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C16 Chapter 16

The person who came was Wang Xinyu, the long-legged police flower in Chen Qingzhi's eyes. Although he had only met her once, Chen Qingzhi might never forget her in his life.

Wang Xinyu was still wearing her police uniform. Her two long legs matched her exquisite figure and she was still so proud and independent. Her appearance made the surrounding customers who were eating take a few more glances at her.

If she was not wearing the police uniform and there was a young police officer beside her, perhaps there would be a few hooligans in the middle who would try to tease her.

Seeing Wang Xinyu's appearance, Chen Qingzhi was a little surprised. He still couldn't help but look at Wang Xinyu's long legs greedily. Then he saw a young police officer beside Wang Xinyu.

"Xin Yu, you know him?"

Seeing Wang Xinyu and Chen Qingzhi "greet," and seeing Chen Qingzhi staring at Wang Xinyu's legs fiercely, a young and handsome male police officer beside him was a little surprised, but he asked with an unhappy expression.

"Zhao Gaang, I told you to either call me by my name or call me Wang Xinyu." Wang Xinyu did not seem to be very polite to the companion beside her, and did not give any face at all.

The young policeman called Zhao Gaang could not cover his face. He said with a serious face, "Uncle Wang asked me to call him that."

"My dad is my dad, and I am me." Wang Xinyu's face suddenly turned ugly. She even said with some disgust.

Chen Qingzhi sat by the side and looked at the scene. His heart was as clear as a mirror. It was very obvious that this young officer called Zhao Gaang was the pursuer of this long-legged sister, Wang Xinyu. But now it seemed that Wang Xinyu did not seem to be interested in him.

"Who is this little sister?" Wang Xinyu turned around and stared at him. Her face was red because of eating beef powder. Hee Xia, who still had tears on her face, asked with a trace of doubt. Hee Xia was stared at by Wang Xinyu and lowered her head. She leaned closer to Chen Qingzhi as if she was afraid of the police.

Wang Xinyu originally had a good impression of Chen Qingzhi. After all, Chen Qingzhi risked his life to fight the criminal. Wang Xinyu admired his manliness. However, after that day's investigation, Chen Qingzhi pointed out that her pants had not been pulled properly. It had made her so embarrassed that she died of embarrassment. Luckily, Chen Qingzhi had only told her secretly. Therefore, she could not tell what she felt about Chen Qingzhi now.

She and Zhao Gaang were on duty tonight. They passed by and felt a little hungry. So she wanted to eat something, but she did not want to see Chen Qingzhi there. She originally wanted to avoid Chen Qingzhi and avoid embarrassment. But when she heard Chen Qingzhi talking to the little girl beside her, she couldn't help but come up.

Of course, out of the police's intuition, Hee Xia's reaction made her a little puzzled. Now, she wanted to know more about the little girl beside Chen Qingzhi.

"Oh, Officer Wang, are you going to investigate the case?" Chen Qingzhi looked at Wang Xinyu and frowned slightly. Chen Qingzhi did not like police because he always felt that the police looked at anyone as if they were guilty of crimes.

"What's your attitude? If the police ask you something, you will answer. Bring out your ID and I suspect that you are abducting and selling children." Zhao Gaang looked at Chen Qingzhi's attitude and his expression turned ugly. He looked at Hee Xia's evasive expression and wanted to show off in front of Wang Xinyu. Thus, he immediately berated her.

"Little sister, don't be afraid. If there is anything, tell the police uncle."

Chen Qingzhi glanced at Zhao Gaang. His expression was not good either. He was a little angry. Damn it, if you want to show off, you have to look at the person. If you scold a person, you will think that your voice is loud.

Chen Qingzhi said with a serious face, "Officer, please be careful with your words. If you want to show off in front of a beauty, don't yell and shout like that. Otherwise, if you want to pick up girls, I will sue you for defamation!"

"You." Zhao Gaang saw that Chen Qingzhi still dared to talk back and his face turned green and white in anger. He was about to say something but was stopped by Wang Xinyu. She gave Chen Qingzhi a fierce look. A trace of ruthlessness flashed across his eyes, but he remained silent.

