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C29 Actually You Have a Natural Advantage

"Chen Nanfeng!" What the f * ck do you think I am? " Wan Shan was infuriated. He slapped the table and glared as he started to curse.

"Who are you? Have you not counted for yourself? "Who was the one who cheated in the gambling match just now?"

Chen Nanfeng glanced at Wan Shan.

Mentioning this matter, Wan Shan instantly lost his temper and said embarrassedly: "Isn't this matter over? Why are you being so fussy like an old lady?"

"Who told you to have such a bad character and like to play tricks? If I don't warn you, you might do something. " Chen Nanfeng said lightly.

"Even if I do something to you, I won't do anything to Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei , okay? Don't forget, not only is he your savior, he is also my savior! "

Wan Shan said in a deep voice, "He cured my grandson's impotence and even transferred his Qi into my body when I almost collapsed, helping me to survive this."

"I haven't even repaid him for these two favors, so how could I possibly do anything that would harm him?"

Chen Nanfeng's expression relaxed a bit: "Then how are you going to win him over?"

"There are a lot of ways to win over a person, but the other methods aren't suitable for Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei , so I think it's better to be sincere and treat him as a friend of the family."

"After a long time, when our friendship has deepened, will he be able to stand idly by and watch when something happens to our two families?"

Wan Shan told his plan.

"Not bad, just use this move. You're really an old fox. I'm afraid you've already thought about this in your heart."

Chen Nanfeng smiled. This plan was not detrimental to Liu Lei, so he agreed.

"Hehehe …" "Actually, you have a natural advantage. You can quickly rope Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei in."

Wan Shan suddenly laughed sinisterly.

Chen Nanfeng was stunned for a moment and then asked, "What natural advantage?"

"You have a beautiful granddaughter!"

Wan Shan's eyes lit up as he looked over, "Think about it, if your granddaughter can be together with Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei , wouldn't he be your grandson-in-law?"

"We'll be family then, and we'll just tie them to our chariots!"

When Chen Nanfeng heard this, he pointed at Wan Shan and scolded, "You old fool, you actually want to use my granddaughter as a bargaining chip and as a tool to win her over. Do you believe that I won't kill you?!"

"Don't be angry yet. Can't you see that Little Shu has a good impression of him?"

Wan Shan quickly asked back, afraid that Chen Nanfeng would come to fight him alone if he opened his mouth too late.

"Good impression? It does seem to be a little. "

Chen Nanfeng thought about what happened before and said, "I watched her grow up, but I've never seen a man who could make her listen to him obediently."

"Even I and her dad probably can't do it, I don't even know what kind of magic is on Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei ."

Wan Shan, on the other hand, didn't seem surprised at all: "He's a young man, handsome and handsome, it's normal for Little Shu to have a good impression of him, what's there to be surprised about."

"Just like when we were young, wasn't it also a bunch of beauties rushing over to get married?"

Thinking back to the past, Chen Nanfeng couldn't help but laugh: "You're really shameless, those beauties were clearly coming for me."

Then, he thought for a moment and said, "It might actually be a match between Little Shu and Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei …"

"Haha, don't you think so yourself?" Wan Shan immediately laughed.

"Scram!" "I don't have any intention of using Little Shu as a bargaining chip. I would only think so if Little Shu seemed to have a good impression of him."

"If Little Shu doesn't have a good impression of him, even if he's the reincarnation of the Jade Emperor, I still wouldn't marry Little Shu off to him!"

Chen Nanfeng glared fiercely at Wan Shan, as if he was about to attack if Wan Shan dared to speak anymore nonsense.

Wan Shan quickly surrendered: "Alright, alright, I got it. I was just joking with you. Why are you so excited?"

"Don't joke with my granddaughter!" Chen Nanfeng snorted.

Wan Shan nodded helplessly, and then said very seriously, "But I suggest you think about it carefully. After all, there aren't many outstanding young people like Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei ."

"I don't have a granddaughter. If I want a granddaughter, I will definitely play along with Young Fellow Taoist Liu Lei ."

"Also, if Little Shu is with him, aren't you more at ease? With his medical skills, he can ensure Little Shu's health, and with his formidable strength, he can protect Little Shu's safety! "

Chen Nanfeng's heart skipped a beat. He even really hoped that Liu Lei and Chen Yushu could be together.

However, he suppressed this thought, shook his head and said, "Descendants will have their own sons and grandsons. They can decide their own matters on their own. I won't interfere and let them freely develop."

"Fine, as long as you don't interfere. Just wait and see. I dare to say that they will be together in less than a month."

Wan Shan said with a confident smile.

"It's not like she's your granddaughter. Why are you worrying so much?"

Chen Nanfeng fiddled with the tea set and said, "We two old guys should just play chess, drink some tea, and talk about how to play games with the other families."

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