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Beautiful CEO's Cultivating Expert/C8 Young People These Days Are Really Awesome
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C8 Young People These Days Are Really Awesome

"Don't be impulsive, don't be impulsive, we have something to talk about!"

Seeing the delinquent take out a dagger, Boss of the Medicine Shop was shocked and wanted to stop him.


The delinquent leader roughly pushed Boss of the Medicine Shop away, then looked at Liu Lei and viciously said: "Brat, do you have the guts to repeat what you said just now again?"

"I advise you to put away your dagger, otherwise you will be injured later and don't regret it." Liu Lei said lightly.

"Damn it!" You still dare to threaten your father? Today, I will give you some blood so that you will know who you shouldn't provoke! "

The delinquent leader's face twisted. He never expected Liu Lei to threaten him instead of begging for mercy.

He instantly felt the blood rush to his head, and hatred welled up in his heart. He gripped his dagger tightly and stabbed it towards Liu Lei.

"It's over, it's over, someone's going to die …"

Boss of the Medicine Shop's legs were trembling as he mumbled to himself with a trembling voice. The situation had progressed to this stage that completely exceeded his expectations. It was difficult to end up like this.

But very quickly, Boss of the Medicine Shop opened his eyes wide because the plot suddenly reversed itself.

When the dagger was about to hit Liu Lei, Liu Lei raised his hand and quickly patted the delinquent leader's arm.

Then, the thug turned the dagger in his right hand and stabbed it into his left shoulder!

With a "pu" sound, the dagger went all the way to its hilt. The delinquent leader immediately screamed miserably as blood started to flow out from his left shoulder.

"See, I already told you to put away your dagger, but you just didn't listen. Are you hurt this time?" Liu Lei shrugged and said helplessly.

Although there was nothing wrong with Liu Lei's tone and words, in the eyes of the lackey, it was pure mockery. The lackey's expression instantly turned ferocious.

Especially when he saw his subordinates still in a daze, the delinquent leader became even angrier and shouted, "What the hell are you guys still standing there for? Everyone attack together! "F * ck this bastard to death!"

The hooligans reacted and pulled out all kinds of weapons from their clothes, including electric batons, iron chains, brick, hammer, wooden sticks, and so on. Then they surrounded Liu Lei.

"You can throw away your weapons and apologize to me. There's still time." Liu Lei was not afraid of being surrounded at all, his expression was still calm.

"Sorry your ass!" The hooligans were used to being tyrannical and did not think of apologizing, nor did they put Liu Lei in their eyes.

With so many people, the delinquents were very confident, so they directly waved their weapons towards Liu Lei.

Liu Lei frowned slightly. These people really don't know what's good for them. It seems like I have to teach them a lesson.

This time, he didn't wait on the spot and directly rushed forward. Both of his hands were like lightning as he quickly attacked, hitting each of the delinquents in the face.

Pah pah pah pah pah!

Clear and loud slapping sounds could be heard.

The hooligans flew in all directions like gunny sacks, their teeth clattering all over the ground.

This time, he really was looking for teeth everywhere. All the teeth were mixed together, and no one could tell which one was his.

Everything happened too fast. In an instant, all the delinquents that wanted to attack Liu Lei fell onto the ground, covering their face and wailing in pain.

The delinquent leader was dumbfounded. He could not understand how an ordinary laborer could have such great skills.

Even his worshipped super fighter 'Brother Tiger' couldn't kill so many people in an instant, right?

The delinquent leader began to realize that they seemed to have gotten into a tough spot, but now he realized that it was already too late.

"Still trying to rob me of my cheque?" Liu Lei slowly walked in front of the delinquent and looked at him calmly.

The delinquent leader knew that he had to lower his head now that the situation was better than it was before. He gritted his teeth and said, "Today is my fault. I admit defeat. I will bring my men and go."

With that, the head of the gang was about to go over to support the delinquents on the ground.

But at this moment, Liu Lei said: "Stop, did I allow you to leave?"

The delinquent leader stopped in his tracks, he turned around and frowned: "Didn't you already injure us? "You're still not letting us leave?"

"The reason for injuring you guys is because you attacked me. This matter has already been resolved." Liu Lei said lightly, "But, the matter about you offending me has not been resolved, so you can't leave."

"Then what else do you want?" The delinquent leader's expression was somewhat unsightly. Normally, he was the one who was overbearing and aggressive. This time, he had experienced it himself and felt extremely displeased.

"It's simple. Since you guys wanted to rob me of my money, then hand over all your money and you can leave."

Liu Lei smiled, but the words he said made the delinquent leader flabbergasted, as if he couldn't believe it.

It had always been them, the hoodlums, stealing money from others, but no one had ever tried to take it from them. This was simply a first for the first time in history.

Boss of the Medicine Shop also broke out in a cold sweat when he heard this. He almost kneeled down in front of Liu Lei and couldn't help but sigh in his heart.

Young people these days were truly awesome!

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