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C22 Bet Fairy Wine

"Fifty rounds? Are you that confident? "

Chen Nanfeng raised his eyebrows and looked at Wan Shan.

"Of course I'm confident. Let's see if you dare to bet with me." Wan Shan's eyes were filled with provocation.

"Alright, I'll bet you this! I bet that your grandson can only last twenty moves, and you bet that your grandson can last at least fifty moves, so what's the bet? "

Chen Nanfeng was also interested. When he was young, he often sparred with Wan Shan.

Now that the two of them were too old to fight, it wasn't a bad idea to just watch the fight between youngsters from the side.

"Let's bet on half a jar of Immortal Wine!" Wan Shan said.

"Celestial Wine …" Chen Nanfeng frowned, "This bet is a little too big. You must know that our great clans don't have many jars of Immortal Wine."

"What is it? You don't dare? " Wan Shan laughed contemptuously, "Then it's the old rule. The one who doesn't dare to bet wants to admit defeat and calls himself a coward!"

"Damn it!" "You old fool always likes to goad people. I'll just bet with you. I hope you won't cry when you lose!" Chen Nanfeng scolded.

"Don't worry, I won't cry." Wan Shan squinted his eyes and smiled. He had the feeling that he had succeeded in his trick.

"Humph!" I think both of you will lose! "

A melodious voice suddenly sounded. Chen Nanfeng and Wan Shan turned around at the same time and saw that Chen Yushu had arrived beside them.

With a straight face, Chen Yushu snorted coldly, "Brother Liu Lei only needs one move to kill that rookie, Wan Hsingyu!"

"Eh …"

Chen Nanfeng and Wan Shan looked at each other, both of them were speechless.

For two Ancient Martial Practicer of the same realm, killing them in a single move was too exaggerated, it was impossible, unless Liu Lei was Innate Peak.

But what was Innate Peak?

that was an existence that was infinitely close to the Grandmaster Stage!

Looking across the entire China, there was probably no one with such young Innate Peak, so the two elders didn't pay any attention to Chen Yushu's words.

But regardless of whether he cared or not, he still had to coax her into turning back into Little Demoness.

Therefore, the two old men nodded their heads, looking as if they agreed with him, "Little Shu is right! Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei can definitely kill him in one move! "

Only then did Chen Yushu's complexion improve. Satisfied, she tilted her head upwards.


In the arena at this moment.

Wan Hsingyu assumed a battle stance, but he quickly frowned.

Because Liu Lei didn't even make any movements, he just stood there casually, with a posture of neither attacking nor defending.

"Hey!" What the hell are you doing? Are you ready? " Wan Hsingyu couldn't help but shout.

If this was a battle of life or death, he would have definitely taken the initiative to strike first.

However, this was just a spar. If he attacked first before Liu Lei was ready, it would still be a victory for him.

However, Liu Lei still didn't have the slightest intention of preparing. He said lightly: "Why are you talking so much nonsense. Just attack with all your strength."

At this moment, Wan Hsingyu finally understood.

So it wasn't that Liu Lei wasn't prepared, it was that he didn't plan to, or rather, disdained to, prepare. He completely disregarded his opponent.

Wan Hsingyu's face revealed a trace of anger. His dignified Wan Family, Junior Master, had always looked down on others. Since when had he ever been looked down upon by others?

He swore that he would teach Liu Lei a lesson, even if it meant being pursued by Little Demoness!

Wan Hsingyu squatted down with all his strength and leaped forward like a cheetah.

With this leap, he crossed a distance of more than five meters and directly appeared in front of Liu Lei.


While he was still in the air, Wan Hsingyu launched an attack forcefully. He threw out an extremely sharp whip kick towards the shoulder of Liu Lei.

Under the influx of inner Qi, the leg seemed as if it was made of steel, producing a loud and clear sound as it pierced through the air.

He was confident that if this attack landed, Liu Lei's hand would immediately lose its ability to fight.

If one of his hands was missing, it meant that the winner would be decided.

For some reason, Liu Lei just stood there without dodging, as if he didn't see Wan Hsingyu's attack.

"Sigh, Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei is too arrogant." Chen Nanfeng, who was watching the fight, sighed.

Based on his previous observations, he somewhat understood Liu Lei's personality.

He seemed lazy and disrespectful, but in reality, he had a kind of pride hidden deep in his bones.

Even the two great families, Chen Wan and himself, were not taken seriously, how could he possibly take Wan Hsingyu seriously?

To underestimate an enemy was always a bad habit. It was very easy for others to defeat the strong.

Therefore, Chen Nanfeng began to feel that he might lose the bet between him and Wan Shan.

"Hahaha!" When I'm about to leave, remember to bring half a jar of Immortal Wine! "

Wan Shan naturally saw the situation within the arena and couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear. He was sure that he had won.

However, at this moment, the situation suddenly changed. Wan Shan's smile froze on his face, making him look very comical.

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