"Chen Qingzhi, don't misunderstand. I'm just asking." Wang Xinyu's eyes stopped Zhao Gaang from speaking, then she looked at Chen Qingzhi and said.

"That's more like it. I am her brother."

"You are her brother?" Wang Xinyu was a little surprised and looked at Hee Xia who was lowering her head. No matter how she looked at it, she did not think that Chen Qingzhi and this little girl were like sisters. So she could not help but ask, "Little sister, what is your name? Is he your older brother?"

"Yes, my name is Hee Xia. He is me, Mr Qingzhi. He is my superhuman brother." Hee Xia finally raised her head at this moment and her small eyes wandered for a while. She mustered up her courage and said with a flushed face. Of course, blushing was caused by eating chili.

Seeing Hee Xia's cute appearance and especially hearing the last sentence from Hee Xia, Wang Xinyu finally could not help but laugh out and dispel the doubt in her heart. She stretched out her hand to touch her head and smiled, "Brother Superman?"

"Yes, Mr Qingzhi is a superman. Ah, you can't say." Speaking up to this point, Hee Xia suddenly remembered that this was a secret between Chen Qingzhi and her. She immediately shut up. She secretly glanced at Chen Qingzhi, afraid that he would get angry.

However, because she ate the chili, she kept her mouth shut, which made her feel very uncomfortable. After a while, she stuck out her little tongue again and spat out large mouthfuls of air. It was extremely cute.

Seeing Hee Xia's appearance, Wang Xinyu felt a little heartache. She then stared at Chen Qingzhi and said with a strange look, "How can you let your sister eat such spicy beef powder? Look, it's so spicy that her face is completely red. It makes me feel uncomfortable just looking at it."

"It's not Mr Qingzhi's fault. I insisted on eating it. Sister just ate it while wiping her tears. But the beef powder is really delicious." Hearing Wang Xinyu's words, Hee Xia quickly exonerated Chen Qingzhi and took responsibility for herself.

Wang Xinyu was somewhat speechless. Looking at Chen Qingzhi and Hee Xia, this strange pair of "siblings," she really did not understand the situation. She looked at Chen Qingzhi on the left and Hee Xia on the right, always wanting to find some clues.

Chen Qingzhi was deeply afraid that this long-legged police officer would ask more questions and ask for clues later, which would lead to unnecessary trouble. So when he saw that Hee Xia had almost finished eating, he looked at Hee Xia and said, "Are you full?"

Hee Xia also seemed to be a little afraid of the two police uncles and aunties, so she nodded her head like a chick pecking at rice. Chen Qingzhi immediately stood up and looked at Wang Xinyu and said, "Officer Wang, we are full. We will leave first."

After saying that, he held Hee Xia's hand and the two of them quickly disappeared from the beef noodle restaurant. Seeing Chen Qingzhi leave, Zhao Gaang stared at Chen Qingzhi's back and said in a gloomy voice, "Xin Yu, I think there is something wrong with this kid. I dare to guarantee that he and that little girl will be fine. They are definitely not siblings. Why don't we investigate further? "

Wang Xinyu stared at Chen Qingzhi's back. When she heard Zhao Gaang's words, she frowned slightly and said, "I know him. Don't speak nonsense. Do you know who he is?"

"Who?" Zhao Gaang was slightly stunned. He did not know why Wang Xinyu was so protective of Chen Qingzhi, so he asked.

"Chen Qingzhi."

Zhao Gaang carefully repeated Chen Qingzhi's name twice and felt that it was very familiar. He seemed to have heard this name somewhere before, and finally remembered it. He blurted out, "It's the Chen Qingzhi who was rumored to be the hero who saved the beauty in the Nets Above Snares Below?"

At this moment, an emergency call suddenly came from the walkie-talkie on Wang Xinyu's shoulder. "Attention, attention, all police officers on duty outside. Emergency mission. Urgent mission. Please return to the police station immediately. Please return to the police station immediately. Please answer when you receive it! "


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