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C12 Tiger Brother

"With just you? A very powerful doctor? "

Xie Yuqing looked at Liu Lei up and down with suspicion. After that, she laughed in disdain.

"Hey, hey, hey!" "What kind of attitude is this? Are you looking down on your husband?"

Liu Lei was annoyed at that time. Being looked down on by his wife was something that no man could endure.

"You bastard! "I told you earlier in the day, we were only faking marriage. Don't be shameless and call yourself my husband!" Xie Yuqing glared at Liu Lei furiously.

"It's fake now, but it can slowly become real in the future. You'll find that I'm definitely the best and most perfect man in the world. You won't be able to leave even if you want to."

Hearing Liu Lei brazenly boasting about himself, Xie Yuqing felt goosebumps all over her body. She could not help but yell, "You narcissistic brat, don't even think about it! We will never be able to become husband and wife in this lifetime! "

"Don't be so sure about anything. You have to understand that emotions are unfathomable. Plus, we're all young people, and we live under the same roof. When the time comes, we'll burn with dry firewood …"

"Scram!" Hurry up and get lost! "

Xie Yuqing could no longer bear to listen. She directly picked up a pillow and threw it at Liu Lei.

Liu Lei caught the pillow and said with a smile, "I'm serious, I'm really a doctor. If you get sick, come find me at all costs."

Xie Yuqing's expression eased up a little. Although she didn't like Liu Lei, she could feel Liu Lei's feelings. She also felt that Liu Lei was pleasing to the eye.

However, she still did not hold back and coldly snorted, "Who wants you to treat my illness? Don't make it worse for me. I'd better go to the hospital and be safe."

Liu Lei could tell Xie Yuqing was being stubborn just by looking at her. He could not help but smile inside. It seemed that it was not that hard to subdue this wife who had a sharp tongue and a rotten heart.

Thinking about this, Liu Lei decided to strike the iron while it was still hot: "I can see that there's something wrong with the back of your neck and spine. It might be due to you sitting at work for a long time."

"There are still no problems, so it's best to treat them as soon as possible. Otherwise, it'll be difficult for you in the future."

Xie Yuqing asked doubtfully, "How are we going to treat her?"

"I'll help you massage the back of your neck with a special technique. It's easy to handle. It's not difficult to massage the spine all the way to your spine. I'll help you correct your bones …"

Just as Liu Lei was full of energy, a pillow suddenly smashed over. He looked up in confusion.

Xie Yuqing said with a frosty face, "You crazy bastard! "Go to hell!"

After swearing, Xie Yuqing went upstairs angrily and closed the bedroom door with a loud bang.

Where is the coccyx? Wasn't it just the top of his butt?

Liu Lei actually said he wanted to massage that kind of place. Xie Yuqing thought subconsciously that Liu Lei was trying to take advantage of her in the name of treatment, so she was naturally angry.

In reality, Liu Lei wasn't thinking about that place at all. Instead, he was seriously proposing a treatment plan. In the end, Xie Yuqing got angry and went back to her room, leaving him confused and confused.

"No matter how this woman says it, I will turn hostile. It's fine if she doesn't want to massage me, but I'm not willing to do it even if others ask me to. After all, this is going to consume spiritual energy."

Liu Lei shook his head and felt that he was like a donkey in the liver.

After turning off the light in the living room, he entered the guest room on the first floor of the villa.

Although he really wanted to sleep in the same bedroom as Xie Yuqing, but it was obvious that Xie Yuqing would not agree to his request.

The villa was a huge villa, and even the guest rooms were very spacious. The decor was very beautiful, especially the huge bed, where five to six people would probably be able to roll around after lying down.

Liu Lei didn't want to dirty this clean bed, so he took off all of his dirty clothes and walked into the bathroom that was brought by the guest room to take a bath.


Tianci Entertainment City.

In the luxurious VIP room, a fierce-looking, muscular man was sitting on the sofa.

His upper body was bright red, and one could see a lifelike, multicolored tiger tattooed on his chest, as if it could be revived at any time.

There were several other people in the VIP room. They were trembling in fear, not even daring to breathe too hard for fear of being noticed by the man on the sofa.

If Liu Lei was here, he would definitely be able to recognize them as the hoodlums that tried to snatch his cheque at the medicine store.

"Speak, what do you want to report to me?"

The man on the sofa spoke, his voice as powerful as a bell.

"Brother Tiger, the account we collected today has been robbed …"

When the delinquent leader said this, he lowered his head in shame.

After all, it would be very embarrassing for someone to be robbed from him.

"Hmm?" Brother Tiger's eyes widened as a strong murderous intent appeared in his eyes, "Who is so gutsy as to dare to rob my tiger?"

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