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Beautiful CEO's Cultivating Expert/C23 It Was Actually an Instant Kill!
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C23 It Was Actually an Instant Kill!

"This... "This shouldn't be possible …"

Wan Shan muttered to himself with a stiff expression as if he had seen something unbelievable.

Chen Nanfeng was also shocked, he felt like his brain had entered the state of being in.

A clean and slender hand appeared under Wan Hsingyu's calf and held Wan Hsingyu's leg firmly.

No matter how much strength Wan Hsingyu used, his face was red and his hand was as firm as a rock without the slightest bit of hesitation.

One had to know, he had Innate Stage.

This leg whip kick that was infused with inner Qi was able to easily shatter even a large rock.

However, Liu Lei was able to block this attack with only one hand. What kind of power was this?

Chen Nanfeng and Wan Shan were both shocked and their hearts were in turmoil.

They pretended to be in a different position. If they were in Liu Lei's position, they definitely wouldn't be able to do such a perverted thing.

The two of them discovered that Liu Lei was not as simple as they thought. He started to carefully watch the sparring.

Chen Yushu humphed proudly, as if she was proud of Liu Lei's performance.

At the same time, Wan Hsingyu also landed on the ground after a somersault and looked at Liu Lei with fear in his eyes.

Now, he finally put away his previous contemptuous attitude and truly treated Liu Lei as a evenly matched opponent.

"Is that all you've got?"

Liu Lei retracted his hand, and he looked a little dissatisfied.

The reason why he agreed to Wan Hsingyu's request for a fight was naturally not because he was angered by Wan Hsingyu's doubts.

In fact, his real goal was to test out the strength of the Ancient Martial Practicer and see how big the gap was between him and the Cultivator.

However, he didn't use any spiritual energy just now. He could block the attack effortlessly with just his physical strength.

This made him feel extremely disappointed, the Ancient Martial Practicer's strength was too weak.

"If you only have this little bit of strength, then you don't have to fight anymore. There's no meaning to it."

Liu Lei shook his head and turned around to leave.

This action of his had dealt an unprecedented blow to Wan Hsingyu's self-esteem. He could not help but shout, "Wait a moment!"

Liu Lei turned around and looked at Wan Hsingyu calmly.

"I didn't use my full strength just now. If you have the ability, take this attack from me!"

Wan Hsingyu's eyes narrowed. His entire demeanor was different from before, calm and dignified.

He raised his right fist and punched towards Liu Lei. His speed wasn't fast, but it gave people a feeling of a heavy and oppressive storm, as if a huge mountain was falling down.

The strangest thing was that his fist was actually covered with a layer of golden light. Although it was a bit dim, it was still real.

"Gold element!" Could it be that Wan Hsingyu has learnt an ancient martial skill?! "

Chen Nanfeng was extremely shocked. He immediately turned his head and stared at Wan Shan, gritting his teeth, "You old fox, no wonder you suddenly wanted to bet with me. So you had a conspiracy!"

Ancient martial skills were a very powerful attack method. It needed to be combined with inner qi to be used.

However, not every Ancient Martial Practicer could learn an ancient martial skill. It still needed to be seen based on talent and comprehension ability.

But once he learns it, his battle prowess will definitely skyrocket.

A Ancient Martial Practicer who had learned ancient martial arts was equivalent to an ordinary person with a weapon. Facing an ordinary person without a weapon, was practically an overwhelming advantage.

In the past, Wan Hsingyu didn't know ancient martial arts, so he must have only recently learned it.

And the reason why Wan Shan didn't say it on purpose was to cheat in the bet with Chen Nanfeng.

If Liu Lei wasn't powerful enough, Wan Shan's conspiracy might have succeeded.

"Hehehe …" "I thought you didn't ask? If you did, I'll definitely say it."

After Wan Shan was exposed, he embarrassedly smiled.

Chen Nanfeng let out a cold snort and turned his head to continue watching the spar. He was too lazy to care about this old man who had no moral integrity.

The duels continued.

Liu Lei also felt the metal element. He was stunned for a moment, then nodded and said, "Interesting. Looks like it's a bit decent now."

"However, it's useless. This is just a little more effort for me."

All of a sudden, he gathered the spiritual energy in his body into his palm and quickly grabbed Wan Hsingyu's fist.

Wan Hsingyu was in a trance and had a strange feeling. It was as if he couldn't avoid this grab no matter how he changed directions.

Sure enough, along with a "pa" sound, his fist had been tightly clenched by Liu Lei, and the condensed metal element on top of his fist had also vanished like smoke in thin air.

"I already have a rough estimate of the Ancient Martial Practicer's strength. Hmm, so it's over …"

Knowing that Wan Hsingyu had used his full strength, Liu Lei didn't want to waste any more time.

He moved with a ghost-like speed and appeared in front of Wan Hsingyu like a phantom. Then, he struck out with his palm.

This palm seemed ordinary and weak, but the power it contained could shock anyone's eyes.

Wan Hsingyu was sent flying ten meters away as if he was hit by a truck. Then, he crashed onto the ground and could no longer stand up to fight.

Chen Nanfeng and Wan Shan, who were watching the fight, were both dumbfounded. They suddenly recalled what Chen Yushu had said and could not help but tremble.

It was actually an instant kill!

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