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C28 Absolutely Old Driver

"Is there anything else you'd like to report to me?"

Chen Nanfeng asked when he saw the man in black didn't leave after he finished his sentence.

"There's nothing else, it's just … "But …"

The man in black stuttered, as if he had something to say.

"If you have something to say, just say it. You are a core member of our Chen Family, so you don't have to be afraid of speaking the wrong words. I will punish you."

Chen Nanfeng encouraged him in a friendly tone.

"Then, your subordinate will boldly say it!" The man in black spoke gently and carefully, "I hope that when you go out in the future, we can send someone to protect you in the dark. Only then can you ensure your safety."

"Otherwise, if something like yesterday happens again and we're not around, we won't be able to provide timely support."

Actually, Chen Nanfeng would usually bring his bodyguards to follow him out in case of any accidents.

However, yesterday, he suddenly had the urge to go out with Chen Yushu alone.

This caused everyone in Chen Family to jump in fright, and all of the blame was placed on the security personnel. They nearly tore apart the group of security personnel, causing them to complain incessantly.

Thus, the security guards had no choice but to entrust their task to the man in black.

Let the man in black tell Chen Nanfeng that he hopes he can bring along bodyguards in the future and not have an accident like yesterday.

Otherwise, next time, these security guards would probably really be dismantled by people from the Chen Family.

When Chen Nanfeng heard this, he nodded and said: "Okay, don't worry. I will bring some people with me from now on and I will pay more attention to my safety."

The black clothed man let out a sigh of relief, bowing. "If there is nothing else, then your subordinate shall take his leave."

"Mhmm, I'll send someone to investigate that thief who stole the bag and see if I can find any clues. Although the chances aren't high, I still have to try." Chen Nanfeng said.

"Yes sir!" The man in black nodded in agreement, then left.

Chen Nanfeng took a sip of the tea and asked, "Wan, which family do you think is the most likely person to take action against my Chen Family?"

"I do have a few guesses about this. Why don't we discuss it with each other and prepare in advance?" Wan Shan said thoughtfully.

Liu Lei saw that the two of them were about to start chatting again, so he quickly interrupted, "Hey hey hey, are you two old men treating me like thin air? I'm not interested in listening to your family battle plan."

"I'll have to trouble you two to find someone to take me home. After I'm gone, you two good friends can chat more slowly."

Chen Nanfeng and Wan Shan immediately looked at each other and bitterly smiled.

This time, Liu Lei not only called them old geezers, he even said they were good friends, causing them to feel very depressed.

However, the one who said this was Liu Lei, the benefactor of their two families. This really made them helpless.

"Young friend, why are you so anxious to return home? Why don't you stay for lunch? " Chen Nanfeng persuaded him to stay.

"No need, you guys can discuss about it. If you're interested, just treat me to a meal next time." Liu Lei waved his hand and refused.

"Alright, I'll get someone to send you back." Chen Nanfeng nodded and took out his phone to call someone.

At this moment, Wan Hsingyu jumped out and stopped him, "Grandpa Chen, there's no need to make a phone call. Sending Brother Lei home is my little brother's responsibility. I would lose a lot of face if I were to be sent home."

"Sure, then I'll send it to you." Chen Nanfeng put his phone away with a chuckle.

Liu Lei said in a speechless manner, "Say, can't you have some face? When did I agree to let you be my little brother?"

"If you aren't your little bro, then you're my henchman. Brother Lei, just let me give you a ride. I have good driving skills, I'm definitely an old driver!"

Wan Hsingyu's chest was thumping loudly. He wanted to perform his car skill on the spot for Liu Lei.

Wan Shan's face turned black when he heard Wan Hsingyu call himself a henchman. He almost couldn't hold back the urge to kick Wan Hsingyu.

"Suit yourself. Whoever can send me home is fine." Liu Lei shook his head helplessly. He didn't want to talk to this shameless guy anymore.

"That's great! Brother Lei, please get in the car! " Wan Hsingyu was extremely happy. He quickly ran to the car and opened the door.

The service was very considerate and seemed like it was meant to be a henchman's errand.

"I'm going too, I just happen to be going to school!"

Chen Yushu also followed along and sat in the back seat with Liu Lei.

After greeting the two seniors, Wan Hsingyu drove away with Liu Lei and Chen Yushu, leaving Chen Family Manor.

After the three left, Wan Shan said slowly: "This Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei is young and capable, not only is he a Ancient Martial Practicer of Innate Stage, he also possesses extraordinary medical skills."

"I feel that we have to think of a way to win him over. If we can win him over, then our chances of winning against the other clans will increase by a lot."

Chen Nanfeng looked at Wan Shan vigilantly. "It's fine to win him over, but don't think about using him. Don't think about playing any tricks either."

"He saved my life. If you dare to harm him, I'm not going to let you go!"

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