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Beautiful CEO's Cultivating Expert/C25 He Felt like He Was Going to Collapse at Any Moment
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C25 He Felt like He Was Going to Collapse at Any Moment

Hearing Liu Lei's words, Wan Hsingyu instantly felt like he was struck by lightning and became dumbfounded.

He stood there dumbstruck, unable to speak for a moment.

A born eunuch was simply unable to be humane, unable to marry a wife and have children, and unable to enjoy the pleasures of a man.

Because the most important thing was that she couldn't do it. Even if she saw a super beauty, she wouldn't have any reaction.

"How is this possible …?" "How could this be …"

Wan Shan was also shocked. His eyes were cloudy and he continuously shook his head in a daze: "No! I don't believe it! How could my grandson be a natural eunuch? "

Chen Nanfeng frowned as he looked at Liu Lei, because this news was too shocking.

Not to mention the person in question and the person's grandfather, even he couldn't believe it.

Chen Yushu, on the other hand, trusted Liu Lei a lot and treated this as a fact. She glanced at Wan Hsingyu with some sympathy.

Little Demoness, who was fearless, even felt a little guilty.

If she had known that Wan Hsingyu was a born eunuch, she wouldn't have bullied him so much when she was young.

"Because it is not natural, there has never been the desire of a normal man. He would be more focused in whatever he does, and with the help of Yang Qi, his innate qi would not dissipate. Naturally, his innate talent would be higher than ordinary people."

Liu Lei said slowly, "If you don't believe me, Grandpa Wan can ask Wan Hsingyu. Has he never had any physical phenomena before?"

Physiological phenomena that are experienced by about 90 percent of normal men, usually during puberty, are evidence that they are beginning to develop.

If he was found out by an adult, he might even tease, "Our child has grown up."

On the other hand, if there is no such physiological phenomenon, it is likely to be abnormal.

Of course, Wan Shan knew about this. Especially when he remembered that Wan Hsingyu was a grown man and had never had a girlfriend before, his expression changed.

"Smelly brat, tell me, do you have any physiological phenomenon?"

Wan Shan glared at Wan Hsingyu. His voice was trembling as if he was afraid that he would hear some bad news.

"I... "I don't think so …"

Although this matter was very awkward, Wan Hsingyu knew that it wasn't the time to be afraid of face, so he said it with a stutter.

After getting the answer, Wan Shan collapsed on the chair like a deflated balloon, looking as if he had aged several decades in an instant.

"What kind of sin did I commit? Why …" "Why is my grandson born incapable …"

Wan Shan's face was ashen and his eyes glazed over. Even though the sun was high in the sky, he still felt that the entire world was dark.

As an old man, he didn't want his family to flourish or progress in martial arts. He only wanted to see his two grandchildren get married and have children.

But now, one of his grandchildren was born with no ability. This made him feel as if his mental state was about to collapse.

Gradually, Wan Shan's brain felt like it was being continuously smashed by a heavy hammer, and there was a series of explosions.

His breathing became rapid, his vision blurred, and the world spun around him.

Liu Lei noticed that something was wrong and frowned. He put down the teacup and quickly walked forward and pressed his palm against Wan Shan's back.

After the pure spiritual energy was sent in, Wan Shan's situation gradually recovered.

"Grandfather!" Grandpa, are you alright? Don't scare me! "

Wan Hsingyu was half-kneeling on the ground, nervously holding Wan Shan's old hand.

This was the first time he had seen his grandfather, who was growing stronger, look so scary, as if he could die at any time.

"Old Wan, you have to be calm. We are old, and unlike when we were young, we should never be sad or happy!"

Chen Nanfeng still had some lingering fear in his heart: "Luckily, Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei is here, otherwise I would have sent you to the hospital for first aid."

Wan Shan didn't care about the fact that he almost died, but when he heard Liu Lei's name, his eyes suddenly lit up.

After hearing the grievous news earlier, he was completely immersed in his grief. Only now did he suddenly remember.

Wasn't Wan Hsingyu's illness seen through by Liu Lei?

Furthermore, Liu Lei said that it could be cured!

Thinking of this, Wan Shan looked at Liu Lei and implored, "Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei , please treat my grandson. This old man will kneel down for you!"

With that, he pretended to kneel.

"Old Master Wan, you're taking away my life right now, hurry up and get up."

Liu Lei reacted quickly by summoning a ball of spiritual energy and lifted him up.

Wan Shan panicked and hurriedly pulled Wan Hsingyu away, urging him on:

"Then come kneel, Little Yu. This is a matter that concerns your life. Don't care about your face anymore. If you can't cure it, then prepare to be a eunuch."

Wan Hsingyu didn't dawdle and directly kneeled to the ground. He said pitifully, "Brother Liu Lei, you have to help me. The rest of my happiness depends on you."

"As long as you can cure my illness, I'll be your little brother in the future. I'll let you do whatever you need me to do."

"If you let me stand, I definitely won't sit. If you let me chase a dog, I definitely won't chase a chicken!"

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