Beautiful CEO's Cultivating Expert/C6 A Piece of Rotten Grass Costs a Hundred Thousand Yuan
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Beautiful CEO's Cultivating Expert/C6 A Piece of Rotten Grass Costs a Hundred Thousand Yuan
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C6 A Piece of Rotten Grass Costs a Hundred Thousand Yuan

In the dilapidated medicine shop.

Five or six scantily dressed delinquents were recklessly smashing all the items in the shop.

The counter, tables and chairs, glass mirrors, pots and pans were all smashed into pieces, and the floor was a mess.

Boss of the Medicine Shop, who was standing on the side with a nervous expression, kept shouting: "Don't smash it..." "Don't smash it …"

He didn't dare to stop them.

"It's fine if you don't want to smash it. When are we going to pay the money back?"

The delinquent leader seemed to be tired, he stopped and lit a cigarette, then slapped Boss of the Medicine Shop's face arrogantly.

Boss of the Medicine Shop smiled apologetically with a low voice: "When this herb is sold, I will definitely return the money …"

"F * ck!" That's what you said last time, and what happened? You only returned one thousand yuan a month! "

The delinquent leader pushed Boss of the Medicine Shop to the ground and scolded: "I think you just want to f * cking go back on your word, keep smashing! Those trash medicinal herbs must be out of date, so let's burn them along the way! "

"Don't! "Don't burn my medicinal herbs!"

Boss of the Medicine Shop, who didn't even dare to resist after his store was smashed to pieces, became anxious when he heard that the delinquent was going to burn medicinal herbs.

The little hoodlum beside him did not care about him at all. He immediately took down a jade-green medicinal herb from the shelf and started to burn it.

But right at this moment …

A figure rushed in like lightning and quickly snatched the medicine from the hands of the little hoodlum.

The figure was Liu Lei. He examined the herb carefully with eyes filled with surprise: "Green Vine Spirit Herb! It's actually the Green Vine Spirit Herb! "

No wonder the spirit energy here was so dense, so there was a Green Vine Spirit Herb in this medicine store!

According to Master, in the legendary Cultivation Realm, this kind of medicine wasn't very precious, like a cabbage.

However, this was not the case on a planet where spiritual energy was scarce. This type of herb might not even be found deep in the mountains or in the forests.

In terms of medicinal properties, it was stronger than ginseng.

The most important thing was that Green Vine Spirit Herb were very suitable for supporting cultivation, they were almost customized to assist cultivation!

From Liu Lei's line of sight, the Green Vine Spirit Herb looked fresh and green, with a faint glow. The spirit energy within was so dense that it even overflowed.

With a light sniff, the spirit energy that was used to protect the old man's heart meridian had already been completely recovered.

"I never thought that I would be so lucky as to run into a Green Vine Spirit Herb when I was casually strolling around."

The corner of Liu Lei's mouth curled up as he smiled in satisfaction. He wanted nothing more than to bring the Green Vine Spirit Herb back to his house for cultivation.

"Hey!" "Who is that stinking brat? What did he come here for?" The delinquent that had his medicinal ingredients taken looked at Liu Lei in annoyance.

The other delinquents were also stunned by Liu Lei's sudden appearance, then they looked him up and down.

"Coming to the medicine store is obviously to buy medicine, or else do you want to come for a meal?" Liu Lei looked at the delinquent with a puzzled expression, as if he was looking at a retard.

The little hoodlum was about to get angry, but was stopped by the hoodlum with the cigarette in his mouth, indicating him to wait and see.

Liu Lei didn't care about these hooligans anymore, and directly looked at Boss of the Medicine Shop, waving the Green Vine Spirit Herb in his hand: "Boss, are you selling this herb or not?"

"Youngster, why don't you come again next time? I have something to do …"

Boss of the Medicine Shop carefully glanced at the hoodlums and winked at Liu Lei, hinting him to leave quickly.

"Don't bother about us, do your business!" The delinquent leader pointed at Boss of the Medicine Shop with his cigarette, with a threatening tone.

"Fine." Boss of the Medicine Shop nodded helplessly, then looked towards the Green Vine Spirit Herb and said: "The price of this herb is one hundred thousand dollars."

Before Liu Lei could reply, the delinquents on the side exploded with a look of surprise on their faces.

"What?" A piece of rotten grass costs a hundred thousand dollars? "

"Why don't you just rob them?"

"I really can't tell, boss. You even have the talent to cheat!"

The delinquent leader took a puff on his cigarette and sneered, "But you still have to see your target even if you're deceiving him. This poor laborer probably can't even afford ten thousand, and you still want to scam him for a hundred thousand, hehe!"

"No, I'm not lying!"

Boss of the Medicine Shop waved his hand and hurriedly explained, "This kind of herb is quite rare. Although I don't know its name, its medicinal value is very high. A hundred thousand yuan is definitely worth it."

"Pull it down!" Even in a remote place like yours, there are rare medicinal herbs? " The delinquent leader flicked the ash off his cigarette in disdain.

Liu Lei who had been silent all this time suddenly said: "100 thousand? "It's not expensive, I'll buy it."

The delinquent leader was immediately shocked. Just as he put the cigarette into his mouth, he was caught off guard and almost swallowed the entire cigarette.

A piece of broken grass for a hundred thousand yuan was actually sold, and it was not expensive at all?!

Stunned for a while, the delinquent leader finally came back to his senses, and sneered: "Be careful of my tongue, do you have a hundred thousand dollars? Bring it out for us to see! "

The other hoodlums who were stunned also reacted when they heard their boss's words, and they all looked at Liu Lei with disdain.

Obviously, they all felt that Liu Lei was just bragging, so it was impossible for him to be able to take out a hundred thousand yuan.

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