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C24 Wan Xingyu's Disease

Chen Nanfeng and Wan Shan never thought that Chen Yushu's words, which they thought were just a joke, would actually become true.

Everyone at the scene clearly saw that Liu Lei only used that one palm strike from the beginning to the end. It was a true one-shot.

This fact caused the surroundings to fall into a deathly silence. For a long time, no one spoke, trying to digest the shock in their hearts.

Although Wan Hsingyu had just broken through the Innate Stage a few days ago, he still carried an ancient technique and his fighting strength was close to that of a mid-stage Innate.

And what about Liu Lei, who could kill him in an instant? at least it's a Innate Peak!

A Innate Peak of only around twenty years of age, this was simply unprecedented, had never been heard of before.

If this news got out, it would have an explosive impact on the entire Ancient Martial Realm.

Countless famous sects and families would also throw out their olive branches with all their might in order to win over Liu Lei.

Thinking of this, the way Chen Nanfeng and Wan Shan looked at Liu Lei changed, and their eyes were filled with admiration.

There is no order in learning, and those who reach it become masters.

especially for Ancient Martial Realm, these words were clearly expressed to the brim.

After a while, Wan Shan suddenly came back to his senses. Remembering Wan Hsingyu still lying on the ground, he ran over in panic: "Aiyo, my grandson! Are you okay? "

As for taking revenge on Liu Lei, he never thought of that.

Because sparring was something that was inherently dangerous, coupled with Wan Hsingyu's challenge, no one could pick out Liu Lei's fault.

Wan Shan held up Wan Hsingyu. His face was dispirited and his face was as pale as gold paper. The clothes on his chest were completely soaked by the blood he vomited. It made Wan Shan's heart ache.

"Don't worry, I didn't use too much strength. That kid only looked miserable on the surface, but he actually didn't have any big problems. He'll be full of energy in a few days."

Liu Lei, who had returned to his seat, said casually while sipping his tea.

If someone else beat his own grandson to such a state and even said, "I didn't hit him hard," Wan Shan would definitely fight him to the death.

But since his target was Liu Lei from Innate Peak, Wan Shan no longer had any thoughts of fighting with his life on the line.

He knew that Liu Lei had truly held back. Otherwise, killing Wan Hsingyu with a single palm strike would not have been a difficult task.

"Grandfather …" I'm fine, I'm just a little stuffy in my chest. "

Wan Hsingyu took a deep breath and shook his head.

"It's good that you're fine. It's good that you're fine."

Wu Tie heaved a sigh of relief. He cupped his hands towards Liu Lei and said, "Thank you for your mercy, little friend. I will not mind my grandson's offending."

The Ancient Martial Practicer, especially the powerful Ancient Martial Practicer, all had their own pride and dignity that could not be violated.

If it were any other Innate Peak that was questioned and looked down upon by Wan Hsingyu, they would have already been tempted to kill.

Liu Lei can spare Wan Hsingyu's life, this is already the luckiest of misfortunes.

"Little friend, you're too secretive …"

Chen Nanfeng finally found the opportunity to speak and couldn't help but look deeply at Liu Lei.

Liu Lei smiled faintly. Before he could say anything, Lili spoke up first, "Am I right? Brother Liu Lei will definitely be able to kill that rookie Wan Hsingyu in one move! "

"Now that both of you have lost, one of you owes me half a jar of Immortal Wine, no one is allowed to renege on my debt!"

Liu Lei's expression instantly turned stunned. These people actually used him to make a bet?

Chen Nanfeng was embarrassed and coughed to signal Chen Yushu not to mention it again.

When Wan Shan and Wan Hsingyu sat back down, Liu Lei glanced at Wan Hsingyu: "Kid, are you convinced yet?"

"I'm convinced, completely convinced. I hope Big Brother Liu Lei won't lower himself to my level. I apologize for the nonsense I said earlier!"

Wan Hsingyu smiled bitterly and cupped his hands.

"Brat, you're quite sensible. Fine, on account of you calling me Big Brother Liu Lei, I'll treat that disease of yours." Liu Lei chuckled.

On the account of Big Brother Liu Lei, it was actually just an excuse.

In reality, he felt that it would be better to compensate him since he had used Wan Hsingyu as an experimental subject and even beat him up to the point of vomiting blood. Otherwise, he would feel a bit sorry for himself.

"What's wrong with me? What's wrong with me? "

Wan Hsingyu was stunned for a moment before he asked with a confused expression.

If Liu Lei said that there was something wrong with him before the sparring, he definitely wouldn't believe him.

However, after seeing Liu Lei's strength, he could not help but believe it.

After all, he was an expert of the Innate Peak, how could they lie to him when he had nothing better to do?

"Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei , why is there something wrong with my grandson?" He has been healthy since he was young! " Wan Shan was slightly nervous and anxious.

"Do you know why Wan Hsingyu is so talented? His cultivation is always faster than his peers?" Liu Lei asked a question without any hurry.

Everyone was stunned. Chen Nanfeng asked tentatively, "Could it be that his good talent is related to that disease of his?"

"That's right!" Liu Lei nodded affirmatively and then said, "The problem with Wan Hsingyu is that he is naturally impotent."

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