Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C10 The Tenth Chapter Has a Lion and a Fox
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Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C10 The Tenth Chapter Has a Lion and a Fox
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C10 The Tenth Chapter Has a Lion and a Fox

Seeing Ye Cheng'en come in, Ye Qing frowned and said, "Why are you here again?"

Ye Cheng'en smiled and didn't care about his daughter's attitude, "Of course I'm here to see my daughter's savior to express my gratitude."

Ye Qingmei turned around and looked at Chen Qingzhi. Chen Qingzhi saw that Ye Qingmei seemed to be a little unhappy. He did not understand why, so he heard Ye Qingmei say to him, "I will go and help you get some food." After saying that, Ye Qingmei left the ward.

After Ye Qingmei left, Ye Cheng'en carefully sized up Chen Qingzhi. He looked at Chen Qingzhi's two straight eyebrows and clear outline of his face. He felt that it was somewhat familiar, but he could not remember where this feeling came from.

When Ye Cheng'en was talking about Chen Qingzhi, Chen Qingzhi also sized up this man who seemed to be Ye Qingmei's father. He had a tall and sturdy body, and his skin was well maintained. He was estimated to be in his sixties. He had a square face, and although his hair was a little white, he stood there. He gave off a sense of dignity without being angry.

Ye Cheng'en sized up Chen Qingzhi and found that Chen Qingzhi could actually look at him calmly. He found it interesting, so he said, "My name is Ye Cheng'en. You heard me just now. I am her father."

Ye Cheng'en's voice was loud and clear.

Chen Qingzhi woke up and was in good spirits. He nodded slightly and said, "Hello, uncle. My name is Chen Qingzhi."

However, the next moment, Ye Cheng'en's name appeared in Chen Qingzhi's mind again. Ye Cheng'en seemed to be a very familiar name.

Chen Qingzhi thought for a while and finally remembered why he was familiar with this name. Because Ye Cheng'en's name seemed to frequently appear in the Chiangcheng's newspapers and television.

Ye Cheng'en, Chairman of Chiangcheng Group and the biggest shareholder, the richest man in Chiangcheng, had a net worth of 10 billion. Thinking of this, Chen Qingzhi's expression finally changed slightly, but he quickly calmed down.

Hearing Chen Qingzhi call him uncle, Ye Cheng'en was a little surprised and also found it interesting. Of course, he did not notice the change in Chen Qingzhi's expression, but he smiled and said, "Chen Qingzhi, a very interesting name."

Ye Cheng'en paused for a moment and said, "Thank you very much for this time. If you did not save her, I don't know what would have happened to Qingmei."

After knowing the other party's identity, Chen Qingzhi felt that it was difficult to get along with him. But in the end, he still said very frankly, "Uncle, you flatter me. At that time, it was just a moment of hot-bloodedness, and I rushed over. To be honest, when I think of the scene at that time, even I am afraid now."

"Er." Ye Cheng'en was slightly stunned. He looked at Chen Qingzhi for a long time before he smiled again and said with emotion, "Hehe, it seems that you are a sincere person. There are not many people like you now."

Chen Qingzhi smiled and did not reply.

"Haha, you suffered such a serious injury to save my Qingmei." Speaking up to this point, Ye Cheng'en took out a cheque from his pocket. He placed it on the bedside of Chen Qingzhi and said, "This is five hundred thousand yuan. Consider it a bit of my old man's gratitude. Consider it my old man's gratitude to you."

Hearing five hundred thousand yuan, Chen Qingzhi's expression changed slightly. His throat moved slightly. He swallowed his saliva. Although Chen Qingzhi had never had to worry about food and clothing since he was young, when he lived in a small town, he only grew up like a child from an ordinary family. This was also the first time he had seen so much money, even though it was a cheque.

Chen Qingzhi fell into deep thought for a moment, as if he was having an intense mental struggle. To be honest, Chen Qingzhi had never suffered such a loss since he was young after being cut like this. He was really unwilling to accept it. Of course, most of it was because he felt that it wasn't worth it for him to be injured in order to save someone. Now that Ye Cheng'en had given him five hundred thousand to express his gratitude, Chen Qingzhi was really thinking about whether he should accept it or not.

Who said that one shouldn't be rewarded for helping others? It also depended on the person. Of course, the poor could help for free, but the local tyrants were different. Besides, he was still risking his life.

