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Beautiful CEO's Cultivating Expert/C2 What Happened over There?
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C2 What Happened over There?

Liu Lei slowly walked on the street, feeling helpless.

After all, who wouldn't feel helpless after marrying a wife with such a bad temper and a cold personality?

Actually, he couldn't blame Xie Yuqing, because marriage wasn't voluntary and it was normal for her to have this kind of attitude.

The two of them did not have any feelings for each other. In fact, it was their first time seeing each other. As for why they were getting married so quickly, it all originated from a marriage contract.

Liu Lei was an orphan.

Master picked them up when they were still young and raised them. Master and disciple had always lived in a broken Taoist temple on a mountain.

Until today, when Master suddenly disappeared, leaving behind only a letter and a crumpled engagement.

The content of the letter was very short. It was basically asking Liu Lei to fulfill the marriage contract and marry Xie Yuqing.

Originally, he did not think much of it, nor did he intend to marry a woman that he had never seen before.

However, the helpless thing was, his Master seemed to have seen through his thoughts, and actually threatened him on the letter:

"Stinky brat, if you don't obediently get married, you will never see me again. This letter will also be my last words. You decide it yourself!"

Liu Lei had no choice but to go down the mountain alone to the city and find Xie Yuqing's parents with the marriage contract.

At first, he felt that it was a bit unreliable. After all, wanting his daughter to marry him with such a lousy piece of paper was, no matter how you looked at it, a fantasy. It was very unscientific.

Unexpectedly, after he showed his marriage contract, Xie Yuqing's parents agreed readily.

He even felt impatient.

At that time, Liu Lei was completely terrified. He was afraid that Xie Yuqing, who he had never met before, was a dinosaur with a face that split at the wrong angle. Otherwise, why would her parents marry their daughter so quickly?

However, the truth was the exact opposite.

Not only was Xie Yuqing beautiful, she was also the CEO of a well-known company in the city. She was the perfect goddess in the eyes of countless men, and the people who chased her could even line up in the next city.

Seeing that his cheap wife wasn't ugly, Liu Lei finally felt relieved.

However, Liu Lei was relieved, but Xie Yuqing was unhappy.

She was working on her documents when she was suddenly called back by her parents. She thought something had happened to her family, but it turned out to be her marriage to a man she had never met.

Any woman would strongly oppose this kind of thing, and the proud Xie Yuqing was no exception.

Normally, with so many influential young masters chasing after her, she would be too lazy to respond, so why would she marry Liu Lei?

However, Xie Yuqing's parents were abnormally resolute. They even said that they would kick her out of the family if they didn't marry Liu Lei.

Liu Lei started to sweat when he heard this. Why did he know this so well? He was the same as his teacher.

In the end, Xie Yuqing's mother pulled Xie Yuqing into the room, and the two of them whispered to each other.

In short, Xie Yuqing had finally compromised.

After coming out of the room with a cold face, he directly dragged Liu Lei to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get his marriage certificate.

Therefore, Liu Lei was not surprised that Xie Yuqing had the same attitude as before.

However, he felt slightly wronged in his heart.

Please, your father was forced to do this as well, okay?

"Master, what the hell are you doing? Why did you suddenly disappear and arrange a wife for me?"

Liu Lei sighed. He felt depressed when he thought about how he had to look at Xie Yuqing's cold face every day.

Walking aimlessly, it was unknown when they had arrived at a bustling street, but loud noises could be heard.

There were all sorts of shops on both sides of the street. Many customers went in and out of the shops, buying things they liked.

It was hot.

But it didn't affect the enthusiasm for shopping at all.

Especially since it was Sunday, most of the people were on vacation, and the flow of people on the street had increased by several fold.

Liu Lei looked around curiously, just like a country bumpkin that had never seen the world before.

In addition to his cheap clothes, countless gazes of disdain and contempt were directed at him from the surroundings.

This wasn't Liu Lei's fault. Today was the first time he experienced the bustling and lively atmosphere of the city.

Ever since he was young, his master had not allowed him to go down the mountain. For this reason, he had struggled for many years, racking his brains to think of all sorts of ways to fight with his master.

But no matter how ingenious his escape strategy was, his master would always catch him just as he was about to successfully descend the mountain.

Then he beat it up.

Liu Lei even started to suspect if his master had installed some sort of locator device on him.

Otherwise, how could she always find him accurately?

After waiting for so many years, the days of being trapped in the mountains for so many years had finally come to an end.

"What happened over there?"

At this moment, Liu Lei suddenly found himself surrounded by a large group of people. From time to time, they would point at the ground and whisper.

It was the standard appearance of a popinjay.

He could vaguely hear a girl crying. It was very pitiful.

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