Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C1 First Chapter Let Go of That Beauty
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Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C1 First Chapter Let Go of That Beauty
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C1 First Chapter Let Go of That Beauty

Chen Qingzhi walked along the road in a daze, aimlessly. He did not expect Hu Feier to break up with him. It was because he was a poor man who had nothing. Could it be that she did not know how much he loved her?

Chen Qingzhi cursed as he walked, "I'm not as handsome as him. I don't have his background, money, and power. Fuck, shouldn't a loser have love?"

After walking for an unknown period of time, they arrived at a relatively narrow road. The street lights were relatively dim, and there were no more pedestrians on the street.

At this moment, Chen Qingzhi suddenly heard the sound of an elite braking in his ignorance. Chen Qingzhi, who was originally in a daze, was shocked in his heart. He immediately woke up and looked in the direction of the sound.

A few meters away on the road, a black van was parked in front of him. And behind it was a blue sports car. The two cars were almost stuck together. Behind the sports car, there was another black van.

Chen Qingzhi originally thought that it was just an accident, so he didn't bother with it. Just as he was about to turn his head, a tall and beautiful woman came down from the sports car. The woman was extremely beautiful, and Chen Qingzhi couldn't move his eyes away from her.

From a few meters away, he could see that the woman's willowy eyebrows couldn't hide her charm. Under her pair of big eyes was a beautiful face that could topple countries. Her slightly red lips appeared sexy and seductive in the dark night. Her appearance... Instantly, the surrounding scenery became much more colorful, and Chen Qingzhi's eyes also lit up.

A few strong men got out of a van at the front and walked towards the sports car. Looking at those strong men, Chen Qingzhi felt that something was not right.

At this moment, those strong men sped up and rushed towards the beautiful woman. The woman had just made a sound when a man covered her mouth. Then, the men held the beautiful woman and walked towards the van.

Chen Qingzhi, who was in pain because of his broken heart, finally saw a beautiful woman, but he didn't expect to see such a thing. His anger immediately rushed into his heart and exploded.

Chen Qingzhi wasn't a chivalrous person, but when faced with such a situation, he couldn't help but act like a young man. He had a broken up heart again tonight, and just as he wanted to find a place to vent his anger, he saw that a beautiful woman had an accident, so he naturally became angry.

When his head heated up, his bile would surge, and his body would become full of gallbladder.

"Stop! You beasts, let go of that beauty!"

It was almost midnight, and there were very few people on the street. After being held by four big men and covering her mouth, Ye Qingmei was extremely terrified and her mind was completely blank.

As they were driving on the road, suddenly the car in front of them stopped urgently. She thought that there was an accident and hurriedly braked, almost missing the tail. She had thought that the car in front of her had an emergency stop, but now it seemed like... These people were actually coming for her, wanting to kidnap her.

Who were these people? Why did they kidnap him? Ye Qingmei wanted to struggle with all her might, but she was held up by four big men and could not move at all.

Just as she was about to be tied up in the car, a loud roar suddenly sounded, "Stop, you beasts, let go of that beauty."

Ye Qingmei struggled to look along the voice and saw a young man running over from the side of the road. Then, this young man ran faster and then a big foot rose from the ground. He flew towards a big man beside her.

At this moment, Chen Qingzhi was furious. He couldn't care less about that. In addition, he had also practiced some Chinese Arts with Uncle Huang, so his skills weren't bad either. Therefore, with the force of three steps, he swept across the ground from the edge of the road. A leg rose into the air and stepped toward a big man.

Psst! Psst!

A foot stepped on a big man's body and made a muffled groan. The big man was somewhat embarrassed by Chen Qingzhi's unexpected big foot that came from the sky, and he almost fell down. He let go of Ye Qingmei in his hand and took two steps back. He hit the edge of the van.

The man who was kicked took two steps back. His face was full of pain, and then turned into a fierce aura. Obviously, he was angry from embarrassment. He shouted angrily, "You're courting death."

The other three big men were obviously angry because of this unexpected change.

Originally, everything was planned flawlessly. They hijacked a car halfway and then quickly kidnapped Ye Qingmei. They did not expect that a hothead would suddenly appear and disrupt their operation midway. This situation was indeed unexpected.

The four men who were originally tied up immediately split into three people. Only one person was tied up with Ye Qingmei, and the other three pounced towards Chen Qingzhi.

The three of them clearly had a tacit understanding, and they were very agile. They formed a line according to the characters, and then they surrounded Chen Qingzhi and punched him. The wind from their fists was loud and clear, and they went straight to where the harm was.

"You are courting death!"

Three fists attacked. Chen Qingzhi instinctively raised his hands to block them! Chen Qingzhi reacted quickly. Bang! One of his hands flipped over and stabbed into the chest of one of the enemies, and his right hand made a grabbing motion. He grabbed the man's wrist and knocked him away with the force of his shoulder.

