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C17 The Realm Division of Ancient Warriors

"Ancient Martial Practicer?"

Liu Lei was stunned for a moment. He thought that his identity as a Cultivator had been exposed, but he did not expect Chen Nanfeng to ask him if he was a Ancient Martial Practicer.

"Aren't you?"

Chen Nanfeng was also stunned, and then he asked, "That day I had a heart attack, didn't you use inner qi to protect my heart?"

A light flashed across Liu Lei's eyes. He had always thought that he and his teacher were the only two cultivators on Earth, but now Ancient Martial Practicer and inner qi appeared.

Furthermore, the Qi was similar to the Qi, which was why Chen Nanfeng thought he was a Ancient Martial Practicer.

This matter had piqued his interest. He decided to investigate and see if there were any other cultivators on Earth.

"Inner Qi?" I don't really know. " Liu Lei said, "I learned this ability from master since I was young. I've always lived on the mountain, so I don't know much about the affairs of the outside world."

The reason why Liu Lei said this was because his master warned him to not reveal his identity as a Cultivator.

Therefore, since Chen Nanfeng didn't know that he was a Cultivator, he didn't plan to say it out loud.

Now, he could pretend to be stupid and play the trick. He could let Chen Nanfeng continue to misunderstand him and treat him as a Ancient Martial Practicer.

In this way, he would have the identity of a Ancient Martial Practicer as a disguise, completely concealing his identity as a Cultivator.

Sure enough, Chen Nanfeng did not suspect anything. He only nodded in realization: "So that's how it is. It seems like your master did not tell you about these things."

"Yes, Master only taught me abilities, he didn't say anything else." Liu Lei said.

Chen Nanfeng suddenly came up with a story: A child with exceptional talent was brought up the mountain by a peerless master to teach martial arts, and was raised to be his own successor …

Liu Lei did not know about Chen Nanfeng's crazy thoughts, and asked: "Old Master Chen, can you tell me more about the Ancient Martial Practicer?"

Hearing that Liu Lei finally stopped calling him Old Man, Chen Nanfeng felt gratified and smiled: "Of course you can, since you are also a Ancient Martial Practicer, then you have the right to know these things."

"The Ancient Martial Practicer actually existed since the ancient times. However, because the technology and culture became more and more developed, the number of Ancient Martial Practicer s gradually decreased."

"Now that we have modern firearms, which can be solved by pressing the trigger, is there a need to waste so much energy to fight?"

"Moreover, it won't be that easy to become a Ancient Martial Practicer. It will depend on whether you have talent and perseverance."

"As a result, the number of people willing to put in the effort became fewer and fewer. They felt that it was a waste of time."

Liu Lei listened silently. He felt that there was some truth to it, but he didn't particularly agree with it.

Who said that cultivation cannot compare with modern firearms? Right now, he could release his spirit energy outwards, injuring someone from a distance. His power was not weaker than that of a handgun.

Furthermore, he was still only at the Qi Condensation stage. If he reached the Foundation-Building Period, he would be able to kill even enemies that were a few hundred meters away without making a sound.

However, Liu Lei was not sure if Ancient Martial Practicer could do the same thing as him, so he had to continue listening to Chen Nanfeng.

Chen Nanfeng took a sip of tea and continued, "Ancient Martial Practicer, to put it bluntly, they are a group of people who know martial arts and have cultivated inner qi."

"The Ancient Martial Practicer that has just cultivated inner Qi is at the Elementary Realm, able to use inner Qi to unleash greater speed, strength, defense, etc. It is not a problem to fly over walls, you can be considered a martial arts expert in the eyes of ordinary people."

"And the only people who can release their inner Qi and use it to injure or treat others are those with Innate Stage. There are very few Ancient Martial Practicer who can reach the Innate Stage, and all of them are people with outstanding innate talent."

"So, my friend, do you understand why I know you're a Ancient Martial Practicer?"

Chen Nanfeng looked at Liu Lei as he spoke.

Liu Lei nodded his head. So it turns out that Old Master Chen saw him as a Ancient Martial Practicer with a Innate Stage.

However, what made him more surprised was that the Ancient Martial Practicer seemed to be more or less the same as the Cultivator, able to release inner Qi to hurt people.

However, this Ancient Martial Practicer seemed to be lower ranked than the Cultivator, as it could only be released with inner Qi at the second realm.

As for the Cultivator, he could release his spiritual energy right from the start. Doesn't that mean that the Cultivator's Innate Stage was equivalent to the Ancient Martial Practicer's from the very start?

Although this kind of thing was possible, it still needed confirmation, so Liu Lei temporarily put it down and continued listening to Chen Nanfeng.

"Above the Innate Stage is the Grandmaster Stage. It is the lifelong goal of all Ancient Martial Practicer!"

Chen Nanfeng's expression became one of admiration: "Those are existences akin to Earth Gods, there probably aren't many on Earth."

"The Grandmaster Stage is able to use all sorts of mystical techniques, hunt the wind as a sword, and grasp water as a blade. It has completely exceeded the boundaries of humans."

"With just a flick of a finger, he could easily kill an enemy from hundreds of meters away. Once the pressure is released, even a human or ghost would be frightened!"

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