the sofa.

The face of the sexy and beautiful woman was exquisite and perfect. It could easily kill any superstar in an instant.

The corners of those phoenix eyes were slightly raised, giving off a feeling that made one's soul tremble. It was full of boundless grace.

However, his eyes were cold, like a queen.

When two completely different styles were mixed together, the charm index suddenly doubled. It was definitely something that would make a man unable to stop.

And this sexy beauty was Liu Lei's cheap wife — — Xie Yuqing!

Liu Lei was stunned because he didn't expect Xie Yuqing to be waiting for him in the living room, wearing a nightgown.

What did this mean? Could it be that he had changed his mind and wanted to get married to him?

Thinking about that, Liu Lei started to look Xie Yuqing up and down with a pair of thief eyes.

Xie Yuqing's robe was very thin, but one could vaguely see her perfect figure.

The nightgown had no buttons, only a simple belt at her waist. All she needed to do was slightly pull, and the beautiful scenery inside would be completely revealed.

"Not bad, not bad. This robe suits the bridal chamber a lot …" Liu Lei evaluated in his heart while he was admiring it.

At this moment, Xie Yuqing finally noticed Liu Lei in the living room.

When she saw Liu Lei staring at her, Xie Yuqing's eyes turned cold. She picked up the pillows on the sofa to cover her body. At the same time, she asked coldly, "Have you seen enough?"

"My wife, since your figure is so good, of course you won't be able to see enough for your entire life." Liu Lei replied with a smile.

"Then you might as well dig out both your eyeballs. I will carry them with me to satisfy your wish of looking at them for the rest of your life!" Xie Yuqing looked coldly at Liu Lei.

Hearing Xie Yuqing's words, Liu Lei instantly touched his nose helplessly. It turned out that those were his fantasies just now. Xie Yuqing didn't have any intention of getting married to him.

"Fine, you don't sleep at night, what are you doing in the living room?" Liu Lei shrugged.

"I wanted to ask you, what do you mean by having so many boxes of medicinal herbs sent to your home? Do you intend to take the poison to commit suicide and end up dying?" Xie Yuqing asked with a frown.

Liu Lei was speechless for a moment. His wife really had a venomous tongue.

But as a man, how could he care about his wife?

Therefore, he ignored Xie Yuqing's later words and replied, "Actually, I'm a very powerful doctor. Those medicinal herbs are used to treat patients and save people."

Taking into account that there would be a lot of herbs to be shipped over, Liu Lei had thought of this idea early on to deal with Xie Yuqing.

Moreover, this was not all a response, because he really did have medical skills, and calling him a Godly Doctor would not be an exaggeration.

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