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Beautiful CEO's Cultivating Expert/C3 Beautiful Loli Please Ask for Help
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C3 Beautiful Loli Please Ask for Help

Since he was free anyway, Liu Lei walked curiously towards the crowd to see what was happening.

1.8 meters was a bit of an advantage for him. When he walked to the periphery of the crowd, he saw the situation inside.

It was a white-haired old man lying on the ground, and beside him was a girl about fifteen to sixteen years old.

When Liu Lei saw the girl's face, his eyes immediately lit up. He exclaimed in his heart, what a great Beautiful Loli.

Maybe the term loli wasn't suitable for girls of such an age, but for Liu Lei, as long as he was cute enough, he could call her loli.

Beautiful Loli's facial features were exquisite, like a piece of art carved from jade. There were no flaws at all.

Her nose was small and cute, her cherry lips were rosy and moving, and her bright big eyes had long eyelashes, as if a light blink could make a person's heart grow tender.

Her fair skin was as white as jade and slightly red, giving others an impulse to pinch her.

But now, Beautiful Loli was crying non-stop. Her cute face was filled with tears.

The men's hearts ached when they saw this scene. They couldn't wait to rush forward and hug Beautiful Loli to comfort her.

However, no one dared to step forward in this situation. After all, there were too many people who had met with trouble these days.

No one wants to lose money and lose everything.

"Is there a doctor here?" "Hurry up and save my grandpa …"

Beautiful Loli knelt beside the old man with tears falling to the ground. She cried, feeling wronged, "My grandfather had a heart attack, but I accidentally lost the first aid potion. What should I do now …"

"Little girl, you should hurry up and call an ambulance." One of the aunties on the side could not bear to see this any longer, so she suggested.

"I've already called them, but the nearest hospital said it would take them ten minutes to get here. I'm afraid grandpa won't be able to last that long." Beautiful Loli sobbed and wiped away her tears.

At this moment, the old man was in a very bad condition. Not only was his face flushed red, he was also having difficulty breathing. He held his heart as if he was about to die.

The crowd instantly quietened down. Although most of them had never had a heart attack, they had heard of it before. This was an illness that could kill a person within minutes once it flared up.

Looking at the old man's current condition, it was basically impossible for him to last until the ambulance.

Thinking of this, everyone looked at Beautiful Loli with sympathy and pity.

Watching his family die was a huge blow to anyone.

"Wuwuwu …" "Grandpa, don't go …"

Seeing the looks in everyone's eyes, Beautiful Loli seemed to have predicted the worst possible outcome, and she cried even harder.

Her small hand gripped the corner of the old man's shirt tightly, as if the old man would leave her if she let him go.

Many of the onlookers' eyes were red. They were all infected by this scene of separation.

"Sigh …" "It's just that I'm too soft-hearted." Liu Lei, who had been silently standing in the crowd, sighed.

Soon after, he walked into the crowd and shouted, "Give way, give way! I'm here to save him. If we delay any longer, that old man will really die."

Liu Lei was tall and strong. He was young and strong. He easily made a path through the crowd.

The people who were assigned to either side staggered, feeling extremely dissatisfied. They all began to complain and complain.

"What are you trying to push yourself for!"

"Save her? What are you talking about!"

"This is a heart attack. Can't you get it treated in the hospital?"

"Hehe, I think he is just pretending to save her, but in reality, he is trying to hit on the beautiful lady beside him right?"

"His grandfather is about to die, yet you still want to get into trouble for him. You're just a scum!"

"Look at your equipment, which construction site did you come from?" I beg you to pretend to be a doctor and change your clothes too, okay? If someone like you is a doctor, then I'll be a small magpie reincarnated and Hua Tuo will be alive! "

For a time, all sorts of rumors and rumors assaulted his ears.

Liu Lei was a bit speechless. Beautiful Loli cried so miserably that no one was willing to help her. Now that he stood out and saved her, these people who were eating melon seeds really couldn't help but spurt out blood. They were really drunk.

He was too lazy to care about these people, so he continued to walk inside. It was more important to save them now, the old man really could not hold on much longer.

"Will you save my grandfather? I beg you to save my grandfather! "

Beautiful Loli was also in a desperate situation. After hearing what Liu Lei said, she didn't care whether he looked like a doctor or not, and directly begged him. Her big and beautiful eyes were filled with tears.

No normal man would be able to stand being looked at so pitifully by a cute Beautiful Loli.

Liu Lei was also stunned for a moment before he recovered and said with a smile, "Don't worry, your grandpa will be fine very soon."

Beautiful Loli didn't know why, but when she saw Liu Lei's smile, her anxious and flustered mood gradually calmed down. She then nodded heavily and looked at Liu Lei with great anticipation.

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