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Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C12 Twelfth Chapter Name and Celebrity
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C12 Twelfth Chapter Name and Celebrity

When Ye Qingmei entered the ward again, she looked at Chen Qingzhi strangely and asked, "What happened to Officer Wang? I saw that when she went out, her expression was extremely unnatural."

Chen Qingzhi shook his head to indicate that he did not know. "This, I also do not know."

Of course he would not do what happened just now. Otherwise, Ye Qingmei would definitely misunderstand him.

Ye Qingmei was very puzzled. No matter what, she could not understand why Wang Xinyu had that kind of expression just now. Thus, she looked at Chen Qingzhi's face as if she wanted to find some clues.

But Chen Qingzhi was thick-skinned and pretended to be innocent, so Ye Qingmei could not find any other clues.

Of course, Ye Qingmei could not always serve Chen Qingzhi. She did not have a good rest these two days, so when Chen Qingzhi's roommate Liu Pingping came to the hospital later, she went back to rest.

Of course, Liu Pingping came to take care of Chen Qingzhi. According to the agreement in the dormitory, Liu Pingping, Zhang Jian, and Shen Hu would take turns to the hospital to take care of Chen Qingzhi.

The night had come and the lights in the city had long been lit. Because Chen Qingzhi did not need to be taken care of in bed, Liu Pingping sat in front of the computer in the ward and chatted with Chen Qingzhi while surfing the Internet. It was quite relaxing.

Chen Qingzhi's ward was the best ward in the hospital. The television, computer, and independent bathroom should be available. This ward was like a high-class hotel.

Liu Pingping read the webpage and said, "Although the hero saved the damsel in distress, our Ms Ye is really good to you. Lao Er, this is a chance."

Chen Qingzhi smiled bitterly and thought about what Ye Qingmei said during the day. His heart warmed but he replied, "Boss, I do want to, but do you know whose daughter she is?"

Liu Pingping then turned her head and asked with some interest and doubt, "Whose daughter?"

"Ye Cheng'en."

"Ye Cheng'en?"

Liu Pingping was slightly stunned. She felt that the name was very familiar. But then her expression changed slightly and she stood up immediately. After a long while, she exhaled and asked, "You said that our Ms Ye is Ye Cheng'en's daughter? The daughter of the richest man in Chiangcheng?"

Chen Qingzhi nodded and said, "That's right. Do you still think a loser like us can get such a beautiful smile?"

Chen Qingzhi sighed and said," Although I want a toad to eat swan meat, I need a toad like me to be able to jump up and down. "

Between him and Ye Qingmei, it seemed that there was more than one line separating them from the height of A to B. It also included the distance between their bodies and minds, and even the various secular forces that separated them.

This was the deep helplessness between the loser and the beauty. At least this was the final outcome of Chen Qingzhi and his ex-girlfriend Hu Feier.

"That's really a little difficult." Liu Pingping slowly sat down and nodded, but she was puzzled. "I just don't understand. Why would Ye Cheng'en's daughter come to our school to be a teacher?"

Chen Qingzhi was also a little confused. He nodded and said, "Well, it seems that our teacher does not have a good relationship with Ye Cheng'en. As for the specifics, I am not sure either."

"So that's how it is. En, looks like we need to study it properly." Liu Pingping stroked her glasses and immediately became interested. She looked at Chen Qingzhi again and smiled. "When I go back today, I will give you a divination. Lao Er, you must have good fortune after surviving this disaster. I never thought that you would save Ye Cheng'en's woman. This fortune... Not bad."

Hearing Liu Pingping's words, Chen Qingzhi helplessly smiled. Liu Pingping usually looked a little wretched, but she had a unique side when it came to looking at people or things. Especially when it came to his "academics," she really did look like a proper person.

At this moment, Liu Pingping's phone rang. It was the phone of the dormitory's third brother, Zhang Jian. After the call was connected, Liu Pingping heard the excited voice on the other end of the phone before she could say anything.

"Boss, Lao Er is now popular. Damn it, there are videos of Lao Er saving the damsel in distress on Youku potato. The number of hits is close to a million. Damn it, when Lao Er chopped people, he was too f * cking handsome. "

Liu Pingping was shocked when she heard this, and Chen Qingzhi also heard it. The two of them looked at each other. Liu Pingping quickly opened the Youku website.

When she opened Youku's website, she found that there was a video that she had recently clicked on the most popular one. The title was "Hero Saves The Red Street of Beauty." When she clicked it, it was the video of Chen Qingzhi saving people.

The video had just been uploaded not long ago. It had only been a few hours, but the clicks were already close to a million. The comments had exceeded a hundred thousand. It was extremely popular.

