Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C11 11 Chapter Long Legs Dominating Flower
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Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C11 11 Chapter Long Legs Dominating Flower
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C11 11 Chapter Long Legs Dominating Flower

"What did he say to you?"

Although one of Chen Qingzhi's arms could move, it was not very flexible, so Ye Qingmei took up the job of feeding again. While feeding Chen Qingzhi, she asked the question in her heart.

"Ah, it's nothing. The main thing is to thank me for saving you. There is still his business card and a cheque of five hundred thousand on the table." Chen Qingzhi smiled, then tilted his head to indicate the things on the table.

It had to be said that Ye Qingmei's allure was too great, especially when she looked at the angelic face in front of her carefully taking care of him. Chen Qingzhi always felt that it was very illusory, as if he was dreaming. He kept feeling that this was not a very realistic scene in his mind.

"Oh, it seems like he still likes to use his stinky money to pave the way for anything."

Ye Qingmei actually already saw the things on the table a long time ago, so when she heard Chen Qingzhi's words, she only glanced at the things on the table and then said with a bit of disdain.

"I just said that I don't want it, but he insisted on staying here. You also know that I can't move. Why don't you help me return it to your father." Chen Qingzhi said with a smile.

Ye Qingmei shook her head and said, "Since it is for you, take it. It could be considered a little goodwill towards you. " After swallowing the rice, Chen Qingzhi was deeply afraid that Ye Qingmei would think that he was a greedy person. Influence It's over! She remembered him, so she asked again: "Er, I didn't save you because I wanted to be rich... I'm not that kind of person "

"I know you're not, but you should take his money This amount of money is like a drop in the ocean to him. You suffered such a serious injury for me this time. Although I don't have the money to give you, since he's willing to show his face, take it."

"You seem to have a bad relationship with your father" Chen Qingzhi finally couldn't help but ask. He had seen Ye Qingmei's indifference towards her father, so he did not understand.

Ye Qingmei's hand paused slightly and was silent for a while before she slowly said, "I don't want to talk about this, so don't ask."

Chen Qingzhi could only stop the topic and the two of them fell into silence for a moment. They could only hear the sound of Chen Qingzhi eating. After an unknown period of time, when Chen Qingzhi was about to finish three big bowls of rice, the door of the ward opened and broke the depressing atmosphere.

The door opened and two policemen entered. One of the men was slightly older, about forty years old, and had a pair of sharp eyes. He looked very energetic; the other was a very beautiful policewoman, in her twenties. Her facial features were very beautiful, and she was tall, especially her two long legs, which were very attractive. Her long legs and body were very beautiful. She was wearing a uniform. It was even more tempting.

The attraction and lethality of a woman to a man were in many aspects, such as the so-called lolicon, royal, queen, etc. The long-legged sister had always been Chen Qingzhi's favorite. Although Chen Qingzhi thought that he was the black silk control, in his subconscious, Chen Qingzhi was still the long-legged controller. There was a gorgeous beauty like Ye Qingmei in front of him, but when faced with this pair of long legs... He felt that he had fallen into her hands once again.

Perhaps any man would desire to touch those two long legs and play with them.

Ye Qingmei saw the police come in and frowned slightly, but she did not say anything in the end. The incident that happened last night naturally alarmed the police. And last night, she had already taken a statement with the police. It was very obvious that... These two police officers were here to find Chen Qingzhi.

After all, Chen Qingzhi had been sent to the hospital for emergency treatment last night. After that, he had fallen into a coma, so it was not convenient to ask him. Now that he had woken up, he naturally needed to take a statement, investigate in detail, and understand what had happened last night.

The policeman who came in nodded slightly to greet Ye Qingmei. The older policeman looked at Ye Qingmei with a smile and said, "Miss Ye is also here."

"Yes, Officer Jiang and Officer Wang. Hello." Ye Qingmei nodded. It was obvious that she had seen these two policemen last night.

"We need to understand the situation last night from this little hero." Jiang Kun said very peacefully.

"I see. I'll go out first." Ye Qingmei also knew that this was a procedure that the police had to follow, so she cooperated very well. Then she looked at Chen Qingzhi and said, "I will go out for a while. You can talk to the two police officers."