However, due to this delay, the two fists behind him had already come up and hit Chen Qingzhi.

Bang! Bang!

The two fists hit Chen Qingzhi's shoulder and back one after another, causing Chen Qingzhi to stagger and take a few steps back.

Although Chen Qingzhi had practiced the Chinese Arts before, such as the Tai Chi Art of Wing Chun, he only knew a little about it. After being attacked by two men, his fists hit his body, and the pain went deep into his bone marrow.

This kidnapper was obviously not an ordinary street thug. His attacks were extremely vicious. Furthermore, his strength was so great that Chen Qingzhi could even feel a trace of internal force hitting his body. It was obvious that the other party was a martial arts practitioner. When he attacked, he was caught off guard. He had even underestimated his opponent.

"Don't linger in battle. Let's go."

Seeing Chen Qingzhi being forced to retreat, these criminals obviously didn't want to fight Chen Qingzhi. A man immediately called out to the rest of his companions and prepared to turn around and tie Ye Qingmei up to get into the car.

Although Chen Qingzhi was forced to retreat, his head was currently hot. It was so easy for them to take him away.

Chen Qingzhi roared furiously. His eyes were red, and the blue spasms on his forehead could be clearly seen. He pounced towards the criminals once again. "Want to leave? It's not that easy!"

He did not know if it was because what happened tonight had provoked Chen Qingzhi. Chen Qingzhi, who was usually too lazy to meddle in other people's business, seemed to be very reckless and impulsive at this moment.

Seeing Chen Qingzhi, who was forced back, lunge at him again, a man's hostility erupted. He roared and rushed forward, "F * ck, big brother, let me cripple this kid."

This man clearly had some skill, whether it was his posture or strength. It looked like he had done it. The huge fist collided violently with Chen Qingzhi's, producing a loud bang sound. Both of them took a step back and collided again.

But this time, Chen Qingzhi's fist turned into a palm and went straight for his opponent's heart. When his opponent wanted to block his attack, Chen Qingzhi took advantage of the opportunity to grab his opponent's wrist. Then, he closed in and quickly raised his knee to block his opponent's stomach. He suddenly exerted force and hit his opponent's stomach. He then pushed with force. He pushed the other party out.


The man's stomach was hit by Chen Qingzhi's knee. The intense pain made him unable to bear it any longer and he fell to the ground. His face was full of spasms and appeared to be in extreme pain.

One of the men's facial expression changed slightly. He took out a short knife from his waist and said angrily, "What a pain! F * ck him!"

At this moment, the door of a van behind them opened, and four or five young men jumped out. These young men were waving bright machetes in their hands. Then, they rushed towards Chen Qingzhi.

Obviously, the two vans were in the same group. The two vans were here to surround the kidnapped woman. The van in the front had succeeded, but the people in the back didn't plan to get out. But now that such an unexpected situation had occurred, these people had no choice but to get out of the van.

Perhaps because they felt that Chen Qingzhi was a bit difficult to deal with, these criminals revealed their weapons and kept attacking Chen Qingzhi. Instantly, seven or eight men wielding weapons rushed towards Chen Qingzhi.

Of course, Chen Qingzhi, who was unarmed, was not a peerless expert. He could not possibly use his body to defend against these weapons. He could only dodge in a hurry, and for a moment, he was in great danger. A blade brushed past the edge of his nose. He could even feel the sharp edge of the blade from the bridge of his nose.

Seeing the bright knife that was swung at him flashing a cold light, Chen Qingzhi finally reacted. He finally understood what he was doing.

Damn, as expected, it was not so easy to be a hero saving a beauty. Damn it, he was going to risk his life this time. He might even lose his life here. Chen Qingzhi kept dodging the incoming blades.


After dodging one of the blades, another long blade was pulled down diagonally. The shining blade pulled open a thin T-shirt from Chen Qingzhi's back, leaving a trail of blood on his back. Half a foot long.

Chen Qingzhi only felt a cool sensation at the spot where he was cut, followed by a burning pain. Hot and wet liquid flowed into his waist, dripping down his thigh. Chen Qingzhi immediately knew that he had been wounded.


The knife hit his body and was stimulated by the pain. Chen Qingzhi instantly took a cold breath and gritted his teeth in pain. However, he had no choice but to dodge those cold shining machetes.

No matter how powerful a hero was, it was difficult for him to fight against four legs. No matter how high his martial arts was, he was afraid of a kitchen knife.

At this moment, another few knives came slashing at him, not giving him any chance to catch his breath.

Perhaps it was because he had been slashed by a saber, but it finally aroused a wave of ruthlessness in Chen Qingzhi's heart. He took a step sideways and slid his body, dodging these three blades. Then, following the wrist of a man, he suddenly grabbed and then flashed again. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he snatched the machete from the man's hand and held it in his hand.


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