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C16 Are You an Ancient Martial Artist

Leaving the guest room, Liu Lei found that the villa was empty. It seemed that Xie Yuqing had already left for work.

What a workaholic, staying up so early in the morning.

Liu Lei rummaged through the fridge and found some bread and a bottle of milk for breakfast.

He had yet to reach the Fasting Stage, but he still needed the five grains and grains from the mortal world to replenish his energy.

Just as he finished his breakfast, he heard a series of dripping noises coming from outside the villa. It seemed that Beautiful Loli's grandfather had sent a car to pick him up.

Walking out of the villa, he saw a pitch black car parked outside. There was no license plate and no license plate.

This kind of car with nothing on it was even more amazing. It was specially modified by those big figures with backgrounds. Even its outer shell was bulletproof.

There was a man in black standing beside the car. His expression was solemn and his posture was standard. It was obvious that he had received special training.

As soon as the man in black saw Liu Lei, he walked up and asked, "Excuse me, is this Liu Lei, Mr. Liu?"

"Yes." Liu Lei replied and was about to open the car door to get in.

The man in black was a bit surprised: "Mr. Liu, aren't you going to change clothes?"

Liu Lei's current attire was too casual. He still wore a vest and shorts, and a flip-flop, as if he was going to the beach.

Compared to yesterday, it was only a little cleaner.

In the man in black's impression, which one of the young men visiting his master was not bright and neat?

It was too impolite to be so casual like Liu Lei.

However, Liu Lei didn't feel it at all. Instead, he asked curiously: "The weather is so hot, what's wrong with wearing tank top and shorts? Do I have to be so tightly wrapped up like you? "

The man in black choked. His good discipline stopped him from saying anything. Only after he saw Liu Lei get on the car, a trace of displeasure flashed across his eyes under the sunglasses.

The car began to move, gradually arriving at the other side of the suburb.

About half an hour later, they arrived at a large manor. What entered their eyes was a large expanse of imposing buildings, looking extremely magnificent.

A door that was five meters tall was written on it — Chen Family!

The door slowly opened and the car continued on. After another five minutes, it finally stopped.

Liu Lei couldn't help but shake his head. This rich guy was really amazing. Even driving from the gate to the place to stay required five minutes.

After getting off the car, the man in black led the way, leading Liu Lei to a castle-like building.

There was a large open space with many flowers and plants, as well as marble tables and mahogany chairs.

The old man and Beautiful Loli whom Liu Lei met on the street before were sitting there now.

"Master, Mr. Liu has been brought here!" The man in black said with a respectful expression.

"Mm, you can leave now." The old man said indifferently.

"Yes sir!" The man in black bowed and quickly left.

At this time, the old man stood up and smiled at Liu Lei, "Little friend, we finally meet. Let me introduce myself. I'm Chen Nanfeng and my granddaughter is Chen Yushu."

"So you're Chen Yushu, little beauty. What a good name!" The corner of Liu Lei's mouth curled up as he looked at Beautiful Loli with a smile.

Chen Nanfeng staggered and almost fell to the ground.

Liu Lei skipped over him and only remembered his granddaughter's name?

Chen Yushu snickered while covering her mouth. Then, she called out to Brother Liu Lei, "Brother Liu Lei, don't stand here. Come over and sit. I'll make you some tea."

Liu Lei walked over and the three of them sat down together.

"Little friend, it's really thanks to you saving me that day. Otherwise, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to survive." Chen Nanfeng was a little emotional, he then picked up his teacup and said: "Today, I will use tea in place of wine, one cup for you!"

"It's nothing, no need to be polite." Liu Lei gave Ye Zichen a cup of tea as a form of acknowledgement from Chen Nanfeng.

The moment the tea entered his mouth, he noticed the faint spiritual energy contained within. Although it wasn't much, it was still very valuable. It seemed like this tea was high-grade.

Seeing Liu Lei finish the wine in one gulp, Chen Nanfeng immediately revealed a happy smile.

"Little friend, I owe you a great favor for saving my life. My Chen Family is still considered to have some power in China. In the future, whenever you have anything that you need help with, we will do our best to help you from top to bottom!"

Chen Yushu, who was making tea at the side, also nodded seriously.

"Then I won't be disrespectful." Liu Lei smiled faintly.

Although he didn't need any help, having a friend with a strong background was still a bit of a benefit.

For example, if there were any troublesome matters, he could get Chen Family to help him deal with them.

Chen Nanfeng was an experienced man. He could tell at a glance that Liu Lei did not have much of an emotion on his face. His eyes were as calm as water.

It was as if being on good terms with Chen Family was something that could be ignored.

This attitude also made Chen Nanfeng more sure of his previous guess. He couldn't help but ask: "Little friend, I want to ask you something."

"Ask away." Liu Lei knew that the main topic was about to come.

Chen Nanfeng took a deep breath and asked:

"Are you the Ancient Martial Practicer?"

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