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C5 Cultivator!

"I just started cultivating today, and the spiritual energy in my body is too little. Otherwise, it wouldn't have taken that long to protect that old man's heart meridian. It seems that I still need to practice more."

After leaving the busy street, Liu Lei concluded in his heart as he strolled around.

That's right, the white mist that he sent into the old man's body earlier was the spirit energy mentioned in all sorts of fantasy novels.

And he, Liu Lei, was the legendary Cultivator!

It sounds incredible, but it's true.

Ever since he was young, his teacher had imparted him all kinds of strange knowledge. Every single piece of knowledge that was imparted to him was enough to make an ordinary person exclaim in amazement and disbelief.

Ghost Catcher, Medical Skills, Pill Refinement, Talisman Drawing, Incantation Technique …

Liu Lei couldn't even remember how much he had learned. There were a lot of things he could never use up.

When he was young and ignorant.

He did not know what this knowledge represented.

When he grew up, his master bought him a cell phone and computer. Only then did he gradually understand from the internet just how shocking this knowledge was. It was the most precious treasure in the world!

But no matter how much knowledge he had learned, his master always reminded him that he must remember his identity. He was neither a doctor nor a Taoist, but a Cultivator.

Liu Lei had always kept this reminder in mind.

Now that he thought about it, that stinky old man was really a supreme expert, an existence that was completely out of the ordinary.

However, this otherworldly expert was truly a bit strange. Not only did he like to watch porridge, he also liked to watch porridge.

Liu Lei's mouth couldn't help but twitch every time he thought of this.

Even though his master had taught him a lot of knowledge, she had never allowed him to start training, saying that the time was not right yet.

Only when he disappeared today did the letter tell him that he could start cultivating.

Liu Lei had been thinking.

What was this opportunity?

Furthermore, while allowing him to start cultivating, he even forced him to go down the mountain and marry Xie Yuqing. There must be a connection between these two things.

As for what the connection was, he could not figure it out in a short period of time, so he decided to put it aside.

In any case, his master would never harm him.

He firmly believed in this!

"I need to buy some herbs to assist in my cultivation. The spiritual energy in the city is too sparse. If I were to cultivate normally, my progress would be very slow."

Liu Lei calculated silently in his heart.

Those comics and novels were right, Earth was no longer suitable for cultivation. The air was filled with the pollution from the car's exhaust, and there was almost no trace of spiritual energy.

Fortunately, he had found the air in the mountains earlier this morning, otherwise it would have been difficult to find it in this city.

If he wanted to cultivate in the city, he would have to rely on external resources.

For example, precious herbs, heavenly and earthly treasures.

The threshold for medicinal herbs was the lowest, so Liu Lei had been looking for a suitable medicine store.

Along the way, he saw a few medicinal materials shops. Unfortunately, the quality of the medicinal materials inside were too poor. They were all substandard products that were grown by hand in batches. Liu Lei did not like them at all.

What he wanted was that kind of pure natural medicine that would grow in the forest. It was the most suitable medicine to assist in his cultivation.

They could be planted, but they had to be in the wild.

The herbs grown in the city would only be polluted by the air and would greatly reduce the medicinal properties of the herbs.

"Hmm? "Why is the surrounding Spiritual Energy so dense?"

Liu Lei suddenly stopped and looked surprised.

He was certain that there was something good nearby and that the spiritual energy was radiating from this item.

Looking around, he found himself wandering to a rather remote area.

This was the outskirts of the city, and there were fewer people here.

However, due to the silence, many rich people liked to buy villas in the suburbs.

Xie Yuqing lived in a villa over here. Usually, she lived alone and not with her parents.

Liu Lei followed the direction that the spiritual energy was coming from and found that there were many shops and some relatively cheap and simple residential buildings.

For a city to have areas with high housing prices, there would definitely be areas with low housing prices. This area should be where the lower housing prices were. Some poor families lived in this area.

As he continued walking forward, a medicine store entered his sight.

The medicine store's house was the worst in the area. It looked like it had been in repair for a long time. Next to it, there were also a few small shops and fruit stores.

Liu Lei was 100% sure that the spiritual energy was emitted from this dilapidated medicine store.

Influenced by the spiritual energy, even the fruit in the fruit shop next to them became exceptionally bright and healthy.

If an ordinary person were to live in the vicinity, they would definitely be able to extend their lifespan.

Liu Lei touched the 5 million check in his pocket and felt lucky. Luckily Xie Yuqing gave him the money, otherwise, he wouldn't have the money to buy the good herbs.

He then walked towards the medicine store.

From the distance, he heard the sound of objects being smashed. There was even a metal pot flying out of the medicine store and smashing towards his head.

As a Cultivator, he naturally wouldn't be hit by an iron pot. Liu Lei casually flipped the iron pot and was very puzzled in his heart.

What the hell was this? Was the house being demolished?

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