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C20 The Little Demoness' Fury

The moment Wan Hsingyu said this, everyone's expression changed.

It doesn't matter if you think about it, but if you say it, that's wrong. Isn't this slapping them in the face?

Wan Shan expressed his doubts. After all, he was older, so it didn't matter much to him if he talked about the younger generation.

However, when Wan Hsingyu, who was also a young person, said it, the situation was completely different.

Furthermore, Wan Hsingyu's tone contained obvious mockery and disdain. This was even more excessive. Anyone would be angered by this.

Wan Shan hurriedly hit Wan Hsingyu on the head and scolded him, "Bastard, don't speak nonsense for me!"

"It was originally so. Grandfather, why did you hit me?" You must think so yourself! "

"How is it possible to be a Innate Stage Ancient Martial Practicer at such a young age and also a genius doctor who can cure heart disease?"

Wan Hsingyu refused to accept it and said, "I think he's a liar! he wanted to cheat money off Chen Family! We can't trust him! "

Wan Shan was very angry and felt like he had just f * cked a dog.

This brat was really strong, not only did he directly say that Liu Lei was a swindler, he even said the same thing about Chen Family.

If Liu Lei was a scammer, then what was the identity of the one who was scammed?

Therefore, it didn't matter if one's IQ was low, but having a low EQ was scary. One had to offend someone with just a few minutes.

However, Wan Hsingyu didn't see the unfriendly expressions on Chen Nanfeng's and Chen Yushu's faces and still shouted:

"From what I see, he is a Ancient Martial Practicer of the Innate Stage, and there is probably a lot of truth in that as well. I want to have a fight with him, and personally expose the appearance of this swindler!"

Chen Nanfeng's face did not look good. He was getting angry.

Liu Lei had saved his life, planned to cure his heart disease and restore his Innate Stage, and had never asked for a single cent of the Chen Family.

However, Wan Hsingyu said that Liu Lei was here to cheat money. How could Chen Nanfeng, who was grateful to Liu Lei, not be angry?

If it wasn't for the fact that he had been worried about the reputation of his old friend for so many years, he would have slapped the table and scolded loudly.

However, he needed to take into account that Chen Yushu did not need to do so. As the person who had made things difficult for Little Demoness, she did not give face to anyone when she got angry.

"Wan Hsingyu, you're done!" If you still dare to slander our benefactor with Chen Family, you will immediately scram! "

Wan Hsingyu's voice suddenly stopped, as if he was a public duck that had its neck strangled.

He dared to talk back to his grandfather, he dared to quarrel with his parents, but he just didn't dare to confront Chen Yushu.

When Chen Yushu got angry, he immediately submitted and stood there obediently, not even daring to fart.

"Old Chen, I'm sorry. My little grandson is usually spoiled by his parents. He's always so domineering wherever he goes, so don't lower yourself to the same level as him."

Wan Shan glared fiercely at Wan Hsingyu and then smiled awkwardly as he apologized to Chen Nanfeng.

Chen Nanfeng snorted: "Are you sure you should apologize to me?"

Wan Shan immediately understood what Liu Lei meant and turned around to look at him. He said embarrassedly, "Little friend, this grandson of mine is not sensible and does not follow any rules. I apologize to you on his behalf."

"It's fine." Liu Lei nodded calmly.

"Little friend sure has good self-control. You're much better than those impetuous youngsters."

Wan Shan could tell that Liu Lei was not angry at all with a single glance. He couldn't help praising Liu Lei from the bottom of his heart.

Wan Hsingyu, who was at the side, twitched his mouth and secretly ridiculed in his heart, "Acting tough!"

Of course, Liu Lei also saw the unwillingness in Wan Hsingyu's eyes. He put down the cup and said: "Wan Hsingyu, right? Didn't you say you want to have a fight with me? "Then come at me."

Wan Hsingyu was stunned by Liu Lei's sudden words: "What did you say? "You agreed to fight me?"

"What is it? It can't be that you don't dare, right? " Liu Lei asked with a smile.

"What a joke! Do you think I wouldn't dare to fight with a liar like you? If you have the guts, then scram! "

Wan Hsingyu was immediately angered by the word "dare". He rolled up his sleeves and pointed at Liu Lei as he cursed.

Chen Yushu couldn't take his scolding anymore. Her beautiful big eyes burned with anger as she said word by word:

"Ten thousand!" Star! Yu! If you continue to be disrespectful to Brother Liu Lei! I'll get someone to throw you out right now! "

Wan Hsingyu, who was hot-blooded just now, had completely forgotten that Little Demoness was still beside him.

When he heard the warning, it was as if a bucket of ice water had been poured over his head. The hot blood had been extinguished, and a cold shiver went down his spine instead.

The furious Little Demoness was extremely terrifying. She could even carry gasoline to someone else's home and do whatever she wanted.

Even Chen Nanfeng and Wan Shan had to back off when they saw Chen Yushu in this state. It gave them a headache.

However, at this moment, Liu Lei suddenly stood up and walked over. He patted Chen Yushu's head and said,

"It's fine. This kid can't beat me. Just watch from the side obediently."

Chen Yushu raised her head and saw Liu Lei. The anger on her face quickly faded away.

When she remembered that this was the second time Liu Lei had patted her head, her face slightly blushed and she obediently stood aside.

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