Beautiful CEO's Cultivating Expert/C7 You Can't Take This Cheque away from Me
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Beautiful CEO's Cultivating Expert/C7 You Can't Take This Cheque away from Me
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C7 You Can't Take This Cheque away from Me

"Lad, are you really going to buy it?" Boss of the Medicine Shop asked in a testing manner with a doubtful expression.

He didn't think that Liu Lei would buy it, he thought Liu Lei would be scared off the moment he heard the price.

However, he never would have thought that Liu Lei would actually want to buy it.

However, would he be able to take out the one hundred thousand yuan?

Faced with many looks of doubt and disdain, Liu Lei didn't say anything. He directly took out the cheque Xie Yuqing gave him from his pocket and handed it over to Boss of the Medicine Shop.

Boss of the Medicine Shop took the cheque in confusion. After taking a glance at it, his entire body froze.

Seeing that, the delinquents immediately ran over to take a look, and then collectively exclaimed: "Damn! "Five million?!"

These hooligans had never seen such a large amount of money in their lives. Furthermore, this amount of money was taken out of the pockets of the poor laborers in their eyes. This shocked them even more.

"Impossible!" This cheque must be fake! " The delinquent leader shook his head. Even if he was beaten to death, he didn't believe that Liu Lei could come up with such a large sum of cheque.

Then, he seemed to have thought of something and mocked, "Brat, do you think that you can just buy a cheque book and fill in the numbers by yourself? "What wishful thinking!"

"I'm not buying things from you, what are you talking about here?" Liu Lei said lightly: "Besides, if it's fake, can't you just take the cheque to someone else to verify it?"

"Who are you looking for to verify?" The delinquent leader did not care about Liu Lei's rudeness towards him, he was more concerned about whether this cheque was real or fake.

"I know a neighbor. His son works at the bank. Should I get his help to verify his work?" Boss of the Medicine Shop suggested.

"If he works at the bank, he'll definitely be able to recognize the cheque as genuine. Xiao Fei, accompany this old fogey!"

The head delinquent immediately made up his mind and called out a lackey to go with Boss of the Medicine Shop to the neighbor's house.

When Boss of the Medicine Shop and Boss of the Medicine Shop left with the cheque, the delinquent leader looked at Liu Lei and sneered, "Smelly brat, if the cheque is fake, I will let you come in and get you out!"

Liu Lei stood there minding his own business, as if he did not care about the hoodlum leader's threat.

This was like a small ant saying that it would bite a lion to death. Naturally, the lion would not care.

As for that cheque, Liu Lei never suspected it was fake. Xie Yuqing was the CEO of a large company, how could she fool him with a fake cheque?

Fifteen minutes later.

The subordinate and Boss of the Medicine Shop returned.

Upon entering, that lackey excitedly shouted: "Boss, the cheque is real!"

The delinquent leader's eyes immediately emitted a greedy light, "Very good, very good! "Close the door!"


The medicine store door was closed, and the room was no longer illuminated by the sunlight. The light instantly dimmed quite a bit.

"Old boy, hand over the cheque obediently!" The delinquent leader looked at Boss of the Medicine Shop with an impatient expression.

This was five million! If he could get this amount of money, he would definitely be able to stay carefree for a long time.

Or they could use it to honor their boss, and if their boss admires them, it would be possible for them to ascend to the throne.

Thus, the head of the gang was determined to get the money, no matter what the method was, he had to get it!

"This is the customer's money for buying medicine for me …" Boss of the Medicine Shop hesitated and didn't want to hand over the cheque.

"Hehe, you're talking about that kid. He's probably too scared to move, so you don't need to worry about him."

The delinquent leader glanced at Liu Lei and said disdainfully, "He's just a common laborer. He can't do anything."

From the looks of it, Liu Lei probably got the cheque due to good luck.

For example, saving a rich person, or helping a rich person f * cking cross the road, in any case, it was given to him by someone else, it couldn't possibly be his.

Judging from Liu Lei's attire, he was definitely not some important person with an important identity or background. Otherwise, the delinquent leader wouldn't dare to openly snatch the cheque.

To sum it up, he was picking on the weak persimmon.

"Alright, cut the crap. Hurry up and hand over the cheque. Don't force our hands!" The delinquent leader put his hand on Boss of the Medicine Shop's shoulder, with a hint of threat in his eyes.

Boss of the Medicine Shop's face was bitter and he did not dare to resist. He could only look at Liu Lei apologetically and prepared to take out the cheque.

"You can't take this cheque." Liu Lei, who was always very quiet, suddenly opened his mouth at this moment, causing the delinquents to be stunned.

The delinquent leader frowned, "What did you say?"

"Are you deaf?" Liu Lei rolled his eyes: "I said, you can't take this cheque away, I still need to use it to buy medicine."

The delinquent leader's expression instantly turned extremely ugly. He had always thought that Liu Lei would not dare to make a sound, but now, he was slapped across the face.

Anger boiled in his heart. A small laborer dared to embarrass him like this? If he didn't teach this lesson, how could he still have any prestige in front of his underlings in the future?

And so … With a "whoosh"!

The delinquent took out a sharp dagger and stared at Liu Lei viciously, as if he would stab at Liu Lei at any time.

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