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C30 I'm Always Free

After bringing Liu Lei and Chen Yushu away from Chen Family's great manor, since Chen Yushu's school was relatively close, Wan Hsingyu decided to head over to the school first.

In the car, Chen Yushu kept pestering Liu Lei and asking him about his past. She was very curious about him.

This little loli's eyes were full of stars and she was full of admiration for Liu Lei. It was as if she was going to become his little girl.

It was because Liu Lei had saved her grandfather and cured Wan Hsingyu. Furthermore, his martial arts were also so powerful that it made people curious.

If it was someone else chattering beside his ear, Liu Lei might have kicked him away a long time ago.

However, this was an adorable loli. He could only helplessly accompany her as they chatted:

"Actually, I don't have much past. I grew up on the mountain and have been learning under my master. This is my first time going down the mountain these few days."

"That Brother Liu Lei, other than medical skills and martial arts, do you know anything else?"

Chen Yushu turned into a curious baby, wanting to ask everything.

"I know a lot. For example, curse techniques, alchemy, and ghost catching. In any case, I know a few of all sorts of strange things."

This time, Liu Lei was smart and directly changed the concocting of pills into concocting pills, trying his best to not expose the identity of the Cultivator.

After hearing his words, Chen Yushu and Wan Hsingyu exclaimed at the same time, "Capturing ghosts?!"

Liu Lei was shocked by their sudden yells, then he said with a speechless face: "Why are you two so shocked?"

"Wah!" "Brother Liu Lei, you can catch ghosts?"

Chen Yushu hugged Liu Lei's arm, her eyes beaming as she asked.

Liu Lei's expression was slightly uncomfortable because Chen Yushu was too close to him. He could even smell the delicate fragrance of the girl on Chen Yushu's body, which was filled with charm and intoxicating.

Even though he usually spoke frivolously and liked to play with Xie Yuqing and Chen Yushu, in reality, he was a real virgin who had never held a girl's hand before.

There was no helping it, he had been living on the mountain the entire time. There wasn't even a shadow of a person in that desolate place, let alone a woman.

Therefore, it was the first time in his life that he was so close to a girl. It was normal for him to feel a little uncomfortable.

However, this discomfort only lasted for a few seconds, and Liu Lei quickly got used to the benefits.

He wasn't a eunuch, and he definitely wasn't someone that would be taken advantage of by the wind. He couldn't just push Chen Yushu away and say, "Young lady, please have some self-respect."

He felt that such actions were too foolish. It was the truth to quietly enjoy it.

How great was this feeling of being surrounded by soft and gentle jade? He even secretly commented in his heart, "This little girl is pretty impressive!"

Seeing that Liu Lei was silent, Chen Yushu had a strange expression on her face. She soon realized that her posture was too intimate, so she quickly retracted her hand as if she was shocked by electricity.

Liu Lei sighed secretly. The benefits were gone, the time was too short and he didn't have the time to savor it carefully.

Due to this incident, Chen Yushu was too shy to talk and stopped asking questions. The atmosphere inside the car suddenly became awkward.

However, Wan Hsingyu, that idiot, did not notice at all. He even asked with his face full of gossip, "Brother Lei, keep talking. I'm really curious. Is there really a ghost in this world?"

"Nonsense!" Pig, dog, cow, sheep, metal plant, everything has a soul, so why can't there be a ghost? " Liu Lei said rudely.

Wan Hsingyu's face was full of grievance. He didn't understand why Liu Lei suddenly became so fierce, but he didn't dare to say anything.

Soon, they arrived at Chen Yushu's school.

After getting off the car, Chen Yushu took a few steps toward the school. However, her speed was extremely slow, as if she was hesitating about something.

Finally, she gathered up her courage and ran back. Looking at Liu Lei, she asked shyly, "Brother Liu Lei, can I ask you out to play in the future?"

Liu Lei smiled evilly, "Is it a date? I'm always free. "

Chen Yushu was even more shy now. Her face was as red as blood. She smiled and said, "You wish!"

Then she turned and ran into the school, walking briskly, as if in a good mood.

Liu Lei was also in a good mood. Compared to his wife, who had a cold expression all day, he liked this cute little loli more.

"Brother Lei, I really admire you. You even dare to pick up this Lili, and she doesn't dislike you at all."

Wan Hsingyu said in admiration as he started the car.

"Of course, with Big Brother Chong's looks, what other girls wouldn't be able to win him over?"

Liu Lei smiled proudly.

Narcissism was actually an emotion everyone had. The difference was that they didn't dare to say it out loud. This was a question of their thick skin.

And Liu Lei, he was obviously the one with thicker skin.

Wan Hsingyu found the opportunity to flatter her. He grabbed hold of it tightly and praised, "Of course there's no girl that Brother Lei can't pick up. Because Brother Lei, you are a super unrivalled male god!"

"From the age of 80 to the age of 8, as long as it's a woman, they won't be able to stand Brother Lei's charm. As long as you put on your electric eye, all the women on the street will come and throw themselves into his arms."

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