After all, if he was cut down like this, he would be compensated with some nutrition fees. It was only right. Furthermore, after knowing that Ye Qingmei's father was the richest man in Chiangcheng, Ye Cheng'en, this thought still lingered in Chen Qingzhi's mind.

Ye Cheng'en saw that Chen Qingzhi didn't say anything, so he didn't urge him. He just patiently waited and observed Chen Qingzhi. Five hundred thousand was indeed a big temptation to ordinary people. He really wanted to see what kind of choice Chen Qingzhi would make.

Of course, five hundred thousand was just a drop in the ocean for him. Even if he were to give ten times more, it would only be a number.

After a while, Chen Qingzhi raised his head and looked at Ye Cheng'en. He smiled bitterly and said, "Uncle, I can't accept this money. Saving people was originally an unintentional move, and I didn't think of any returns."

Ye Cheng'en's face turned slightly cold. He stared at Chen Qingzhi and said. After saying that, he prepared to take out the cheque in his pocket again. He prepared to write another one. "I, Ye Cheng'en, don't want to owe others. You saved my life. You saved Qingmei's life. This favor... No matter what, I, Ye Cheng'en... I have to return it. If you think it's not enough, how about a million?"

One million, damn, so rich, why don't you give a little more? Chen Qingzhi thought about this in his heart and smiled bitterly. After going through a complicated mental struggle, "Does uncle think that I, Chen Qingzhi, am a greedy person?" Chen Qingzhi thought.

If Ye Cheng'en accepted the money, then this rescue would be a paid deal. Rather than asking for the money, it was better to get in touch with Ye Cheng'en. At least he would be able to get in touch with Ye Cheng'en, and it would definitely be worth more than five hundred thousand and one million.

Ye Cheng'en stopped what he was doing and asked, "Do you know who I am?"

"I know. You are Chairman of Chiangcheng Group, the richest man in the Chiangcheng. " Chen Qingzhi did not hide anything. He looked at Ye Cheng'en frankly and said, "I know who you are. I think I can get to know uncle. It is much better than hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. "

Ye Cheng'en was stunned by Chen Qingzhi's answer. In the end, he laughed. He laughed very happily and arrogantly, and there was also a trace of loneliness, as if it had been a long time since he heard such words.

After laughing, he looked at Chen Qingzhi with interest. He seemed to find Chen Qingzhi interesting. He said, "Interesting as expected. He is also a wonderful person. I like him."

"If you had accepted the money earlier, I wouldn't have looked at you again. He turned around and left, but you said it so honestly. You have truly impressed me, Ye Cheng'en. When my father was young... Not hypocritical or pretentious."

Ye Cheng'en paused, then put away his smile and said, "But I, Ye Cheng'en, said that I don't owe people favors. Furthermore, the things I, Ye Cheng'en, gave out have absolutely no reason to take them back. You should take this money."

"I will remember this favor of saving people. If you have any difficulties in the future, you can come and find me. This is my business card. My number is on it."

After saying that, Ye Cheng'en took out a gold business card from his pocket and put it together with the cheque.

Seeing Ye Cheng'en put the business card together, Chen Qingzhi understood that he and Ye Cheng'en had a good relationship. Because, perhaps in the entire Chiangcheng, not many people had Ye Cheng'en's business card.

"By the way, I have already sent someone to investigate what happened last night. En, although this matter has nothing to do with you, it has nothing to do with you. The other party won't make things too difficult for you, but you've ruined some people's plans. In order to avoid revenge, you have to be careful these days. "

Chen Qingzhi was stunned. He looked at Ye Cheng'en's stern warning and nodded.

At this time, Ye Qingmei had already returned with a lunchbox in her hand. Seeing Ye Qingmei return, Ye Cheng'en quickly recovered his smile. He looked at Chen Qingzhi and said, "I still have things to do. I'll be leaving first."

"When you have time, go home and take a look. You haven't been home for a long time." Ye Cheng'en immediately turned his head to look at Ye Qingmei. A trace of doting flashed across his eyes as he said gently.

Ye Qingmei was silent for a moment. Finally, her mouth moved but she did not say anything. She still nodded, indicating that she already knew.

___ was silent for a moment. Finally, her mouth moved but she did not say anything.

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