Although this video was very short and did not seem very clear, it should have been taken with a phone. Only the shape of Chen Qingzhi's head could be seen. However, the short video of a few minutes had shown most of the scenes of him rushing to save people. Almost all of them had been recorded.

Liu Pingping widened her eyes when she saw this video. Although Chen Qingzhi was lying on the bed some distance away from the computer, he could still see the video clearly from the changes in his body after being injured.

"It's so hot. It's comparable to Hong Kong's gang film." After Liu Pingping saw the video, she could not help but sigh, "Lao Er, you really look like a hero."

Chen Qingzhi said with a long face, "Brother, don't laugh at me. I regret it now. Today, Ye Cheng'en even gave me a warning, telling me to be careful. He was afraid that I would bring unnecessary trouble because I saved his daughter. Now that this video has been released, perhaps the whole city will know about it very soon. If those criminals find out who I am, I'm afraid I won't be able to cry in time."

When Liu Pingping heard this, she was stunned for a moment and then said with a serious expression," Lao Er, is what you said true? "

Seeing Chen Qingzhi nod his head, Liu Pingping's face also became ugly. But perhaps it was to comfort Chen Qingzhi, but very quickly she also smiled. "En, don't think so much. Maybe things are not as bad as you think."

Although she comforted Chen Qingzhi like this, a worried look flashed across Liu Pingping's face.

Of course, Chen Qingzhi would not be worried about this matter, nor would he worry about whether he would get revenge from those criminals because he saved her.

The reason was very simple. Regarding the matter of his daughter almost being in danger... Ye Cheng'en definitely wouldn't let this matter rest. With his strength, Chen Qingzhi did not believe that this matter could not be settled. Furthermore, there was still the police working on the case at the side. Those criminals might have already fled to some unknown place to hide. Even if they were not caught, they would not dare to return after a few years.

However, everyone could guess the beginning, but it was hard to guess the outcome. The follow-up of this matter didn't seem to develop according to Chen Qingzhi and Liu Pingping's imagination.

First of all, the video of Chen Qingzhi saving someone was too popular. Before the police had time to deal with it, the next day, some "kind-hearted" netizens made full use of the "human flesh search" function overnight and actually found out the identity of the kidnapped person, which was Ye Qingmei. They even dug out the identity of Chen Qingzhi.

For a moment, Chiangcheng University, which was implicated, became popular. Of course, Ye Qingmei, who was the female lead in the video, also became popular. But what was even more popular was Chen Qingzhi's name. It seemed that overnight, Chen Qingzhi's name had spread across the Internet, and had even become a topic that people were scrambling to discuss.

Especially on some Baidu Tieba forums, some pretty girls openly expressed that they would marry in the future. All of them had to marry a man like Chen Qingzhi. It made those losers and handsome men in the forum sigh at a certain someone's good luck. Of course, most of them were jealous. Some jealous people, on the other hand, replied that if they encountered such a situation, they would also rush forward to save the person. However, these people's replies were pale and weak, and most of them had a sour taste. They were ridiculed by some girls until they all disappeared in the end.

As for the Chiangcheng University, Chen Qingzhi had also become a famous person in the school. After basking in the light, Liu Pingping, Zhang Jian and a few others walked out. Some people pointed and pointed. Some pretty girls even openly asked them if Chen Qingzhi had a girlfriend or wanted his phone number.

In the end, if Chen Qingzhi had not refused to accept the interview, he would have applied for police "protection." At the same time, he would have suppressed this matter. Otherwise, Chen Qingzhi might not have been able to live a peaceful life in the hospital.

However, even in the hospital, Chen Qingzhi seemed to have become a famous person in the hospital. The young nurse in the hospital also frequently nagged about Chen Qingzhi's name. When Chen Qingzhi's injuries recovered a little, he started to walk out of the ward. Some of the young nurses looked at Chen Qingzhi. They also looked at him with burning eyes.

During this period of time, the school's leaders, teachers, and even some leaders of Chiangcheng came to the hospital to comfort Chen Qingzhi. Hu Feier also saw Chen Qingzhi's report, so of course she also came to the hospital to see him.

However, perhaps it was because she refused Chen Qingzhi that night. Or perhaps it was because of Chen Qingzhi's accident, Hu Feier felt very guilty. And Chen Qingzhi also seemed to have a little bit of uneasiness in his heart. The two of them got along a little unnaturally, so they did not chat much.

The two of them seemed to still be friends, just like before, but they were like two straight lines, getting further and further away from each other after that night.

As for Chen Qingzhi's name, it suddenly changed from a name to a celebrity.

* Hong Long...... *

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