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C13 Storage Ring

When Brother Tiger got angry, the hoodlums were so scared that their legs became weak and they almost couldn't stand up straight.

The name of man, the shadow of trees, Brother Tiger's notoriety in this city was known by anyone who had wandered in the underground world.

The delinquent leader, who was the closest to Brother Tiger, knelt down with a face full of fear and told Brother Tiger everything that had happened in the medicine store in a fluster.

He did not dare to hide anything, even the fact that he provoked Liu Lei first and wanted to snatch Liu Lei's cheque was revealed.

He knew that if he dared to lie to Brother Tiger, he would definitely end up with a miserable death without a complete corpse.

After hearing the whole story, Brother Tiger's gaze turned even colder: "Are you saying that after you told me my name, that brat still stole the money?"

"Yes, Brother Tiger. After he heard your name, his expression didn't change at all. Obviously, he doesn't put you in his eyes!" The delinquent leader gritted his teeth and said.

Brother Tiger shot a cold glance at the delinquent leader: "Keep your little schemes away. I will decide whether you want revenge or not!"

The lackey's body suddenly trembled and he hurriedly lowered his head, cold sweat rolling down his face.

He did have the intention to incite Brother Tiger to take revenge on Liu Lei. After all, his shoulder was injured so badly, so he wanted revenge very much.

However, he did not expect Brother Tiger to see through his thoughts at a glance. This made him tremble with fear and he did not dare to use his crooked head anymore.

Brother Tiger leaned on the sofa, picked up the cold beer on the glass table and took a big gulp. He said slowly, "To be able to casually take out a cheque worth 5 million and not give me any face, that kid must not be simple …"

After putting down the beer, Brother Tiger immediately gave the order:

"You guys, go with the brothers from the intelligence department and get a look at that kid's appearance. Tell the intelligence department to investigate if that kid has any background!"

"If you have a background, then forget about this matter. After all, you provoked them first."

"If he doesn't have any background, then it means that the cheque was really like what you said. He was lucky enough to get it, and he's just an ordinary laborer with some skill, so it's normal for him to not have heard of my name."

After hearing Brother Tiger's order, the lackey was a bit confused. Why did he only give a background to the solution but not a background to the solution?

Although he didn't ask, Brother Tiger was still able to see the doubt in Ye Zichen's eyes. He immediately said coldly, "You only need to follow the order, are you not curious enough to kill the cat?"

"There are too many people who might suddenly die at home one day. Do you still want to get to the bottom of this?"

This undisguised threat almost made the lackey's head go mad. He repeatedly said with a pale face: "I don't want to! I don't want to! "

"Remember, I'm only asking you to investigate. Do not presume to do anything else." Brother Tiger waved his hand. "Alright, you may leave."

The delinquent leader and his lackeys quickly bowed, then quickly left the VIP room, and even lightly closed the door.

In the VIP private room, Brother Tiger was still leaning on the sofa as he muttered to himself thoughtfully: "I can feel the yang energy, could it be a Taoist? "It seems that I have to report this to Brother Ci …"


In the guest room of the villa.

Liu Lei took a comfortable hot bath and walked out of the bathroom.

He raised his hand, and a clean vest, shorts, and underwear appeared on the bed out of thin air, as if by magic.

Actually, it wasn't a magic trick, but the legendary Storage Ring on Liu Lei's finger.

This Storage Ring was given to him by his master, and could only be used as an ornament. Because he did not cultivate and because he did not have any spirit energy in his body, he was unable to use the Storage Ring.

Until today, when he started cultivating, this Storage Ring was truly useful.

It was very convenient to have Storage Ring, so he didn't need to bring anything when going out. He could just put some clothes and money in it.

After putting on his clothes, Liu Lei ran into the living room and moved the boxes of herbs into the guest room.

Then, he opened the box and moved all the herbs into the Storage Ring.

As the Storage Ring was a vacuum, it was most suitable for preserving medicinal ingredients, and the spirit energy within it would not be lost in the air.

When he finished transferring all the ingredients, Liu Lei sat cross-legged on the bed. At the same time, he took out the Green Vine Spirit Herb and prepared to start cultivating.

His current cultivation level was too low. He had only just found the entrance to the Qi sensing technique, so many of his techniques and abilities were useless.

Perhaps in the eyes of ordinary people, he was already considered powerful. He was a martial arts expert and a young grandmaster, but this was still not enough. He still needed to become stronger.

Master said that one must never give up the opportunity to raise one's strength, because this world was filled with the unknown. Even the Cultivator could not guarantee that he would be invincible.

Only by continuously increasing his strength would he be able to stay safe and sound. Any enemy that came to attack him would be able to defeat him.

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