After Ye Qingmei went out, the older police officer looked at Chen Qingzhi. He said, "Hello, we are from the Chiangcheng Public Security Bureau. My name is Jiang Kun. This is my assistant, Wang Xinyu. We want to know what happened last night."

"Hello, Officer. May I ask?" Chen Qingzhi nodded. He was very cooperative, but when he answered, he could not help but look at the long-legged female police officer a few more times, especially between the two groups of the long-legged female police officer.

"Your name?"

"Uh, do you know the situation, or do you want to interrogate?" Although Chen Qingzhi had never encountered such a thing, he had seen the TV footage of the police interrogating criminals. So when he heard the police ask for his name, he asked subconsciously.

"Answer whatever you ask. There are so many things to say." At this moment, Wang Xinyu, the long-legged policewoman, might have been embarrassed and angry because of Chen Qingzhi's look just now. She couldn't help but frown and stare at Chen Qingzhi.

"Little Wang." Jiang Kun stopped Wang Xinyu and looked at Chen Qingzhi apologetically. He smiled and said, "You are a hero who saved people. Of course you understand the situation. But these are necessary procedures. Please cooperate."

"Oh, my name is Chen Qingzhi." Chen Qingzhi looked at Wang Xinyu. He wanted to laugh in his heart, but he still cooperated. However, he still could not help but glance at the long-legged sister.


"Second year student of Chiangcheng University."

Chen Qingzhi was very cooperative. He quickly described some of his basic information and the situation of the rescue last night in detail, especially the appearance of the criminals.

After asking, he got the information he wanted. Jiang Kun was very satisfied. He stood up and smiled at Chen Qingzhi. "Little brother, thank you for your cooperation. You have provided us with strong clues to catch the suspect. We will report your heroic deeds truthfully. "

Chen Qingzhi quickly said politely, "Officer Jiang, you are too polite. A great man has taught us from a young age why we have to dare to fight against bad people. It is our duty to act bravely for the sake of justice."

Jiang Kun was slightly stunned. He wondered when Chairman Mao had said this. Why didn't he know? However, he felt that this kid in front of him was very interesting, so he smiled. He then took out a business card and placed it on the table and said, "Little brother, you are very funny. This is my phone number. If you have any new clues or if you need anything in the future... You can call this number."

When Jiang Kun and Wang Xinyu were about to leave, Chen Qingzhi finally could not help but say, "Wait a minute."

Jiang Kun slightly turned his body and turned his head to ask, "Is there anything else?"

Chen Qingzhi said very seriously, "Oh, I'm fine. I just feel that this beautiful female police officer might have something to do."

This made Jiang Kun surprised. He looked at Wang Xinyu who was beside him. Wang Xinyu heard Chen Qingzhi's words and was a little angry. This guy actually said that she had something to do?

Wang Xinyu did not feel good and said angrily, "What do I have to do?"

Chen Qingzhi blinked his eyes and said very seriously, "Officer, come over. I will tell you in a low voice."

"What can't you say in front of your face?" Wang Xinyu frowned and said unhappily. She was very well now. Of course, she did not think that there was anything wrong with her, so she felt that Chen Qingzhi was teasing her.

Chen Qingzhi nodded slightly and looked at Jiang Kun, who was beside him, and said, "This matter really can only be told to you."

When Jiang Kun saw this, although he was very curious, he still smiled and walked out of the ward, leaving Chen Qingzhi and Wang Xinyu in the room, "Then I will go out first."

"You can tell me now." Wang Xinyu's face was dark as she stared at Chen Qingzhi. It seemed that if Chen Qingzhi did not give a satisfactory answer, she would flay him alive.

Chen Qingzhi looked at the murderous look in the policewoman's eyes. He hesitated for a moment and said softly, "That, that, do you really want to say it?"


Chen Qingzhi pointed with one finger at the middle of the policewoman and blurted out, "Your zipper was not pulled properly. The pink inside is revealed."

Wang Xinyu heard Chen Qingzhi's words and her expression changed. She originally thought that Chen Qingzhi was teasing her. But the next moment, she remembered that she was wearing a pink cartoon today. Her face instantly turned red and she quickly lowered her head.

Instantly, Wang Xinyu's face turned red to the root of her neck. Her legs subconsciously tightened and she wished that she could find a hole to burrow into.

* Hong Long...... *

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