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C19 Wan Family

After Chen Nanfeng heard Liu Lei's words, he gradually calmed down. "I understand. I will wait for a while. Anyway, I'm not in a hurry."

"However, little friend, you just saved my life yesterday, and now you're willing to help me treat my illness. With such a huge favor, I don't even know what to do."

"In short, if you have anything to say, just say it. As long as it's something our Chen Family can do, we will absolutely not decline!"

Chen Nanfeng swore solemnly with a resolute expression.

"There's no need to be so courteous, just take it as the reward for you explaining the information about the Ancient Martial Practicer to me." Liu Lei smiled faintly.

Just when Chen Nanfeng wanted to say something, a voice came from outside: "Master, the Wan Family people are here, are they coming over?"

"Bring it here!"

Chen Nanfeng replied, then said to Liu Lei, "Little friend, later on, the one who will come over is the Patriarch of Wan Family, his name is Wan Shan, he's an old friend of mine that has been here for many years."

"Wan Family and Chen Family are the same, they are both relatively powerful large clans. If you need help in the future, you can ask Wan Family for help. That old man will at least give me some face."

Liu Lei nodded.

Chen Nanfeng saw that he didn't care, but he didn't say anything.

A few minutes later, a car drove over and an old and a young man got out.

The old man had a head full of white hair, but he looked energetic. His face was rosy, and as he walked, his gait was as vigorous as a tiger's. He was in no way inferior to a young man.

It was very easy to make people think of the words' a crane in the hair and a baby face ',' a reclusive master ', and so on.

The young man beside him was dressed in fashionable clothes and wore a famous brand. He looked like a young master from a wealthy family.

Liu Lei observed that the eyes of this young and old were filled with vigor and vitality. The blood and Qi in their bodies was surging strongly. It was obvious that they were the Ancient Martial Practicer that Chen Nanfeng was talking about.

"Old man!" "How many times have I told you not to bring your car here? Even a bunch of my plants have been crushed to death by you!" Chen Nanfeng glared angrily at Wan Shan.

Wan Shan looked at the messy ground, waved his hand and smiled without a care, "Sorry, I forgot, but I didn't drive the car. It was Wan Hsingyu who drove the car, go find him if you want to settle the score."

As he spoke, he pointed at the youth beside him.

The teenager, Wan Hsingyu, was immediately exasperated. "Grandfather, it was you who asked me to drive in …"

"Alright, alright. Cut the crap, sit down." Chen Nanfeng said helplessly.

"Grandpa Wan, long time no see!" Chen Yushu greeted Wan Shan with a smile.

Wan Shan suddenly smiled and said: "Yes, long time no see. Little Shu, you're so beautiful again. It's a pity that you don't like my two grandchildren, otherwise how nice would it be to be my granddaughter-in-law."

"That will depend on whether he dares to marry me." Chen Yushu glanced at Wan Hsingyu menacingly.

Wan Hsingyu instantly quivered and said, "I'm not good enough for Sister Yushu, I'm not good enough for her!"

Even though Chen Yushu looked cute and cute, she was actually Little Demoness.

He had been very mischievous since he was young, and he even liked to bully others.

Although Wan Hsingyu was older than Chen Yushu, he was often bullied into crying when he was young.

As for now, he still had some shadow of himself, and the moment he saw Chen Yushu, he immediately became terrified. He called her "elder sister" in a respectful manner.

"This coward, he doesn't have any manliness!" Wan Shan scolded him with a bitter smile.

After sitting down, Wan Shan looked at Liu Lei who was drinking tea calmly and asked, "Old Chen, is this the Xiantian expert you mentioned who saved your life?"

There was doubt in Wan Shan's eyes, because Liu Lei didn't look like any big shot.

"Yeah, I forgot to introduce him to you. His name is Liu Lei, and he's definitely young and capable. Not only did he save my life yesterday, he also helped me regain my Innate Stage!"

Chen Nanfeng couldn't help but be happy when the topic was brought up.

"Return to the Upper Sky Realm?"

Wan Shan naturally knew that Chen Nanfeng's cultivation realm had regressed. At this moment, he opened his eyes wide in shock.

Thus, Chen Nanfeng repeated the method that Liu Lei had told him to Wan Shan.

"This method is indeed feasible, but the most important problem is, will he really be able to cure your heart disease?"

Wan Shan frowned and expressed his doubts about this matter.

Being around twenty years old, Liu Lei was already a genius to be able to reach Innate Stage.

However, to say that he had reached the Innate Realm and had mastered powerful medical techniques was a little unrealistic.

Not only did Wan Shan suspect Liu Lei, Wan Hsingyu also suspected Liu Lei. As Wan Hsingyu was younger, he did not have any scruples and directly said it out loud.

"You must be bragging!" And you cured your heart. Why didn't you say you could cure your cancer? " Wan Hsingyu twitched his mouth in disdain.

As a young man, he was naturally young and vigorous, and liked to compete.

When Wan Hsingyu met Liu Lei who was about the same age and was also from Ancient Martial Practicer, he couldn't help but want to suppress him.

Besides, Liu Lei's cheap clothes made Wan Hsingyu, who grew up with a golden spoon in his mouth, instinctively look down at him.

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