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C26 Dredging Meridian

No man could remain calm after knowing they were born with the disease, let alone Wan Hsingyu, who was still young.

In the past, when he was focused on practicing martial arts and didn't have any needs or desires, he thought that it was very normal.

It was only when Liu Lei said he had such a problem that he suddenly realized he never thought about women. What a terrifying thing!

Thus, Wan Hsingyu panicked, completely and utterly panicked.

He didn't want to be a born eunuch, he wanted to have a girlfriend, he wanted to get married and have children.

As a man, losing that function was worse than death.

"Brother Lei!" You will be my brother from now on! I beg you to treat my illness! "

Wan Hsingyu looked at Liu Lei pitifully, and really wanted to rush up to hug his leg to show his sincerity.

Liu Lei said speechlessly, "Didn't I say I would help you treat your illness? Stop kneeling and get up quickly! "

"I don't need you to be my little brother either. This is my compensation to you after I beat you to a pulp."

Wan Hsingyu directly ignored the last sentence, stood up happily and said, "That's great, Brother Lei, then quickly help me treat my illness!"

Wan Shan was also instantly dispirited and asked impatiently: "Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei , do you need any tools or herbs? I'll get someone to get it immediately! "

"No need. If one is born useless, it is actually because his meridians are blocked. It is just clearing meridians. It is just a trivial matter; there is no need for anything."

Liu Lei shook his head and then said: "But Old Master Wan, I need to remind you of something."

"Wan Hsingyu's talent is high because he is born poor. If he is given a cure, it means that his talent will return to its normal state. Are you sure you need to treat him?"

"This …"

Wan Shan was a little hesitant.

He wanted his grandson to be talented, but also wanted his grandson to marry and have children.

When people could choose, they would always be greedy. If they wanted to choose both of them, they could only choose one.

"Grandfather, I don't need my talent anymore, I want to be a normal man!"

Wan Hsingyu shouted anxiously on the side.

"Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei , what do you think? Can you open your meridians in a few years?"

Wan Shan thought so. He would use these few years to train Wan Hsingyu so that he wouldn't waste his talent.

After a few years, he would be able to reach the Innate Peak, and it wouldn't be too late for him to open up more meridians.

In this way, both sides were able to achieve perfection.

However, Liu Lei heartlessly shattered his fantasies: "After the age of twenty, the meridians will be completely crippled. In that aspect, you will never be able to do it in your entire life, even if you come to find me it will be useless."

"Furthermore, the later you open up the meridian, the worse that aspect of your ability will be. For example, one year later, even if the meridian is opened properly, you would still be a three-second hero."

Wan Hsingyu was shocked when he heard about the three-second hero.

Wan Shan was also shocked and hurriedly said, "Don't have any more talent. Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei , please help my grandson clear his meridians!"

"Alright, give me your hand." Liu Lei looked at Wan Hsingyu.

Wan Hsingyu stretched out his hand with a face full of anticipation.

Wan Shan, Chen Nanfeng, and Chen Yushu were also gathered on the side. They wanted to see how Liu Lei treated inborn patients.

As a result, Liu Lei grabbed Wan Hsingyu's wrist and made a gesture of taking his pulse.

Chen Nanfeng and Wan Shan were both Ancient Martial Practicer s. They could clearly see the spirit energy coming out from Liu Lei's finger drilling into Wan Hsingyu's Jing and Mai like a dragon.

They could not see what happened after that. After all, they did not have a discerning eye.

However, what they could see was that Wan Hsingyu's face gradually turned red, like a cooked crab, or even emitting strands of heat.

About a minute later, Liu Lei suddenly shouted: "Open for me!"

Then, Wan Hsingyu seemed to have received an order. His body suddenly shook and the redness on his face slowly faded away.

Immediately after, his body began to change.

This change was not suitable for description, as it was inappropriate for children, but it was certain that he had completely recovered.

When Wan Hsingyu and Wan Shan saw this scene, they were so surprised that their eyes almost filled with tears. They were unable to open their eyes for a long time.

It was only when Chen Yushu screamed that the two of them woke up from their stupor.

Hurriedly turning around, he saw Chen Yushu covering her eyes with her hands and turning away with a flushed face.

No matter how willful Little Demoness was, she was still a sixteen year old girl.

Even through the clothes, she was still shy when she saw this for the first time.

Wan Shan came back to his senses, smilingly slapped Wan Hsingyu's head: "Brat, I didn't see you scaring Little Shu, right? "Hurry up and scram to the side to recite the Ice Heart Sutra. After you calm down, come back."

Wan Hsingyu scratched his head awkwardly and ran out of sight.

"Little friend, you are indeed skilled in the Way of Medicine. This old man is impressed!"

Chen Nanfeng looked at Liu Lei with admiration. In his heart, he became more confident about whether Liu Lei could cure his own heart disease.

Don't look at how easy Liu Lei was speaking. It was just unlocking meridians. In reality, this could only be done with the help of medical skills.

If it was someone else who didn't understand medical skills and opened up his meridians, Wan Hsingyu would probably never be able to do it.

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