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C15 Other Things

Hearing what Liu Lei said, the old man sweated like mad.

He only saved a girl because he didn't want to see her cry. Doesn't this mean that if his granddaughter wasn't by his side that day, Liu Lei probably wouldn't have saved him?

In other words, he was really in danger. It was fortunate that he took his granddaughter out with him to retrieve her old life.

"Hey!" Old man, are you still alright? "If there's nothing else, I'll be hanging up." Liu Lei said, seeing that there was no response from his phone.

The old man started sweating profusely once more. With his status, it had been a long time since someone dared to call him old man.

However, this person was his savior. Adding on a few other reasons, he could only dejectedly accept the old man's title.

"It's like this. Little friend, I would like to invite you to my house to take a seat. I would like to personally thank you and chat with you …"

Before the old man finished speaking, he heard Liu Lei reject him decisively: "Not interested!"

Then he hung up.

A series of beeping sounds came out of the phone, causing the old man to be stunned on the spot.

Beautiful Loli, who had been listening at the side of the phone, was also shocked. She immediately covered her mouth and burst into laughter.

"Grandpa, this Liu Lei is so interesting. He actually hung up on you. If your old friends knew about this, their expressions would definitely be very interesting."

The old man looked embarrassed. "Little Shu, you better not tell them. They will laugh me to death."

He did not expect Liu Lei to die just like that. It was direct enough, he did not respect his elders at all.

This caused him to worry. Since Liu Lei wasn't interested in coming over, could it be that he was going to send someone to capture him?

Putting aside the fact that he didn't want to treat his savior like this, Liu Lei used that magical method to protect his heart meridian yesterday, he was clearly not an ordinary person.

To send people to capture Liu Lei, the success rate was close to zero. Furthermore, he would even offend Liu Lei. This was truly a dilemma for him.

"Grandfather, why don't you let me try?" Beautiful Loli couldn't help but ask when she saw the worried expression on the old man's face.

"You?" The old man thought for a moment, then his eyes suddenly lit up. "That's right, the reason why this little friend saved me yesterday was because of you. If you had come to invite him, you might have succeeded!"

"Then I'll try." Beautiful Loli nodded, took the phone from the old man and called Liu Lei again.

At this moment, Liu Lei walked out of the bathroom after washing up.

When he heard his phone ring, he picked it up and saw that it was the number from before. He immediately frowned.

After picking up the call, he directly said, "Old man, aren't you bored? I've already said that I'm not interested. If you call me again, I'll call you out."

"That... It's not my grandfather, it's me. " Beautiful Loli said weakly.

Beautiful Loli's sweet and melodious voice instantly brightened Liu Lei's mood. He smiled and said, "So it's a cute little beauty. I've already said it before, there's no need to thank me."

This completely different attitude immediately made the old man beside him, who was eavesdropping, so angry that his beard stood straight up.

To be so impolite to him, yet to be beaming at his granddaughter, this was simply preposterous.

"No!" I must thank you! " Beautiful Loli was very determined on this matter. With a sad tone, she said, "If not for you, Brother Liu Lei, I might have been separated from Grandpa …"

"If you really want to thank me, you can just thank me on your phone. Why do you have to go through so much trouble?" Liu Lei scratched his head, feeling conflicted.

Perhaps it was because he was under the influence of his master, but his personality was rather lazy, and he didn't like the trouble and detours around him.

"It's not good enough to thank you on the phone. Besides that, my grandpa has another thing to talk about with you. We have to talk about this in person."

Beautiful Loli said under the gaze of the old man.

"There's another thing?" Is it because I saved him that he wants to betroth you to me? " Liu Lei instantly thought of something and laughed evilly.

Beautiful Loli's face immediately flushed red and her tone became flustered. "No …" "It's not this …"

The old man also heard these words, but his main focus wasn't Liu Lei playing with his granddaughter, it was full of surprise.

Liu Lei wasn't clear about Beautiful Loli's character, but the old man was the clearest.

This darling granddaughter of his was famous for being unruly and willful, and those who knew her all called her Little Demoness in secret.

But today, this Little Demoness actually blushed?

This was the first time!

"Hahaha, I won't tease you anymore. Can you tell me your home address? I'll take a taxi over there now." Liu Lei smiled as he felt that Beautiful Loli was too adorable.

"No need, no need. Tell me the address, and grandpa will send a car over to pick you up." Beautiful Loli hurriedly said.

It would be too impolite of them to ask their savior to call a taxi. They would not be able to do such a thing.

"That's fine too, my address is xxxxxxxxxx." Liu Lei gave his address.

After the call ended, Liu Lei sat on the bed and fell into deep thought.

Actually, the reason why he was willing to come over wasn't just because of Beautiful Loli's invitation, but also because he was very curious about the other matter that the old man wanted to tell him.

He had a vague feeling that it was because of the wisp of spiritual energy that he had used to protect the old man's heart.

Could it be that the old man already knew that he was a Cultivator?

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