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Beautiful CEO's Cultivating Expert/C18 The Hope of Returning to the Innate Realm
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C18 The Hope of Returning to the Innate Realm

Looking at Chen Nanfeng, whose face was full of admiration, Liu Lei was a little stunned.

His Grandmaster Stage is like that of a land deity? or was it the lifelong pursuit of all the Ancient Martial Practicer s?

This pursuit was too low …

It had to be known that the things that the Grandmaster Stage could do, were only equivalent to the Foundation-Building Period of the Cultivator s.

With this level of skill, he was already one of the strongest fighters on Earth. It was beyond Liu Lei's expectation.

He was even more sure of his previous guess that the Cultivator was indeed much higher levelled than the Ancient Martial Practicer.

"Old Master Chen, why aren't you continuing?" Liu Lei asked curiously when he saw Chen Nanfeng had no intention to continue.

"Continue? There's no way we can continue anymore. " Chen Nanfeng shook his head. "Grandmaster Stage is almost at the peak of Ancient Martial Practicer."

"Although there is still a Divine Stage above the Grandmaster Realm, it should only be a legend. I've never heard of anyone reaching the Divine Stage."

"As for the realms above Divine Stage, I don't think any Ancient Martial Practicer would know. After all, it's too far away."

Liu Lei was a bit speechless when he heard this. Grandmaster Stage was actually the peak! Then wouldn't he be able to do whatever he wanted if he cultivated to the great perfection of Foundation-Building Period?

However, this rampage was only carried out within the Ancient Martial Practicer s.

If he had to face some large weapons with terrifying destructive power, the perfected Foundation-Building Period would not be enough.

For example, if a missile was used, Foundation-Building Period Great Perfection would definitely not be able to block it.

"Oh right, I would like to ask, why is your Inner Qi different from the other Ancient Martial Practicer s?"

"The last time you delivered the spiritual qi to my heart, it took a long time before it dissipated. It also made me feel extremely comfortable. When I woke up this morning, I was full of energy."

Chen Nanfeng organized his words and described: "Your qi seems to be... "More pure."

"Is that so? Maybe it's because the environment on the mountain is better, but I grew up on the mountain and didn't suffer any pollution, so my inner Qi is much purer. "

Liu Lei casually gave a reason and gave it a perfunctory reply. Only he himself knew that what he had was not inner qi, but spiritual qi.

Chen Nanfeng didn't suspect much, so the two of them quickly skipped over this topic.

"Old Master Chen, then what realm are you in?" Liu Lei asked curiously.

"I had already broken through to the Xiantian realm, but because of my heart disease and the fact that I'm getting older and older, I've already degenerated to the peak of the Houtian realm."

Chen Nanfeng's expression was very bitter.

From the admiration he showed when talking about Grandmaster Stage, it could be seen that he also loved to train in martial arts.

For someone like him, breaking through to the next realm after so much difficulty had actually degenerated. It truly was extremely difficult.

"Grandfather, don't think too much. Just focus on curing the disease. Maybe in the future, you will be able to return to the Innate Realm." Chen Yushu consoled softly.

Chen Nanfeng sighed. He didn't have any expectations.

This heart attack might end up taking his life one day, and he was even going to return to the Upper Sky Realm? Impossible!

Liu Lei thought for a moment and said: "Perhaps, I have a way to make you return to the Innate Realm."

Chen Nanfeng's hand suddenly trembled and his teacup fell to the ground and shattered. He was so shocked that his eyes widened: "Little friend …" Are you telling the truth? You have a way to make me return to the Innate Realm?! "

"Brother Liu Lei, if you have a way, you have to help my grandpa. He's always been brooding over this matter." Chen Yushu looked pleadingly at Liu Lei.

"Actually, I'm not sure if it will work. It's just an experiment and a guess." Liu Lei thought for a moment and said:

"Since your cultivation level has deteriorated due to a heart disease, you should be able to cure your heart disease and stimulate your meridians with inner Qi. Perhaps, you might be able to return to the Upper Sky Realm."

"This method can indeed be tried, but heart disease is not so easy to cure."

Chen Nanfeng shook his head helplessly.

"Don't worry about that, I can cure it for you." Liu Lei drank his tea calmly, completely ignoring how surprising his words were.

"Little friend, you … "He even knows medicine?" Chen Nanfeng looked at Liu Lei in surprise.

"Yeah, I know a bit. It's not a problem treating a heart attack." Liu Lei nodded.

"This... This is great! "

Chen Nanfeng was so excited that his body was trembling. This heart disease could be said to be a life exhorting talisman on his person. It had always made him uneasy and he would often think about it.

The fact that he could remove this talisman was enough to make him go wild with joy.

Moreover, he still had the hope of returning to the Upper Sky Realm, which made him extremely excited.

"Brother Liu Lei, thank you!"

The little loli, Chen Yushu, was so excited that her pretty face turned red. Her beautiful eyes looked at Liu Lei with gratitude, wishing that she could give him a big hug.

"You're welcome."

Liu Lei smiled and rubbed the little loli's head, then said to Chen Nanfeng, "Don't be happy too early, I still need some time before I can treat you."

"If it's just a treatment, then I can start right now. But if I have to add some stimulation to my meridians, then I'll need to train for a while before I can feel a little bit more stable."

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