Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C14 Fourth Chapter Monogatari
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Beautiful Teacher's Personal Guard/C14 Fourth Chapter Monogatari
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C14 Fourth Chapter Monogatari

After hearing Chen Qingzhi's words, it took a while for a petite figure to emerge from the flowers. Then, a tender and clear voice that made people feel pity for her sounded.

"Uncle, help me."

Chen Qingzhi's eyes widened. Then, he opened his mouth wide, but for a moment, he was unable to say anything.

Just now, Chen Qingzhi was busy testing his physical fitness, so he did not pay attention to the situation around him. He suddenly noticed movement. Chen Qingzhi thought that his ability had been exposed, and he didn't know how to deal with it. However, he found out that the person who came out was actually a petite and cute little girl, so his brain really short-circuited for a moment.

Because he saw... a very cute little girl wearing a dress. The little girl was only seven or eight years old, and she carried a small schoolbag on her back. Her innocent eyes were filled with tears and she seemed to be afraid. Her entire body seemed to be releasing a kind of aura called Chu Chu.

Under the dim light, looking at this scene, for some reason, even though she was originally carrying a hint of ruthlessness... What? Chen Qingzhi's heart softened for no reason. It was as if he had seen himself many years ago, and remembered that he was also carrying a yellow cloth bag many years ago. The scene of him walking on the streets of the town.

The little girl buried her head in front of her chest. She seemed to be at a loss as to what to do. At the same time, she stood there like a frightened deer, appearing so helpless.

"Uncle, help me."

Chen Qingzhi did not know where this little girl came from. He did not even know why this little girl hid in the flowers in the depths of the park, so he carefully walked over and slowly squatted down.

Looking at the delicate doll-like face in front of him, under his thin eyebrows were two ink-like eyes. A small cherry mouth that had yet to take shape was already a beauty. Chen Qingzhi felt a little lost for a moment, but he did not know why. He felt that the little girl gave him a very close feeling.

Chen Qingzhi had grown up with his mother. Until now, he still didn't know who his father was. And he didn't have any brothers or sisters since he was young. When he was very young, he was actually very lonely, so when he saw the little girl in front of him, he couldn't help but feel pity for her.

After a long while, Chen Qingzhi finally withdrew his thoughts and asked gently, "Little sister, what's your name? Why are you here? Are you lost?"

However, being called uncle by this little girl, Chen Qingzhi felt a strange feeling in his heart. Why did he feel that this scene was somewhat evil? This seemed to be a scene similar to the story of the strange uncle deceiving the little loli?

"I... My name is Hee Xia." The little girl took a step back as if she wanted to stay away from strangers who were close to her, but she bravely raised her head to look at Chen Qingzhi.

She did not know if it was because she saw Chen Qingzhi's "strong side," or maybe it was Chen Qingzhi's gentle face that gave her courage. Although she took a step back, she mumbled her name.

"Hee Xia?" Chen Qingzhi mumbled. He felt that the name was a little strange. However, he did not dwell on this issue. He did not care about the little girl's instinctive reaction of retreating. Instead, he felt even more pity for her. She smiled and said, "Why don't you go home? Are you lost? "

However, no matter how he asked, Hee Xia would never tell him what had happened, nor would she tell him where her family was.

Obviously, this little girl did not appear here because she got lost. Chen Qingzhi even guessed that this little girl got into an argument with her family and secretly ran out.

Thinking of this possibility, Chen Qingzhi felt a little awkward.

Seeing that the clothes the little girl was wearing were not cheap, and more importantly, this little girl did not cooperate at all, Chen Qingzhi thought for a while in distress. He felt that it was better to leave this matter to the police.

After all, the little girl was a living person. He did not dare to take responsibility for this. If people mistook her for a human trafficker, then it would be a huge loss. He was now a "celebrity." If he really did something important, he would really feel that he had been wronged to death.

"Little girl, how about big brother take you to the police station and help you find your family?" Chen Qingzhi said gently again, but he did not follow the way the little girl called him uncle, but called him brother.

"Ah, no." Hee Xia seemed to be frightened when she heard Chen Qingzhi's words. Her reaction was very big. She took two steps back, shook her little head, and said with a face full of unwillingness.

"Uncle, I don't want to go to the police station, nor do I want to go home." Although Chen Qingzhi called himself brother, this little girl stubbornly called Chen Qingzhi uncle.

"Did you fight with your parents?" Chen Qingzhi was really surprised at this moment. He squatted down again and looked at this little girl in front of him. He looked at her face full of grievance and fear. For a moment, he felt a little heartache.

"I don't want to go home. I don't want to go home. " The little girl shook her head and said stubbornly.

Eh, this made Chen Qingzhi feel awkward. He looked at the little girl. It was really possible that she had secretly escaped from home. Originally, Chen Qingzhi did not want to bother with this kind of meddling, but he felt that this kind of little girl was outside. He was not sure what kind of accident would happen.

He looked at it seriously for a while and didn't think for too long. Placing such a little girl in the depths of the park, the weather at night was a little cold. He was indeed a little worried about starving and freezing at night.

Besides, Chen Qingzhi thought that perhaps the little girl in front of him just did not want to go home for the time being. When he figured it out, perhaps she would miss her parents and then go back consciously.

"Alright, even if we don't want to go home, let's go out first, okay?" Chen Qingzhi stretched out his hand and said gently.

The little girl was slightly stunned and immediately understood what Chen Qingzhi meant. She jogged two steps, and her movements seemed very cute. The tears on her little face had yet to dry up when she smiled. He smiled exceptionally happily, and his beautiful black eyes narrowed together. She consciously placed her hand on Chen Qingzhi's hand.

"Thank you, Uncle."

When he heard the word uncle again, Chen Qingzhi could not help but laugh. He looked at the little girl next to him seriously and said softly, "Call me brother. Call me brother Chen Qingzhi."

The little girl seemed to be obedient and sensible. She nodded and called out clearly, "Mr Qingzhi."

Hearing this call of brother Chen Qingzhi, Chen Qingzhi's mood instantly became good. He was especially happy. He hummed a ballad and smiled as he slowly walked out of the park with Hee Xia.

Two figures, one big and one small, passed through the mottled forest under the illumination of the light. They pulled the old elders and appeared especially warm.

The old elders were very happy.

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