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Beautiful CEO's Cultivating Expert/C14 Nameless Cultivation Method
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C14 Nameless Cultivation Method

Liu Lei sat cross-legged on the bed and began to breathe in a rhythm according to the method of breathing.

His master had taught him a lot of knowledge, but he had only learned one cultivation technique, and it was a nameless one at that. He called it the 'Nameless Arts'.

Although there was no name, this cultivation technique was truly amazing.

The first powerful aspect was that it was extremely powerful and could absorb almost all the energy in the world to train.

Yin Qi, Yang Qi, poisonous gas, baleful qi, anything is fine, anyway it's not picky eating.

For Liu Lei, this was the most satisfying point. The spiritual energy on Earth was very scarce and it was not suitable for cultivation.

If a normal Cultivator were to absorb the spirit energy from the heaven and earth to cultivate, he probably wouldn't even be able to reach Foundation-Building Period in his entire life.

But with the Nameless Arts, he could absorb all kinds of energy. This also meant that he would not find it difficult to cultivate due to the lack of Earth's spirit energy.

The second great thing was that it would be both inside and outside.

During normal cultivation, the toughness of the body would increase along with the head. It was equivalent to cultivating a body tempering cultivation technique at the same time.

As one's cultivation level got higher and higher, their physical body would also become extremely powerful, and wouldn't need to fear close combat.

Liu Lei didn't know if this set of Nameless Arts was considered to be of a high level in the legendary Cultivation Realm, but it shouldn't be too far off.

As he gradually entered a state of cultivation, the room also underwent a miraculous change.

The air seemed to have congealed, or rather vanished, into a large vacuum.

Sitting on the bed, Liu Lei gave off a very distant feeling.

His body could clearly be seen with the naked eye, but he didn't seem to exist in this space. It was very mysterious.

The Green Vine Spirit Herb in his hands also underwent a change as it began to dim and wither.

The spirit energy inside had formed a substance, completely entering his body. Even an ordinary person could clearly see the strands of white smoke.

Unknowingly, Liu Lei had cultivated for an entire night.

The next morning, when the sun rose from the horizon, he suddenly opened his eyes, shooting out a beam of extremely bright golden light.

The golden light did not appear for long, disappearing in less than a second.

After that, he forcefully exhaled a mouthful of impure Qi. This impure Qi was actually suspended in the air like a thick fog, like the smoke left behind by an airplane. It only dispersed after a long time.

Only after the fog dissipated did Liu Lei jump off the bed. The bones all over his body emitted a crackling sound and he felt full of energy.

"Not bad, now we can be considered to be in the true Qi Refining stage." Liu Lei muttered to himself as he clenched his fist.

The first realm of Cultivator was the Refinement Stage. It could be said that the first stage of cultivation was the Refinement Stage.

However, after he found the feeling, he didn't continue to cultivate but went down the mountain. That was why he felt like he hadn't reached the Qi Refining stage yet.

Only after a night of cultivation did he finally feel that he had truly stepped into the Qi Refining stage.

The Refinement Stage would need to refine the Qi and turn the Essence Blood in the body into spirit energy, making it more suitable for cultivation.

If all the Essence Blood in his body were refined into spirit energy, then he would be at the great circle of the Refinement Stage.

At that time, Liu Lei's control over the spiritual energy in his body would be even stronger. He could control the spiritual energy inside his body as he wished.

Furthermore, if one were to break through again at the great circle of the Refinement Stage, it would become Foundation-Building Period.

However, he couldn't reach this realm that quickly, so Liu Lei temporarily stopped thinking about it.

Lowering his head to look, he saw that the Green Vine Spirit Herb in his hand had been completely wilted after his night of absorption, thus he had completed its mission.

Speaking of which, this Green Vine Spirit Herb was really not considered expensive. Even though he could get it back with a hundred thousand, the value of the ingredients that he used definitely exceeded five hundred thousand.

After throwing the withered Green Vine Spirit Herb into the trash can, Liu Lei was about to go to the bathroom to wash up when his phone suddenly rang.

He picked it up and saw that it was an unfamiliar number. He answered the call with a face full of doubt, "Hello? "Who is it?"

From the other side came a slightly aged, yet vigorous voice. It sounded very polite: "Excuse me, is that Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei ?"

"Hmm? How do you know my name? We know each other? " Liu Lei was immediately shocked. He doesn't remember knowing any old man.

The old man explained, "I was the one who had a heart attack on the street yesterday. It was all thanks to you saving me, otherwise I might have already returned to the West."

"So it's you." Liu Lei was suddenly enlightened and immediately asked: "Then how did you know my name and phone number?"

"Hehe, this is very simple. As long as you have some connections, you will be able to find out." The old man chuckled.

Liu Lei immediately understood. After all, he wasn't a hoodlum. As long as someone with some background wanted to check his name and phone number, they could find him.

"So what do you want from me?" Liu Lei got straight to the point.

Then he added, "There's no need for thanks. I just don't want to see a little girl cry. It's not just to save you."

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